EPIC BUILDING RAIDS - Squad Gameplay Alpha v9.5 CQB Full Match

by: Karmakut

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got a bike direct 105 pushing left-to-right fast you're going to suck ass here we're going to hold up in these buildings 1 2 0 until squat 3 takes contact then once they're all looking stuff with push useful when I crossing this in the open like this it's just hold here so three hits contact all right there they're all looking south let's go get a crash utilized up here bring it to optics I want you fucking holding and covering every now and then ok watching that rooftop I run us just full sprint full and the Humvee just fucking blew our cover keep going keep going we gotta get across this shit okay I am pop smoke on their buildings we gotta get across this bitchfest

[Applause] this building right building contact second floor everyone keep moving saws and optics ready to return fire [Music] s'alright window keep going keep pushing keep pushing in the cheeky push and medics lat riflemen keep going optics and saws will have you covered keep going get across this bitch of a field

up and down right window keep it moving keep it moving keep it moving keep it moving shoot a little move a little fire movement let's go copy that good job optics in there you start bounding up Jack will come back to squad lead jackal coming fuck enemies too close you know we're sitting on the back line actually everyone get in there optics to squad lead [Music]

okay you're on a corner in the building what is it mortars on target fire for effect wah Kotel tell your sights to midnight off course it's just the EPI push around the corners RPG hey optics your squad they please

hey mortars are about a hundred short add one hundred percent down hey optics I need you to me try harder or chocolate get around a mortars are off target - hold on hold on mortars chocolate on these brothers you're pushing it you can try to get adjusted on the way I go whole squad on the semi store in apartment [Applause]

12 seconds talks I controlled there in the seventh story on apartments copy panel radio big Annette well any advantage any advantage any advantage she's up there in the seven story I can challenge him can you bandage me hey coming in with the AR you're going to see if fuckin seven stories top fuck both

come in new rallies sa1 rally upon slowly thank you they took out our cook table itself [Applause] this is perhaps the only moment while I'll allow someone to take the fucking marksman role a aru come here aru comer at the saw I'll come with the stop the fucking seven story building the top floor the seven story building is light up the whole function built the whole fuckin top for the seventh story it's not four I look at the Bark top for that building top floor the tallest building all right AR is going to lock it down infantry on me or pushing air I'll lock it down infantry I'm you pushing all I would just lock down that fucking seven story [Applause]

this contacts close as well there collapse over a station there you go you got them pin keep it up are all right let's keep going

infantry on me I will put push it up now are we push it up bring it up the rear

finally some good fucking luck let's keep going contact close you hear that g3 shot where that's a nice routine keep it going keep it going we're advancing on chocolate ich with me stay on my ass copy

there we go homies got them fucking pin now there you go that's the shit enemies in within 50 could not jump or alley Ami's within 50 finish up a rally we're going to one we're building each let's go across the road those fucking close he's above us

one building at a time chocolate always with me all right magic let's get a hold gas station restless Lords can you please pushed each other I need HMG fire on the building with the target mark near apartments over one minute on rally all squad you copy I need ng fire on the fucking target mark [Applause] they're in the fucking building the westward facing wall the westward facing fucking side I need that whole western facing side lid yeah there you go you're fucking on them now yeah that's accurate right there there you go we're holding until we get the rally up

coal's until we get rally up then we're going to push that fucking seven story copy man see come to me rallies down we're pushing it questioning it we're pushing it now go go go we're reaching that fucking building let's go let's go let's go it's going to be over lock then so Logan cake then we copy go go go get across fuck them down keep going keep going keep going if you're hit hold wait for medic if you're full go preach that fucking building get control the first floor wait for the rest of the team hold that first floor wait for the rest of squad hold that first floor hold that first floor watch the all the doors hold that first floor everyone else start pouring in the first floor that building it could be a our rifle ring rifleman medic squad lead and everyone else copy that's a stack contact all right stack up stack up stack up a all rifleman rifleman squad medics Wadley let's go and yeah I need a medic I need medic I need a medic or any advantage any advantage some advantage the advantage Vantage managed managed fancy any advantage AR then the GL then the optic rifleman then squad lead then medic ok let's stack stack stack stack if they should stack there's someone someone in front of me they are first so I'll go first I'll go first I'll go first then GL Go Go stop push push push push push push push keep going keep fucking going keep fucking going don't you fucking stop keep going keep going next forward keep going keep going story keep going keep fucking going keep fucking going oh I hope the second floor called the second floor the third floor forget whatever for squad leaves on hold it hold the squad squad leader on hold the floor squad lead on hold the floor squad lead on just get to the floor let's go and leave down there hold it watch the stairs I'll watch the stairs down just hold that shit fucker I'm doing this again hey switch off your optics take your fucking red dots take red dots we're going in again red dots or the fucking iron sight with the grip I don't give a shit and give me another AR we're we're kidding we're kidding for breach kit for bridge that's a good try good try good try just don't stop just clear we go up one floor clear all the rooms go up one floor clear the room

