Tigercat 635D with DUALS pulling heavy loads #extreme #megamachine #heavyequipment

by: cotontop3

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let's get this money you see Derek slides over here's the white no cave and they were here is it coming in yeah there he is right there

they just wound up in there


back down

don't worry now that we're after the first year gonna give me some new stuff

camera and film and wise one of the things that I'm gonna get I'm gonna talk to B&H photo those guys are very helpful but I want the gimbal to put mine put these cameras in that I'm using primarily now they got in with image stabilization but they're not as smooth what what I would really like for them to me and a gimbal will really help me out on that but there's so many of them to a pic film I've been studying the last couple months and I gotta I kind of know what I want but I'm not sure so I'm gonna talk to being a our next rain out day that we have I'll call being H now get me one ordered I'm gonna do that I'm also going to get a new troll my drone now is a five years old it's a phantom 2 so it's all older I'm gonna go to a Matic crew just what I'm gonna go to flit smaller drone better turn and do that and I'm also going to if they come out with another new iPad mine's the sixth generation they got last year I will be getting another one of them this year swap it out and I'm gonna go to a Mac I'm gonna get another new laptop this year and I'm gonna go do a Mac

we're gonna watch Derek and chat hearing bugs around a little bit

that's a big buddy tree right there he just saw it all the way through

oh it if Olympus comes out with another tough camera it's a tg5 then I'm filming this one right here if they come out with a tg6 I'll get I'll get it immediately I don't care what it cost I'll get it my preference is the king and the like my favorite camera is a a IDI but it's not feasible to feeling with out here

so the ATD is just a little bit too big and heavy you know to turn around out here like I do with all the videos that y'all see the so the small camera the mecan't g7x mark 2 is an X my favorite because it's a small camera like this TG 5 is but I have to be careful it's a it's a pretty expensive camera and it just it wouldn't hold up to the elements out here like so I can use it out here I could use it today with it not being dusty or anything like that I could use it but I don't want to mess it up it's a that's a great great camera

said thing full reach all the way out there that's a full-sized tree don't even faze the machine at all reach all the way out and still pick up pick that tree up that entire tree up like that that's pretty good our other one if you did a full reach on a full sized tree like that you would have to bring the boom in until you just a little bit where you could get your leverage right so that it would pick it on up off the stump that one right there doesn't really affect it any at all it'll just if you cut it you can pick it up

so what Derek's doing he's looking for the spots with the most brush standing if you've watched him and paid attention he's knocking that brush then across ways in front of him that way he's tracking on top of that brush here so he's making his own mat as he's going see third that tree down all right now he'll track when he tracks forward he'll put some more trees right there when he tracks forward he will be on their top supper and he'll keep knocking that brush down to keep him on mat so that he'll stay on top of the ground because if he don't have some stuff up on your heel him as wet as it is right now he's going to go down - and we got Chad coming back he's over my shoulder here and we'll turn the camera back around here in just a second and pick him back up as he's coming back by me

that bans reversed right now I can hear

just turned off

so he'll grab that one he's gonna grab that pool that's gonna be to his left to my right probably

all right watch that see it's starting to sink a little bit on him so he pushed himself come all the way up with the boob and he's gonna walk himself till he gets up here on some better stuff he's not gonna be able to grab that other Pole it was to his left there

he's gonna get that one this owners rights where it's going after he's looking for better ground right now he's looking for stumps brush anything that he can hit with those tires to keep him on top of the ground that's what he's looking for and that's kind of the that kind of dictates your path when you're on this in this kind of ground like this so he's going to add a lot more weight plus he's got to pull those trees loose that second pull he's grabbing right now there whom the tops are home so he's got to move them once he moves them then he'll be kind of free so he's got all all three axles are locked completely and positive right now it's seen pushing itself he gets past them butts right there he'll by having made because he's got some pretty good brush out here to get on top of

so you'll hit that tree so have that little sapling to run on he's got it made now

so you went straight over all that for us

so you spent that seed around never checked it when he did that the control swapped to all the scenes hands

he's watching me I'm watching these liens he's Lena's pissing to black me miss me

I didn't move to move

loggin is some logging this of cold stuff logging is some very cool stuff I take it for granted because I see it every day out here what we do ax men put logging on the map years ago and then it came out and then Bobby gets from the swamp loggers and then was they was a big boost for logging when there were never on TV and so when I was in school it was not cool to be a logger I got looked down on the pond a lot cuz I worked on the farm I grew up on the phone nobody had anything dude that way because I was just a poor old farm boy and just nothing yeah just so it would cool so now 30 years later back sake say 20 years ten years ago when all that when the axe me a nice to come out then all sudden I went to super cool because I was a logger you know what I mean if people wanted to I wanted to talk to him you all of a sudden and stuff like that but this is crazy we're logging Olga is a very cool deal very cool deal we'll climb back in your hip Kim


