Opie and Anthony - Making a Movie about Ant's Life (10/15/2010)

by: Richard Hatred

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by the way Annika sidenote sure I am just gonna start using the word colored now a lot because because yeah it's good enough for Tyler Perry how the Perry's using cones got a new movie out for colored girls is of the movie that's the title yes it's called for colored girls and it's got Janet Jackson's it it's one of these like black chick you know the all of them talking about how fucking fucked up guys are sure and and I think they have the scene where they drink some wine and dance sure you know it's for colored girls so I don't know why it's not the n-word uh so I'm just gonna start using it look it's go who's in there let me see go down a little bit we got Janet Jackson yeah we got uh who's that um no there's someone you got going whoop ease in there Whoopi uh phylicia rashad from a Cosby Show yeah who that is I don't know that is Ayanna and then some more Colored Girls it's a colored girl are they why have you been outraged over the years when I've used the word well now it's okay I was just ahead of my time OPI stick out of my time I've been seeing the highlight I pay attention to the rules and I look at what's happening in society what happened to you in society I never paid attention to the rules I mean just in society like if if Tyler Perry now who is the you know I think most a harmless black guy in the world since Sinbad or uh if he can just put out a movie called for colored girls I figured colored is going to be the next thing moving on now from african-american would in a Reverend I'll get involved in this or I don't know he probably won't because it's a black guy doing a movie named for colored girls or colored girls but shouldn't Reverend I'll be all over that I know cuz Tyler Perry is saying so it's cold but I am now just going to start saying colored people because I think it made a comeback there are some words that are retro and come back we grew V I want to bring groovy bath and we got to bring back afro-american because afro-american was very short-lived because the women are storing grow those afros yeah they're getting the big afro there and some of them get my fucking mojo go you're diggin that a little bit big in the dandelion afro I like the jungle Angela Davis I Pro I've seen a few speaking of black people I Sam good morning I've seen I've seen a fella walk on the streets of Manhattan yeah that jungle look I call that jungle look big afro we movin in time is getting dark we made it - I'm his territory I'm skill no because the the ladies are starting to grow that afro out Sam you know you keep up on the black culture being one of them his culture his culture yeah have you noticed that the the women are starting to let it let it go there is more women it's impossible not to go and I saw around my house all the time matter if you I'll be the first one to tell you I suck at the iron price you get so much fucking getting it down so much fun to do there is more of a movement towards natural hair which I definitely support which was called by the way in the 70s the natural yeah yeah black girl a colored girl had um a big afro it was called her natural like yeah I gotta get my you know I got chinma natural oh look at my natural I think it's good the natural and I was actually called out one day at Disneyland at Disneyland I not get so annoying if it isn't already what I came out there under blue strange I was going on mr. Toad's Wild Ride as IRA coming in today oh no I don't think so just calm again in the early what is he a fucking star now oh yeah Carl it's oh no no there I'm sorry Carl laughs fuck him he's got some dumb show that he realizes a hacky show now because of our Choctaw over there summarize guy had it I was at Disneyland I was getting on a ride there was a colored girl running the ride and it was back you know like in the 70s I was a little kid I had but I had a giant afro right and and she went she goes to me she goes we'll chop your ass your your Naturals bigger than mine nice and she had a big afro and and we all laughed and the second the ride went in my dad smacked me in the face that we're cutting that and shit off your head call your dad an asshole it was great come on taught me everything I know there's too much pressure on you as a kid I got smacked and mr. Toad's Wild Ride Spanky and he said work he actually I quote my father we're cutting that nigger shit off your head oh why cuz the little black girl said I had a natural racism is taught in the home yes it is well it was a fuckin racism of my house Academy wises why isn't a guy got a scholarship I get the whole story except the part where he has to smack you why does smacking you because he had been telling me to cut and get my hair cut how good were you down I'm gonna get a haircut I must have been maybe ten you were responsible for cutting your own hair at ten it didn't matter fucked up life now it's because I was visiting and shit I should have been out in New York my mother was responsible for taking me down so basically mothers basically she was she basically your father was hitting your mother through you exactly okay now exactly cuz at ten you shouldn't be responsible for fucking worrying about your hair but I'll tell you what the next day we went and got that's what happened there my friend cashier radioshack told me I would get five girlfriends compared to my