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this is the Volvo s90 it replaces the old and unassuming si team and it's a serious contender in the large executive saloon car market so is chief rivals are the BMW 5-series the Audi a6 the Jaguar XF and the excellent Mercedes e-class Volvo isn't stupid it knows buyers in this part of the market are ultra conservative and if they've bought a Mercedes they will always buy a Mercedes so Volvo is trying to mix things up a little bit and it's doing that with this interior just look at it it's gorgeous isn't it and it's dominated by this nine inch touchscreen it works just like your tablet at home so I've got my navigation I've got my phone and this button down here thanks him back to the homescreen I've got apple carplay I've got a simple row of buttons and it's just about condensing and minimalizing the number of functions in here there's real wood veneers there's real metal detailing and this particular car has got the optional Bowers and Wilkins stereo system and just look at that little speaker up there it's beautiful isn't it elsewhere there's little Swedish flag on the seat and over here on the seat belt there's a since 1959 embossed in it that's of course when Volvo developed the seat belt that we know today overall is a beautiful and wonderful place to be not only is the dash beautifully styled and made but it's also well kitted out standard momentum models get that nine inch touchscreen 17 or 18 inch wheels depending on the engine rear park assist dual zone climate control sat-nav Wi-Fi and LED headlights with active High Beam inscription like our car is the luxury s 19 and gets TFT dials soft nappa leather electric seats and wood trim while the our design model gets a racy body kit sporty seats and carbon fiber trim there you can just about fit three people at a squeeze but I really wouldn't want to do that really because this really isn't a seat and this is a bit of a large transmission tile to hold itself over and whilst it's fine for short journeys I really wouldn't want to be sitting here on a long one there are some nice details back here though there's armrests with two cupholders we've got little storage tray there we've got ice fix points here and over here we've got digital climate-controlled back here for the two rear occupants and overall with the words and the metal detailing it just feels just a little bit more special than in this cars rivals okay the boot right let's just pop the boot lid and you'll find that even though there is less space on offer here than in most of the s 90s rivals is very usable space it goes back a long way it's very square and the opening is very wide which is great if you've got lots and lots of suitcases for instance let's just slide that all the way to the back and it's really really usable now under here we've got a space saver tire which is quite unusual in a car these days and of course there is the obligatory powered boot lid powering this 90 our range of 2-liter four-cylinder engines there are two diesels and there's just one petrol a plug-in hybrid called the t8 the plug-in hybrid has 402 brake horsepower and co2 emissions of around 44 grams per kilometer there are no manual gearboxes just eight-speed automatics the most people will be going for the diesels there's a d4 with a 187 brake horsepower and there's the d5 with 232 brake horsepower the d5 also has all-wheel drive and something called power pulse now it's essentially a very clever twin turbo charging system that features an electric compressor that reduces turbo lag and improves the engine's performance both Diesel's should make good company cars to d4 emits 116 g/km of co2 returns 63 mpg and the BI K rating is at 21% while this d5 emits 129 grams per kilometer returns 57.6 mpg and the BI K rating is 23% now with figures like that is easy to understand why Volvo isn't offering a range of petrels and this d5 is really very good and that power pulse technology really works you put your foot to the throttle and the engine immediately powers away and there's no turbo lag whatsoever on the move the d4 is slightly more noisy than the ultra hush d5 entry-level momentum with its 17-inch wheels ride the best so if you go for 18-inch wheels specking the optional rear air suspension is a good idea it's not perfect but it just adds to the cosseting driving experience unsurprisingly for a Volvo there's a wealth of safety kit as well including pilot assist and large animal detection system you heard me right now the former is a new autonomous adaptive cruise control system and it works up to 80 miles an hour it means you can take your feet off the pedals and your hands off the wheel it's fantastic for stop-start city driving it's also very good for motorways and I'm going to demonstrate so let's give this pilot assist the try show is a cage need to set my speed and I'm doing it completely hands-free

oh it wants me to put my hands on the steering well that's just to make sure that I haven't actually fallen asleep but it is now driving along fully autonomously a word of caution though now if you like your big executive saloon cars to handle like sports saloons you're probably better off buying a Jaguar XF or BMW 5-series you see the Volvo s90 is more towards the comfort part of the spectrum very much where the Mercedes e-class resides it's very comfortable it's perfect for motorway journeys and you really enjoy especially with the air suspension lolloping along and just cruising around it's not like a an old bars like you got on old Volvo's but it's very much a comfort orientated driving experience you'll also enjoy looking at your reflection in shop windows because the s 90 is a seriously handsome car it's both traditional and upright looking in its Road presence but with its sharp lines and smart Thor hammer day running lights is cool and contemporary to the S 90 isn't cheap though it's roughly on par with those rivals and the options list is costly too there was once a time when if you wanted a big executive car you bought German or if you wanted to be really different you bought a Jaguar but the Volvo s90 is a serious player in this part of the market it's well-made it's comfortable and it has the type of style only the Swedes can pull off so if the S 90 has got your interest you need to check out its rivals and you can do so by watching our review of jagat XF by clicking on the left or of the excellent Mercedes e-class by clicking on the right click at the top for our latest video and on our logo to subscribe


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