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my pop will see you if you see me debating the Christian for example if I debates a new Christian comes to me the first we gotta laugh debate about the oneness of Allah then if the same Christian come back to me I will debate you something out soon but if there is a new Christian comes to me without cleared out the first thing is the foundation the foundation



anyone that lead the prayer could in a heaven in a meaning someone who's appointed to be ma'am mrs. Dooley the prayer but not point a man who knows only witness words which I don't mean are you okay the Prophet Muhammad Muhammad ibn Muhammad in order to call people to testify so now our code if I

if I'm listening therefore if the foundation is willing to you you be more you know why stay in emotionally clits you imagine if the principal smoke cleared someone and Hugh the principal his fights Angus and clear-cut principles then he said in our last debate brushes if the principal he got a cleanly

we know that you believe God has a he knows everything all the guard I look okay so you said God knows all the times correct okay likewise you believe and I believe there is no one greater than God okay and you believe Jesus and the father are different Ben is the father jesus said okay okay is the father God Jesus God Jesus God is the father I'm asking simply yes you take your boy man okay my point is when you debate somewhere like in a university you don't debate like this debate like that University I use me and then I'll make my point Daniel we never see discourse speakers corner I know that in this universe order you can order don't come to the lion's cage okay then start to bring a university okay okay so and now you as a Christian you believe correct me if I'm wrong this what I'm saying you believe the father is God and Jesus is God and you believe Jesus at two nature God nature and a man nature he is God nature is the father or other than the father different okay that's why I'm saying so according to the Bible right kocchi kocchi kocchi tuna not have Noah who finish even if he's not going nowhere you move on okay okay now we move on that Accord it's a Bible that Jesus said no one knows the day in the hour March 13 62 go ahead do you have the Bible with you Muslim in us I'm using noticed by the snorts but you're the one claiming I hear ya George we can take the Bible out and then dialogue from there because we don't want to opinions yeah so go too much [Music] the engine I know know where there's my baby not everything but of the day and hour not even the ashes in the heaven nor the son you first are speaking Godwin is a big hippo curtsy tap you keep quiet he speaks but of the day in the hour no one knows it's not even the edges in heaven nor the son but only the father so dodgy is not our but about that day or hour no man first no man knows not even the angels son but only the father knows it so listen to what Jesus is saying he put man first and then he put a new Eve and then he put himself and then he put the father so Jesus is above man and angels yeah at that time Jesus Christ Jesus Christ yes was a man you can it man when he set aside his glory for a time being yes and he came order to sacrifice himself boss yeah so when he says a Christ when he said that he was he was thing above angels and man so that means he was still above Muhammad himself and angels okay yeah the service objects so he put it he put himself above that which amazing he knows everything but at that time he same self-assigned okay yeah so you're talking about their brief resurrection why don't we talk about the post resurrection where Jesus died and resurrected in Revelation chapter 1 verses 8 it says I am the Alpha and the beginning I was dead and now I am Alive if you are the Alpha and the Omega beginning of the end you know everything so now we know that Jesus knows everything but at that time he same suicide and he did ok listen to this a lie of our Christian why because according to Jesus who knows the father only you told me jeez a to nature a man nature and the goes nature and I ask you he's good ha ha ha my brother's a city manager give either select a future here to expose you I know you people here speak Hey so according to Jesus according to Jesus so you know okay understand

okay let me switch my points so according James just to us Jesus as a good nature's mother father according to Jesus who knows our the father so Jesus good father only you only you only the father each is the father but at that time she is the father in Norway in what way in this way are you mocking us are you well I I live you said on the way I'm going this because were you you stubborn everyone knows that Jesus said only the father needed okay okay who knows the father who knows our the father oh Jesus now every no no no no no you took me God knows everything all the time correct no no no no no no let me just finish my words you said to me in the beginning God knows everything all the times correct and you said to me Jesus to nature God nature and a man nature then you told us Jesus his good nature knew the only way the father the father

because in Revelation chapter one Jesus quote the Alpha and Omega subject according to you Jesus had his good nature understand that when he was on earth he had his good nature was he full code fully God fully and God he was fully so he's really fully Massimo beautiful thank you I love it so he is fully God which is his nature according to Jesus who knows our the Father

yes or now verse it says to do I answered a question to you okay father but now he's missed the punch are you told anyone no Daniel you told me when he was on the earth

okay listen carefully when he was in the earth he knew dawa I'm asking you which is enough he knew Dawa them in the lies in the structure okay okay so many subjects 62 you're a Muslim you're a Muslim a Muslim chomp-chomp conscience good how can you condemn the Bible as a mother how can you condemn the Bible as a Muslim what island Muhammad never had any problem with it okay first of all that I have no problem to discuss these subjects can you go back to mark 13:32 did I answered it Daniel Daniel Daniel Gaspar said Daniel you are saying to me him II am yours look none of the cameramen speaking except Daniel he's not comin of course is called man you see Daniel Dan you said to me crazy farmer Hoggett okay we stay covered you said to me Jesus was on earth correct and yeah to nature percolo he had two nature correctness He is God nature on the earth was he perfect so nude our new da Cunha did you never say

carefully so Jesus according to Jesus listen carefully according to Jesus on earth you say to me when he was in the left even Jesus God knew the hour but according to Jesus when he was in the earth no one knows that our only who the father so therefore G's has God when he was in the half Ukraine was fully by dozen Odawa question we here by whom doesn't make any sense God is above your intellect okay because your arguments arguments you know handle a kind of fight I wanna clarify something that's why the Christians they will never be able to send front of the camera and calling today belief they owe a chat like the Muslims goes out on your earth I see you never you always dead Muhammad is Muhammad dad why because I was on the earth you tellin people that Jesus is God by God died God not everything could become a man but I never became a man even the argument could become a man again because there's a nice is if he knew that's what that's what okay this guy got anti website is a nuke website my emos man seok's da da da da da da I said you go to Lucas's look at it because Islam says Muhammad is





you know






because hadith says offends Akula said which was happy to go back anyway that was it virtually the Hadi The Messenger of Allah saw him said he said Allah okay in the last African Anna minaret is married Allah has chosen can Anna from this the sons of Ishmael and his and his chosen garage from kin Anna and his troops perish from Benny Hashem and he choose me from Benny Hashem so Prophet Muhammed saw recently son of hashim the son of Peleus the son of king anna a son of is married

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