one now if I would let her dread my hair live girl but yeah but are they you know your girlfriend Jess very cute that's true and you quality yeah I not quanti yeah you could get five but it's gonna be each one one fifth oh yes as Jess right it's so so hot I agree oh god well kind of seen her in a while you should bring her around which is a job yeah yeah she's like in our dual income why huh let's bring her in here for a little bit yeah she's at work uh whatever look let's say this shape she is is she yes howdy one out there how do you know right now cuz there was her why no she's not there right now where is she now she's at home it's the morning alone right we call her yeah she's about to give her a little call you ever give her a call in the morning just check we text one time mechanics one time me Kenny called her she got really creeped out though yeah case County kept asking her what she was wearing yeah who Kenny Kenny's a creep and she doesn't play that way now who's who's that motherfucker no there was died now apartment was empty and some for her and the cat who's the cat bruiser Brody person Brody that's the cat's name it's a cat and you believe whatever you want enough with the rustling shit Sam Jesus what it's not a wrestler it is it was dad yeah cause your cat's gonna fucking die at a young age because you named him after a wrestler Anthony for colored what is the knee what's the movie again for colored girl okay cuz we got Stephanie has a little info on that movie alright Lee hey um that young it was I think it's even written in like the late 70s called the color girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf well uh title wait what wait wait wait what wait wait why are colored girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf when the rainbow is enuf yeah I'm trying to understand that wall was it double rainbow all the way oh I do think there might be some context to the way Tyler Perry uses colored why for colored girls I know but that's what the ladies rooms used to say back in my day context and sub right meant for white girls oh yeah I know it seems like you're more regressing than regressing or just taking Tyler Perry's lead I don't know that's what he intended he finally realizes it was way better back then maybe with maybe that's what he's doing when I bringing it back you're keeping it real what if as a show we all go together we reserve judgment until the show together goes and sees the new Tyler Perry movie finish the center oh thank you Stephanie cm wrap thank you sister in the theater how do you know Stephanie's his sister I was trying to figure that out Stephanie are you a sister dial I lost her dialect I heard a certain dialect did you yeah yeah yeah all right I'm good at that by the way we we've been great at that for years I know we've never missed out we were perfect on you even when certain people trying so hard scape you can't escape me no that's why we know you're black Sam well I mean I've any home there's no DNA to match you have they got gaydar somebody left gaydar I have endar okay yeah I know the N stands for yeah in person that's right Larry Larry can the person should really I guess exciting that's a party a little more taller and loves participant types up in the show calling you Anthony bunker now in ah look tiger is that that's a compliment are you hurt oh thank you well I mean Tyler Perry using colour that means it's not that words back on that I need to Pat it on back on the table for whitey context and then like when Chris Rock use the n-word whereas maybe you didn't use the title of a movie no it's a little different he could use it in his act yeah we've already conceded the fact that black people can use the n-word in their act and we you know cannot use it right Justin Leslie in context like if I'm quoting my father and what he said to me I'm gonna use it because that's what it was that I'm not using it to you know in fling people know not using it to as a derogatory term your father won me my father was yes indeed by disclosing I am exposing the fact that I was raised in a very racist environment and I came out fine I can move on from that even if they're raised in a very racist vine it proves the Apple theory I really uh Oh doesn't fall far from the tree that old after you Tariq you're trying to display how you hula throw watermelon doesn't fall farther than a patch okay well it's different or or the egg doesn't fall from the vine there is many fruit and vegetables analogies we can make it doesn't always have to be an apple japanese balance and guess what Anthony you were oh well she probably hangs out with a lot of sisters if she knew that she picked up the dialect you ever watch mari times ago pearly white girl walk down those stairs and start going like it I wasn't with that man that's not my child that's a anything you're like what happened sometimes are they dubbing it like a Japanese movie and then sometimes a black person comes out and speaks well spoken like clearly articulate and brush your frigging and you're like what is what is this that they do that thing where they put the dome on each other's heads and and cross their brainwaves like Eddie Murphy comedy yes it's stopping Eddie Murphy and I think Anthony couldn't sleep last night because of this color thing it got you really excited huh yeah that got me excited got you it got you extremely excited I start wringing my hands looking at the clock it allows you to you