Anusha & Karan's PDA Goes Way Beyond Social Media

by: The Quint

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now whooping - I'm Danny you don't scare me Oh see the fact is it's a memory for an individual if she was carrying us and she thought she'll get away with it I have one fear in life and that balloons popping I was standing like this waiting no because she would drag him back to the drowned God have you ever looked on me behind my back what we just did yeah to each other each other I was missing on me like on behalf of both okay no I'm no snoop done in behind I would sometimes just to hugger in you know boss for your challenge we have each other's thumb print in each on the phone we're quite boring so I really have nothing to hide if there's one thing you would want to change about me what is it oh about you about you he would be I would want him to be more expressive and I would want her to be the same I like her and maybe maybe living less even with it about to fight you just call me evil and then you don't want me to change anything I'm sure that was a joke

I like again something in her head take a lesson today she popped I might have fainted no cause I took it back take it back my mouth all right we want to take it back more no I wanted a guy yeah sorry it's good just if you had to give me a refund in pain what with that I don't know ever funny whatever it's called bougie how did you know it's all on Instagram are they talking about I call him cake Oh cakes if I told you I'm bisexual how would you react I thought he was yeah yeah she thought I was not not even bisexual oh yeah I thought I had a new gay best friend yeah and then I do sort of take her to the bedroom and it has made Title II if she was bisexual and she came and told you what would you say leave that for Thor yet another like come out today yeah I'd be ready here goes he's noxious right now no Aman it's very sexy see see see

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Everybody knows this celebrity couple and everybody is talking about them. Anusha and Karan have been dating for a year now and now also hosting show ‘Love School’. So we decided to test there love with some very serious questions. For more videos, subscribe to our channel:

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