I think nobody

look at that it's been about two weeks now since we've seen the sunshine the last time it was out was our did a saw video and it was sunny like this on a Saturday two weeks ago is helping but I mean even though the sun's out it really still wet right here a lot of people want to know how how we're getting in and out we've got a company ready right here you can see it and I'm loading sitting right in it right here it's a rock and gravel road and that's that's the only way we're doing it right now but it is going to take it is going to take some trying to get this back dry it out I mean along time you can see how the lean that's where we've got everything matted down through there too so we made today complete slop 14 and we got some wood to start on for Monday here in that away so let's take a vote chalk the clinton or diarrhea which one is truck driver ask me how I got that tree stuck through my tracks right there I said well it's my magnetic personality what you think I hope y'all enjoyed this today we're gonna make like a horse turd and we bout to hit the trail baby yeah well y'all think it always kills me some people are so brand oriented you know the forward Chevrolet Dodge deal the John Deere caterpillar tiger-cat do you know the thing about these videos these are the equipment that we have that we run and I just show what we run I don't say that entire cats the best or nothing like that you can watch the videos and you can decide what works and what don't work and we have John Deere an entire cast up both very impressive somebody send me a message last night in new ride and what they said it was gangs change said y'all have some incredible equipment and we do I want everybody to understand for us to have this equipment like we got it is taking us more than 30 years to accumulate and to get this stuff there we got and things are so bad right now I mean it's just a basically a week-to-week type of deal right now with it as wet as it is and we were gonna work today the day sunny Sunday morning by for this video publish isn't on filming this right here oh the Sun is actually out again day we were going to work the day but we ran out of ground and we could possibly run on I mean we ran everywhere we could run yesterday and to do what we did so we opted there was knee he has a lot of lot of y'all known he has across disease and then affects your joints really bad his knee was full up about the size of football yesterday he literally could not walk he ran and could till lunch he got out of the cutter and could not we would had to help him climb back up to get into cutter so he lined it up with a doctor to go get the fluid drained off his knee yesterday and we saw we opted not to do anything day to give him some rest because it would have been tough today to try it around did send it just needed to try to we got we end up with 40 40 some loads last week it's what we end up with so we I mean we had a we had a decent week but not nowhere near what we what we need to have so we'll hammer it back we'll come back Monday which would be tomorrow and we'll hit it hard and we'll go at it somebody comment said that that's not gonna make the Machine pull no more because the video Saturday then watching Chad what he drives and I responded back and I told him I said that Channing trying to pull no more that's what Chad pulls every drag he brings as that machine maxed out and then some that's how he runs the machine and that's how we only run one skidder to feed Kevin with this by how he runs I guess I just they just hadn't seen the video as a Chad running and pulling and now he he comes to the processor with with wood not sure what I'm gonna do today I got this is a over a three and a half inch in diameter neodymium magnet this almost three-quarters means thick it's got an 888 pound pull on this one this guy I've always wanted to try this and mess with it and put a rope on it and go magnificient won't go fully after lunch hook up to my baby today and go to somewhere boat ramps and I'm gonna drop this thing in the water and the docks and all around here in a moment and we'll see what I grab with this thing I will pick up iPhones there's enough metal in iPhones it'll pick them up so it'd be interesting to see I'm sure there's probably some glasses some fliers and stuff like that I'm gonna film it a lot while I uh dude that guy this morning said he was going to unsubscribe me because he thought the Milwaukee stuff was turning into commercials it has been nine days since I showed anything anything like that in my videos and I responded to him not told him I said that's exactly what you need to do and that's the beauty about you too even as a thing I don't understand about YouTube if there's something you don't like while watching your you everybody out there all of y'all are in control of whether you watch my videos or not whether you watch just a little bit um or you watch whatever it doesn't matter to me and he said he was gonna unsubscribe in one or two or ten I'll lose a hundred some subscribers every month so I mean it but the growth is still there the grow still going to look at the numbers y'all can all see the numbers stuff like that but I should have told a guy I did move I don't know anything that's the thing I don't he makes it out like I owe him you know your order which I don't sir got stuff coming in right here baby was sending me a message isn't everything if you're a day you did one just come in Justin and I saw it pop up if your dude please don't send me a message got a heart in it it gives me the wrong idea I'm not gonna respond to that I've gotten two since last night from dudes that had hearts in the message one just popped up right now please don't send me message with hearts yeah I would get sunny appreciate all of

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