know help you some of your feelings sir and your views for colored girls smile Emily you're not black yep have you ever slept with a black guy though no actually where were you born and raised born in Monmouth County New Jersey that's suspicious I said I don't know how could how close to Newark is nice all right well what color eyes do you have blue very smile this blonde hair no no I'm kind of reddish brown ah that says it right there right nuff said I think we all know what she's saying here my points been made you might have to go back a few generations but you know we know what that's about yeah yeah yeah exactly come on blue eyes red hair come on that sounds so obviously the top lady knockin X head right here exactly I'm probably red ramp Detroit red they call him yeah yeah Black redheads are my dad called him something else well I called him Detroit red black redheads are funny-looking a doubt Malcolm X was a handsome man I don't know he looked like me because all we saw was black and white footage of that guy had red hair he was black and he had red hair how do you know that's right red that's true I but I've never seen a colored picture of them they will color oh don't you said oh you can't now okay all right all right you're Kenya solid brother Malcolm no brother mom I look like a just a regular black guy cuz the black-and-white footage well it was regular black guy who did have red hair he looked like an intellectual he wasn't lecture lasses and stuff and very you know he was Bokan well-read sure worse of course all right Stephanie thank you you're welcome oh she's out nice yeah welcome jeez I use uppity she's I you know for a white chick I don't know if anybody's used uppity remove your title yeah ah ah petite girls no uppity colored girls okay that would be a great commoner will you take it to five I picture that as a Judd Apatow movie yeah yeah uppity colored girl I don't think that's how funny would a movie to him titled uppity colored girls come on I got Italian to pitch it if he says people made the movie then it would be fine Tyler Perry makes it it's gold you can't say uh paddy not in the same you know for another's territory we're still on our way into Imus oh yeah by with that you crossed over the neutral zone you're into Imus territory and swimming in the Kobayashi Maru is a unstable slip further than four colored girls right and now we're yeah that's it we're just replacing four let's open extend up that was a big giant step for mankind yes you leapt into Imus there yeah you didn't even cross the border you jumped over it with a pole jumped over time is his dying body though no oh my god don't speak of mr. Imus like that mr. eye man we love the iPad I alone - warning Iowa Elmont pound over now tonight I think it sucking up to us he wants us to beat his palms is excited about the Tyler Perry title oh he can't steer more clear of that time face he wants to talk so bad huh no Tyler Perry movie oh my god I got a button air pumping juice on it I didn't say Jews I need to keep the job I don't think I can live to get another one all right man Wow so I can't say that even now no not as a joke right why can't you say that as a joke because the jokes like that are hurtful too offensive to African Americans black people you could say black people colored girls no that's well it's four color girls don't say color girls and I say uppity I don't know either one depending on the subtext no no no look we're working on a brand new Abbot and Costello type bitch okay I'm sorry right great you say colored I say up yeah that's you say tomato I say tomahto right that's gonna be the title of the CD I mean which you say colored I say uppity no I won't it's a new comedies you are by your power ready that's an on dangerous ground my friend you're swimming in the cold water that used to be covered by thin ice yeah yes exactly thank you I think we should move on wow really yeah yes yeah I think we should just move on from this really I don't need uh any more issues but you're not already here don't use the n-word I think I use it to describe her hair what my father said to me after he smacked me in the face this is a scene in a movie this could be a scene in a movie my childhood should absolutely be a movie people would would walk out of there crying there right hey crying Anthony come here the American dream that's the title it could be the American dream because I then somehow got over that yeah and turned the tears to laugh

my father did jerk smacked me for having black person hair yeah and for stealing quarters to buy ice cream sandwiches because he wasn't feeding me and I was starving that's two minutes of a movie that's Mac 1988 more minutes all the other filling in is him uh well it's saying things teaching me um the lingo uh just not being very spaghetti plate into spaghetti plate incident where he threw the spaghetti three minutes you still need an 87 the big fuckface fight where where my father smacked my mother and she chased him around the house with a knife calling him fuckface you fuckface you fuckface and I was in the room trying to cover my ears because I shouldn't hurt hear that word and I'm crying you get out your fuckface you fuckface that's two minutes now this is a dead half account but it goes on and on that's you need 85 more minutes I don't want to give away the whole movie I'm welfare but there believe me there's two can I wear our movie can I work in the uppity scene yeah I