Pulled Over By The Cops Guess What happened Next Dashcam Canada

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for me to break away breaking longer I'm showing it you turn it on

why yeah Neil Kenny I got it - grab my recorder now he was talking with his

one for the road


yeah oh there we go everything okay yeah what's up hey doing man look at mr. dashcam yeah yeah that for real yeah my like in Russia yeah oh yeah I record everything cuz this is it guys it records about nine hours okay okay and that it starts recording again over - over the first nine hours so in the continuously you don't have to let it raise everything and then start it start over you don't know if I automatically for parking dude so when I'm parked if somebody vandalizes the park it reports funny only records in front no here like us me and you okay and the front okay to to counter since like okay yeah like you like good point it somewhere else no it's fixed like well I could do it up and down like I get angle it a little more off or a little more down but if that cameras fixes up but I have other models that I that I spent like I sell it and I have models that also have adjustable hurt yeah good thing actually not have you know why because there's a my block yeah I think he is doing a or not means I think he was in my car mm-hmm you know what interior parking holds you up man look coming at you a second I have a big brand new Flyers I just made right here we go bro good yeah yeah and just contact the site you could even call there's a toll-free number on the slate okay I usually answer the calls chickens everything ok though already I didn't wrong not I was just wondering why I'm you didn't want to pass me you know because I said well you got your flash on right I'm like he's not really why he's waiting I'm on it like you didn't go right I wanted to let you go okay I'll do it a plate yeah I get you then as I walk by I'm like okay I'll go this man yeah I'm behaving man I'm all good you go banjo

you wanted your place notice how they got all nicely from your camera white what was it I would never die putting gloves on oh did you see what he did when the other guy went turns like it's okay

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gets pulled over yet again for no reason at all. Once the cop sees the dashcam, everything is fine and dandy.
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