How To Hula Hoop In 10 Minutes or Less -Waist Hooping & Recovery Moves

by: HipTheHoopla

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howdy whoo versus his show rippin sheriff hit the hoopla okay today I'm gonna show you how you can be up and waist hooping if you've never tried hooping before or want to get back into it this is some easy tips and tricks on how to waist hoop I'm gonna go over these really quickly so you may want to watch this a few times so here we go definitely first warm-up but first start without the coupe and you're gonna get a little front back motion going forward back forward back forward back and you can just get like a little popgun boo boo boo boo boo boo boo or you can actually take and transfer the weight so get that going and it's a little cork actually moving it is not a hoop around the circle like this you do not have to take the hoop around you will stall out the hoop but when doing that so what we're going to do is second thing is you get that that little rocking motion going with the core this little section of the core here it's not a whole big movement and then you're going to get tuck their hands in elbows in towards the small of your back little create a little hoop shell and you're going to twist and get the hoop going it will stay up a little bit right there without you doing anything but we're going to pick up with that little forward back motion so Ted's an elbows in get a good twist throw it nice and straight if you throw it wobbly wobbly it's really hard to pick up okay so throw it nice and straight get that forward back you can also go side side so two contact points opposite so forward back angle angle side side doesn't matter have some fun with it you'll be moving around you can hoop in either direction to go now next thing to do make sure you keep that going and there are three recovery methods so through so if it slows down it goes down so if it slows down first recovery method is to speed it up so is if it slows down we're going to speed that back up that will help bring the hoop back up to whatever portion of the body you want from legs to hips from hips to waist and even from waist to chest so that's in a little bit more advanced but you can get that just to know that that can be in your wheelhouse so let's speed that up and that's the first method of recovery is to speed up second one is what I call a ducking so if the hoop goes down we're going to drop down and do a little speed wind up with the hip in the direction that your hoop is going so if my hoop is going this way then I'm going to drop down duck in a little swoop with the hip and get that back up and going one more time drop down and bring that back up third this is my favorite method of recovery is return in the direction that the hoop is going so if my hope is going this way I am going to turn this way I'm going to be standing so what's going to happen is the hoop is going to slow down so don't let that freak you out at first because it's going to feel like you're losing it but you're going to have more time to do what you want as I say the hoop is waiting for you to catch up with it so if my hoop is going around this way I'm going to gently turn in this direction you can just do this with little baby steps so it doesn't have to be really big and it doesn't have to be fast so but it's a nice gentle way of doing this again you can do this in either direction and with these recovery methods I actually like to throw in all three of them and combine them so speed up duck in turn with it speed up duck in turn it with it so hopefully you will take all of these little tips practice a lot it's a lot of fun and it may take you a few go-rounds to get all of this but that is in a nutshell how to waist hip so in my classes at hip the hoopla I can actually like literally have people whooping in less than two on the waist so a lot of positive encouragement and just keep at it one really quick thing - this is just an added little fun thing from class we inevitably fall drop our hoops we have what we call a happy hoop Glee word and it is a happy word instead of a swear word and so whenever you drop your hoop which you will if you ever hoop it's going to happen it has something happy to say so mine hoo hoo or whatever the happy where it is of the time so and then pick it up like you're meant to do it pick it up and do something else that's lots of fun okay this is Ben shake ripich er up hit the hoopla WWE hit the hoopla calm I hope you've enjoyed this and I hope is very helpful please hit the like sign it visit our page wwhd a calm and also Facebook hit us up on the likes I've put out some videos try and give you all sorts of good stuff so I would love to work with you to have fun practice lots enjoy whooping welcome to the circle bye be

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Waist hooping can be pretty easy-especially with some great instruction. Here's some excellent techniques used in Hip The Hoopla humorous hula hoop dance fitness classes from Che Rippinger -- to help get you up and going in 10 minutes or less! Note that having a good size/weight hoop for YOU, is really important. If you used to do it as a kid and are trying to use a kid's toy store hoop that is too small and light, that hoop may spend a lot of time on the ground, as it's too small and light (you'll need a lot of speed and excellent technique to keep it up--it can be done, with lots of practice). To begin with though, try starting off with a larger, heavier hoop, to insure a quicker success. Remember that getting even a quarter of a rotation with good technique, before the hoop goes down, is a good start. Eventually, you can get more and more successful rotations in when you learn to keep your beat/movement really steady in a rhythmic formation. Tips: Take it slow. Practice. Play. Practice some more. Hydrate. Warm up & cool down. Use a good size/weight hoop for you. Enjoy the process of learning something new. Remember: Progress, not perfection. Pick/use a "Happy Hoop Glee Word" for when (not if) you drop the hoop. For more information, please visit

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