don't know let me think if there was ever an uppity scene give me yes I give me like five minutes in your movie to work in an uppity scene uppity scene okay I'll be the uppity expert alright it was at a we were going into New York City and uh for some reason my father just didn't have the proper toll money why would he I know exactly we did have a diamond it's okay so buddy punch you because yeah I probably what his fault no he took it out on the African American total tape uh who he said look I'm trying he made up some story about I had to go to New York I think I to go to the Medical Center or something in New York he was telling the guy I mean while we're just going to some bar meet up with his friend Jimmy and uh uh he didn't have the money and he just wanted to get through and uh the black person in there my father would interpret him as being uppity because he wasn't letting my father through it but your mother didn't have the money well uh how short uh and it was cheap back then it was it could be more than just like a quarter or something like that so couldn't he couldn't find a quarter eisah merrily got tossed into the backseat where I had to push you know that the the big bench seats in the front you pushed him forward sure I to push him forward and sort through dried up french fries and dust to try to find coins that it perhaps fallen just in the old so how was he gonna pay for his boo and I was able to I was able to find well Jimmy would be paying for his book geez I talked to Jimmy uh years later I still occasionally Sam and the Joey stories the Joey Kumi stories are non-stop he would be a right he'd get a writing credit in the movie so he I got the quarter and he he gave it to the guy with a little passing comment it started with here you go you fucking and I think you could fill another person as as the rear wheels of the Rambler peeled out and we went on our way uh so yeah yeah by the way Jordan gave me a great idea today can I get the number for Pixar why is that okay you wanna you want nothing not a good sequel we caught up yeah you don't want to call alright so why not uh pity a black version of up because that's a fan animation i that keeps everyone calm my movie has to be animated animated does tame it down or not a notch but there is a history of very racist aperture on the phone I know I got them all yeah bye old Bugs Bunny is instead I got my meal ticket out of here with my new movie uppity an animated feature I don't think it would be put out by Pixar I don't get on the phone I'm serious I got a great idea I don't have their phone number huh and I have their phone number you wouldn't go see a Animated Feature I would not see the movie up if I pick that no why it's a colored movement I know I

all right well you got a movie I got a hell of a movie and don't forget the cross-country trip you and your brother cross country another five minutes with ya pops driving down a dark lonely road in the middle of the United States of America and a Pinto run about a little Pinto people are reminding you because we got to get to 90 minutes Benjamin Benjamin hey hey don't forget the sexy scene of the shower ah the shower scene with this will make it rated R though well this has to be a full frontal nudity with a man where the water was water falling over your dad's and you were beneath that shine who would play my dad maybe like Benicio del Toro he could be a nice angry guy yeah he speaks in English a lot better he kind of looks like a younger version of my dad they have two bald Hispanic Brad Pitt right that yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah he could even lay my paw it would be perfect I'd have to get like some poor little innocent whiny kid to play me some kid that could cry on cue man they'll be fucking I mean just crying like this hey push crying faggot in this and man a lot of guys to love Jesus yeah I need some kind of little kid are there any like little fucking like what's-his-name from six cents ideally Jose around anymore that kids about 30 down I know I know I'm just saying is there any more of those they need a new crop of those little crying kids maybe we can figure something I need something like that real kid there's a little kid on Modern Family who could probably pull it off yeah Coppola so all right all right and then my mom would be played by we need like a like a young wild redhead uh girl you got that one um there's one in Hollywood mmm Oh John Turturro should be my dad all out okay that's a good one could we get very good John de toros my dad we get Betty White for the older version of your mom my mom doesn't look like Betty White okay John Turturro is perfect for my dad oh yeah that's perfect okay he's got the right out of yeah yeah John Zatara could smack a kid he's used the word uppity uh his life it might even Sarandon too old too although the young my mother was actually like hot back in the day so you need kind of a wild redhead but that could really be depressed and downtrodden because she's miserable don't forget the tree fort scene Oh the Richard 340 play Richard oh my god has to be a handsome homosexual Lance Bass no get the old intern Oh Sean Lindsay Lohan's playing my mom Lindsay Lohan holy shit that's perfect oh yeah she'd be drinking and shit oh that would be great Lindsay Lohan John Turturro um the little kid for me Oh play John uh uh uh let's see my brother's got to be in there too and my sister oh I got the castings great though