Prison X " The Willie Dutch Story" SEA#4 EP.2 (2013)

by: Kraze The King of Content

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the prison program you about the view consists of strong subject matter such as rape gang fights stabbings police corruption and extortion due to the nature and language of the program viewer discretion is advised there are over 2 million inmates in American prisons state and federal the stories you're about to hear are from men and women ex-cons felons and convicts who witnessed and survived through rapes slashings gang violence and extortion during your time in America's most dangerous prison systems prison X was created to give the viewer a first-person look at prison life during an it Maine's most vulnerable time these are not actors or actresses playing a part all the stories told are one on over Central meal we were warned that it could be serious repercussions if these stories are released prison X is the evolution of scared-straight with stories being told from outside of the prison walls what a dope Mel would hover aka Willie Dutch but as I was known a federal prison and make number 1 3 6 3 4 179 just days away from the one year anniversary of my homecoming after spending nine years two months and five days in federal prison been the different joints both mine they can a bloody Romani seagull Rio Texas finished out my beard in Florence Colorado of course you know during nine years I have a lot of stories to tell but you know one stands out more so than the others because I'm reminded of it every day what just the reason why I that's love I got approached by a guy from my city you know he was doing time at this time in Beaumont you know and for lack of a better term we just called him Gump number one so Gump number one he approached me about asking for a favor you know I was in the cell by myself so he had somebody you know that you know didn't have a cell to go to guy was from Florence Colorado and uh you know he basically asked me to let the guy move in for a week or two until the guy can get settled at the same time Gump number one he was known for you know selling cigarettes this was the time when no tobacco got removed from federal prison so you know I let him come in with the understanding that you know he wasn't bringing any shit into myself you know at the time I'm doing my thing too so you know it's not enough room for two hustles and one sale I'm sleep on the bottom bunk one day the guy he's slinging up top you know all of a sudden I hear something firing and hit my bed and uh so I'm looking and see what it was and you know it was roughly ten packs of cigarettes wrapped in and cellophane you know which at that time was roughly a thousand dollars so I find it the first time and you know I take it back to Gump number one and I'm like man I told you you know I'm gonna do this favor for you but don't bring it into my cell if I'd given the spit back not even a week later you know I'm going through myself I'm cleaning up and whatnot I find some more cigarettes so at this point you know I feel violated I feel like you never respected my mind normal shit what's fair come on ain't no sweaters ain't no square voting lot squares I told in it myself twice ma'am so you know I did what anybody in my position would do and I took the cigarettes you know I'm still in here being a man and approaching me about it you know he go to SOCOM shot Carlos for the Houston car at the time you know they have meeting and decide that I should give the cigarettes back and and whatnot but you know of course I was trying to get none of that so I took them I go into my cell I'm kicking you know Gump number two I'm I said I'm like everything he cigarette I myself am he said something I didn't like so at the end of the day I just remember taking our phone and giving baby 1/2 times and you know bloody there's no in this situation and they broke it up we go down to the day room and you know Gump number one you know the cat for Houston and whatnot you know he barking and talk being run to his cell and he come out of his cell and he got something hanging out his pocket doesn't like a do-rag and uh you know that's what we used to do in the joint when you got your thing your shank of whatever you want to call that you're gonna tie for something so you don't lose it in a knife fight so I see that hanging out his pocket so I go get mine so I meet him in the day room he come down one set of stairs I come down another set of stairs and we meet in the day room and when I up my thing and he did you know some shit I didn't believe he screamed he got a weapon which at this point I feel like he called in a CEO on me so you know I feel like through my drawing across the floor slid it to my dude and just cry out with him fuck I'm getting the best of him and all of a sudden out of nowhere when I'm frightened him at this time gunk number two had came down he recovered from his wounds or whatever so he come down he comes out of nowhere with a charity I knocked the chill down and pick up the chill and hit him in the back with the chair knocking me down at this time no sir couple of my partner's had grabbed the other catch the last thing I really remember is getting on top of them you know I guess I had one of those situations where they say you have blinding rage because I come remember from that point on until the CEO was grabbing me about for them they came in maybe 15 deep in you know simple regulars he was still on the ground and uh after the fact it took us to the shoe special housing unit which is the equivalent of the whole for federal inmates they took us to the shooting and they started describing what happened abandoned and all they were saying is that I was just on top of the do bashing his head into the concrete to where his head was swollen and his face was bloody and uh both of my hands are swollen as well and that's when I noticed that my bone had broke and later on the x-rays show that my bronch my bone and my hand had broke so severely that it was creating a little X in my hand and for true from from my my hand so for anybody that's ever been incarcerated you know y'all know that you know medical attention is fueling for between in the system and now I'm forced to wear this glove which is a compression load to stop my tendon from popping back and forth over my bones because my bone healed and correctly while Willie touch spent 45 days in the shoe he began to receive death threats and rival inmates sending kites to keep them in the shoe much longer on his release will he felt he needed to approach his rivals for some unfinished business I didn't feel like it was over so you know I approached the guys on the yard you know you know see if we can come to some type of resolution I still felt like you know I didn't get it in and they still felt like our old son then the guy he approached me and he was like man I just want to squash it I'll tell you what you get half I get half and immediately when he said that that was a sign of weakness because I mean in the system is he that you you either you get eight it wasn't even a month later I dumped number two you know the officers they made the grounds no 1215 4:00 in the morning things that nature come to find out cup number two got got caught in the situation where one of the CEOs ran up on his cell and see his new city in acts so once they come out we like down you know everybody like down you know do must be gay and all of a sudden one of the known punks from the yard his foes do a kite that you know he wrote torn and whatnot that you know dude was gay all alone so at that point I went from being you know somewhat of a villain to a hero because not everybody like this being a saint do flargeant like he did and daddy and this guy in that gang and all the time he not only that the the CEO that he was getting a cigarette fund that I took come to find out when she found out he was fuckin Gump's you know she got it some more guys on the yard or whatnot and allegedly put a hit out on the negative and the nigga catch PC and ended up you know turning state against the CEO getting her twenty some months in federal prison for bringing cigarettes in on the yard for for his claims that you know she was trying to have him killed Prison X was created to give the viewer a first-person look at prison life during an inmate's most vulnerable time these are not actors or actresses playing a part all the stories told are 100% real we were warned that it could be serious repercussions if these stories are released next time on Prison X this is prison

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In this episode we take you to Jefferson County Texas to a Federal Correction Complex called " Beaumont" There is where Edward " Willie Dutch" Hubbard's life changing experience unfolds. In prison tolerance is low and Violence is High. Respect is the single most common denominator. Either you giving respect or Getting it. This story is the shocking truth when it comes to keep it real. But as you and I know most people don't, in Jail it's no different. The motto behind that will is Eat or Be Eatin. Enough of my introduction see this for yourself. Created,Written and Directed by James "Kraze" Billings. for more episodes visit our official website

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