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this part of the world what happened

faint versus BMX don't worry guys it's fixed I think with the BMX we are today I think you're wrong what do you think we have to do that that's funny face oh my god this is crazy where are they oh we went all the way down oh my god I'm not going Falls for knowing this this is what hey guys we're here are you right behind wait I need oh

my god there's so many freaking things in our way where's where's Kara

we are the plains now you guys should go kill kill him to be there oh my god this Jets and we know your plane wing nearly killed me though oh my god oh my god come on come on get to the freaking

fans versus valium

now we know where to go you which help now we know what to do I hear it not so well wheat there's a good place to hit it might right at the beginning if they hit the tree in time I star than you expect

single CTE tada it's no easy steady you know is going geordie go going huh just go

and yeah probably just got me killed but I think you probably did a suicide us jelly because I want to kill both of us

- oh my god you're hiding you have to go from the side to do it I can't believe this I didn't know there was fences there they appeared on the last second

all right we're continuing on yes once again we kind of won my rectum yeah cuz I cuz there was a fence guys okay okay you want to laugh in my face again okay I'm not gonna stop biting

guys I fell off I fell off in a parent even

what are you doing deli don't do it Jenny don't do it he's trying to kill me no jelly jelly

yeah I better do I've got to live I want a plane oh it's just me I feel like I've just what I feel like I'm in World War two just landing in enemy territory I would have got it with air jelly let's do that no no I'm gonna win now I am I just went out rest in peace guys is mine I'm from out territory you guys gonna kill me or not I'm out I've got 15 seconds left no bullets please no bullets I've got faith I'm right above you here I'm in a parachute we said bullets and Gary didn't listen but that's just expected 20 seconds no whoa okay second parachute planes buses being mixed knowledge right then let's go that same time get to that tree gonna get to that tree already jelly jelly jelly as they're coming for you again Jordi's coming for you again jellied I expected we can we try and do no suicides Jody what part of the world or what

all right Jenny this one don't hit me

together let's do like planes I see him I see him oh my god this is my opportunity this is my opportunity Ching I didn't mean to Josh because Julie has never seen that part of the map a moment is every way keep going to the key going okay okay Gareth behind us spread out spread out Jenny spread out on the right I nearly survived by I know I'm dead five I'm gonna I'm gonna land it so I didn't land it oh hey teddy Oh Teddy go home did he go no Derek not that smart hey jump big jump big jump guys Jenny Jenny I think that was suicide I'm gonna say that one I'm gonna just yeah that was fairly suicide well we actually have the charity this Judy's trying to cover the fact that all right Jenny we can still kill one of them can't we

formation flying jelly formation we're doing it right now kind of don't state next to each other guys guys smartness is not fair we go see ya and now we have to let Garrett live that's too bad yeah Garrett's either gonna kill himself

I'm gonna land guys I'm gonna land right the line that's in jail I'm at the gym I'm you're gonna land it guys it's not easy to land yes let's go this is not easy to land I could do it oh wait jelly suicide into the Jets let's do it time yeah take your time I just wanted to get you to Calvin wait

Danny I've got a plan jelly we stay right right on the tip of this here okay how are they gonna kill us here upside down like right here yeah but they can't no no but we're far away from you what are you doing suicide us what's going on guys jelly jelly oh this I see them yeah yeah don't worry I know what Jordi's doing I got this Gary hey Jodi Hayden fortunately at this point my camera crashed but don't worry I've left you guys with a lovely picture of my face for the little bit where there isn't any face cam enjoy I thought they were gonna crash into each other Hey which me like someone's behind me

almost but didn't did you just make sure we don't die at the same time I wanted to kill you guys that's not cool what we're gonna do is we're gonna make it then charity ourselves sure you gave it it's right slowly kill you yeah but you play if you die if you die it's your fault okay fall down get in that Geordie

Thank You jelly yeah I was wasting there we go

power shoot any power she'll have a parachute I didn't get a plane how you doing want it dominate today what the right do you admit that charity it if you're killing yourself yeah gosh yes okay I just want everyone to be in witness that this is a charity okay rest in peace guys is the finale finale this is the end of life as we know it

shove your formation up your ass okay will do thanks for the spirit you go yeah you go amazing friends Jewish oh my

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