I like this I want to figure it all out in one hour I know I know this is a that's true this is a project now people are saying the role of Richard yeah Sam you think me I think I might handsome enough should play now you're actually Richard was very cute Wow Anthony yeah your movies obviously taking precedent over my movie so can I be it can mine be like a five seven-minute little animated feature before your movie a little facial red yeah like well I want to like the Pixar light beginning of a Pixar they'll say uppity I see yeah I see it and then we seg into yours and the two movies are related on this is terrible as Opie on Wilson or Ellen DeGeneres is terrible tongue I don't throw my hair on now don't grow my hair out anymore so no more Ellen DeGeneres jokes please which means I just bought myself two more years of Ellen DeGeneres jokes I know how this works oh yeah now that I've broken my nose three times I'm more like more breaking and you're there you can start fucking signing autographs of when you're out and take pictures as him Wow I really see this moving what about that one of the gay kids from Glee playing Richard is that it I don't think there's anyone pretty enough about that kid let me say all right rap Easy's hustle of all and Judique he might be able to play Richard would you if no one's looking Jesse and Houston's got a great idea Jesse adheres to Jesse Jesse yes I'm seeing the Italian version of precious here yeah yeah it kind of is the Italian version of precious yeah how great is that it that oh we got another scene for your movie coming in see they're all reminding us here Vinny go ahead Staten Island I was gonna say how about who's gonna play the Mexican to try to molest you but more importantly we could play Mookie Wilson Anthony what my mother was never with Mookie Wilson oh my god with Aguilar hunger ed Glenn failed pitcher for the Mets back in the 80s we're allowed to talk about that finally ten years later Sal can't beat up anyone anymore you're safe good it's all gonna be in the movie or will be more focusing on the earlier years I think it'll probably go right up to the Sal years oh and then will will it'll be a sequel we're gonna play older Anthony in the sequel I'm thinking Antonio Banderas you want the guy who played magneto to play Sal that's yeah that's pretty good I gotta play Gandalf yeah that's pretty good complete Saladin first cut intend to pull off a Baltimore accent no no that's pretty good uh and the Mexican there's some scary Mexican actors out there hello I want fuckin Danny Trejo Trejo plays the gonna try to write you me in his machete outfit but wait but wait a minute there's the guys we got a movie but John Turturro has to be able to beat up Danny Trejo yeah yeah it happened only mine doesn't seem real lays deceivingly short tryout need spray oh yeah raped you that's his why don't we go into the bushes that's the guy asked me I know he'll know it he came up to me at cha toes ranch you need someone to play chato - I need a shitload of Mexicans with his picture yeah shitload of Mexicans hold on we got me just got to go in front of a Home Depot we got more shit coming in Chris the teacher Chris hey got away amen uh uh uh what about Rosie O'Donnell has Dreamweaver and really strong horse oh that's perfect oh no that's perfect you are casting too old you're casting sucks I need another factor they got nice lenses nowadays ignite Rosie look you nae you know know who's a young fat girl there's a show called huge it was canceled but it was about fat camp it was the same girl who was in the movie hairspray she's a big giant fat actress and she's young get her get her yeah she's wearing this picture she dark hair that's fine right that is perfect okay can I do a casting for you yes I got one Jane Lynch Jane Lane that's her name right yeah I worship at as buzz oh I need a very tall big bone but not fat uh girl that's up there she Weaver that girl from fucking hairs but that's pretty yeah get her this is amazing and she's hot right now she's the it fat girl right that girl and so I'll have to punch that scene up it'll have to take a be a little longer in the movie yeah maybe some sensitive neighbor did we did go up in the hills we went horseback riding uh oh my god she's perfect she looks just like her that's Dreamweaver that's my Dreamweaver right there E that's right there and then okay buzz has to be that the end she's the one that took my virginity when I was uh 13 years old Jane lunch might be a little too old now she's got to be uh in her early 20s no but could be mid twenties but she's gotta look like yes you gotta look too she was only 19 but she looked like she was in her mid-20s good uh uh big girl big-boned girl good um big tits huh full-figured girl gal but not fat okay

this buzz no oh it has described ooh lookie that could be she was taller than Snooki though but hello put her in heels and and she really only has a major ass almost look good if you put her in here Plus that's a big casting I mean she's again another it girl right now but I don't want to make it a gimmicky Snooki's in it movie or just a cameo and then I'd have to be in bed with Snooki would know you're the actor so we're all whoever's playing me I all I'm all the sudden thinking it's private pardon top is enough to play myself Wow put on an afro with Tracy Morgan as Mookie Wilson my mom was never with Mookie I was like teenage Anthony teenage Anthony the situation I need somebody who isn't allergic to massive amounts of zit makeup on their face because III would have it would have to be somebody that's really either really in life broken out very badly or can sit in a makeup chair for hours like they're putting on Wolfman Makemake on what if we put zit makeup on Zac Efron Zac Efron yeah Zac Efron are you being such an ass kisser I don't think I mean I don't think is that it got that exactly we're trying to make I'm trying to make a big-budget major motion picture f murray Abraham shut up Murray era trying to sell movie tickets here I know this is perfect also oh my god China as buzz yeah that's coming into that would be perfect she would be the perfect buzz she's got a kind young to see that you don't have to see that n she asked me to go down on her and I refused buzz not China and they want Craig Robinson as Patrice for the radio years Steve from Jersey now we need a very curly haired kind of um what about the kid from where super gay nothing super bad from that uh that superhero movie just came out with the kids uh with Nic Cage uh yeah that might work he seen him in real life that might work what me Klein no no no no um that kid right there which - that kid could do it right ah that's no no not just above the the kid from the superhero brought me from kick-ass the kid from kick-ass kid from kick-ass he's the perfect he's a perfect guy yeah yeah or the kid from is it same kid from Zombieland no but he's another very reliable and would be very good using the Facebook movie very good yeah alright I'm diggin it I'm diggin it I'm diggin the casting on this I'm diggin the stories I'm seeing it I'm seeing it in my head we gotta get Judd Apatow in here perfect come on that's Jesse Eisenberg yeah they just gotta like throw tomato sauce on his face through a tennis racket and then send him out into life perfect Oh God does that kid work perfectly get him on the phone um make this happen where's my uppity movie then don't you be it'll be a trailer like what they did with the fake trailers I reckon movie very confusing Oh make it a ten-minute feature you'll have a huge box are in part two I don't want I don't want any of the sequel yeah I'll be huge oh my god who plays the ex-wife one that that has to go up it probably would go up to that point - right where I get married because that's the divorce out years that's that and then and then the working I think right up to where Radio starts becoming an issue then the movie ends we put a trailer where my ex-wife tells me I shouldn't take the job in Boston it's 500 a year less than working my balls off knocking ten well that was a smart move yeah we're gonna cast her when we put wild boar in the Google Image Search yeah and you could spell it either way more more MORE all perfect we got plenty to choose that's perfect that's just like her that's great are you gonna put a trailer for the sequel at the end of the first one like Back to the Future yes you got a filmer boat at the same time so the trailers ready get everybody excited perfect coming next summer coming next summer anti-coup Miette on american dream part 2 i want to be continued yes like that and then to be conclude you need a part 3 nah that's because that always becomes a West yeah that's being written as we speak it's me drunk and destitute on a park bench for someone's documentary hopefully a few money you get your Fu money so we can take some more chances getting it tonight hopefully by Monday hopefully by Monday you got your Fu money back let me just start taking chances yay all right we should take a break we got the mom it's it's cast this is gonna be a great movie it really is get this moving yeah we should be sure yeah get it moving this is you should do anthe Kamiya an American dream an American dream all right and I'll just oh it'll be the trail it could be great because it's just nothing but violence and abuse and racism and a lot of races oh my god Tarantino would go like hey tame it down a bit when you get into direct yeah who's gonna direct that what you need you need some action do you think a Tarantino would be good for this well he likes to write his own stuff I don't know if you want to let him write well I wouldn't think of myself as being a writer like that I could write the entire movie just he tends to reimagine things oh and you wouldn't you'd want a little more creative controlling me this this could use accuracy yes doesn't really need to be punched up that much I think if you partnered with Judd Apatow yeah we take him to a darker place that he'd probably like to go to yeah you like to whoa whoa very happen for my movie shit well I don't know filthy lofty oh he's gonna do opening I don't know that he'll do uppity to tell you that's pretty colored David Fincher Vidya College a David not why was David Fisher that could be great he did Fight Club yeah you're more of a Fincher yeah did the social network and apparently he follows me on Twitter what yes the Finch yeah we'll call me cool we're getting tired why can't we get the Finch on the show well this long long gap between following on twitter and getting someone on the show why it's get some of these people to follow us on twitter on the fucking show ah people saying look Kevin Smith I think it's too close I think he's too close yeah and there'd have to be a Jay and Silent Bob camera Cathy yeah Oh dad we go to the bar and Jay and Silent Bob would be

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