let's go hold up the crates if you need to before you cross if you get any more sprint it should be good to go over cross someone go alright stack up first floor again hold first floor both watching the doors inside and outside copy hold for then we stock up contact right get inside inside inside if you're on the street don't don't bait the medic out just just respond if you dine in the street don't be a medic respond

alright watch this watch this there's someone's go watch the stairs somewhere watching stairs get up there watch the stairs go push our village go followed by swifty followed by sharks go three of you go up the stairs go push push push push go air go just push with aggression go with aggression with a question with a question Oh Go Go Go Go Go lock down the second floor okay ready to breach third hold second floor we'll take it forward Go Go Go Go Go Go Kate Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go clear the floor hold this floor hold this war hold this war you're on next airs they're coming down the stairs - on the stairs - on the stairs hold this floor hold this floor don't go up don't go down hold this floor hold this floor that's - coming down watch your stairs up why'd you stare down frag grenade coming down if you are risking it as a medic just let me know all right don't don't if you if you're going to die picking some up just don't pick them up copy we will use a rally everyone needs to stay alive at this point this is squad 1 we're handling the 7th story

all right if you're ready and stacked up push the push to the next floor up someone pulled a frag crack crack crack crack crack crack crack crack crack crack crack push the next floor now do it now Lal even push it now now now go go go go go

all right I want I want um the medics if you're not picking someone up you're always watching the rear so watching my stairs coming up medics will always watch the rear copy I think you just heal me really left medics are always watching the rear everyone else keep going up okay if you're full help get up there


I'm going up one more floor medics are watching the stairs coming up this floors clear next floor up all right we're clear fucking we got a good job i watch watch or we're going to go down right this is squad one to play the fucking seven story coming out now one we're going back down we're going to take apartments now I think you can sit in the windows if you want to in the windows and fucking knock guys down to it now

all right medics optics and a are you guys stay in the building everybody else my Latin rifleman you're going down for a slore everyone on the first floor except for my fucking I wrote it on the first one let's go come on let's go except for my medics my medics and optics you can stay everyone else we're going someone on the first floor I need a bandage is on the north side first floor northeast corner

all right one of my medics come with us now one of my medics come to the first floor we are taking the next building direct East along this block okay we're going to clear this block west to east copy the building's west to east copy so we're pushing to the next building like this I'm marking all our buildings with targets the ones that we're going to take go go go along the target bar keep going along the target mark I'll pick this guy up thank you we need to get up let's go keep going keep going keep going keep going keep going next building will East next building ease

I just dropped the fucking fire team keep clearing these buildings East I got covered top four F natural bandaging Keys down but there's guys it's awful

alright this buildings clear next building next building got to fucking take these guys out one out of time and he's building check reference your map mark they're coming from that area there's a fob or a fucking rally on that near that copy ravage your mark we're clearing all the blocks around the fucking car passes south to north copy

yeah they're just responding on that mark I just saw in that fucking building right here Gio that window yo that window good hit alright we're taking this building they are most definitely spawning in that fucking building there in that building I want that building mine now hit that building right now H breach breach breach squad leave down the emetic chocolate if you get the fuck in there

chocolate once you get me up we're going to pull back jackal get in there and help them out good person that striker can they give ever will just destroy

some of the most insane trust in al Basri I've ever played been resupplied

copy that get the squad leader up chuckle oh we're gonna push south after you get me up let me get this rally done I'll be back popped up being squirrely good job rally's down gonna be lost education well we took Apartments we did our fucking job alright good job I run dropping a fob north I want my lap I want my cake and schwifty on squad lead pushing to north Roger on you good job taking apartments now some intense fucking room-clearing don't we have the body about it it's all about speed and aggression there's a behind you trying trying to figure out if I want to drop it in this coin rock back to self airing

contact South at South at South by South please I want us along these target like building yeah that building this is squad one could use a lodge Erie it run two apartments over I'm gonna drop an ammo crate so we can switch back to optics and resupply copy eighty seconds

nobody cares was just a fucking Savage

all right good job we're holding apartments this is one we're holding apartments of it

run wherever supply vehicle is the person all support Roger that we're going to have a lot of you vehicle momentarily to get to go in caster should be nine hey I got contact along this mark alright can I get some eyes watching that East MSR please jackal if you like that not going to stop fucking around oh shit second ball to the guy and I'm noting second fourth they're pushing that mark hard they're pushing that mark or hard this is one standing by for supply vehicle over yeah just fuck off on the mark that leaving organization responders are oh he's like downright like what once a 120 low I got one guy in this building it copy they're low in the alley they're in the fuckin alley dropping uh supply crate supply crates going down in the seven story plot grates down I need a shovel on that great shovel on the crate Jocko anything on that East flank story but that's not anything coming from the east this one alright fuckin a pad dude Oh fuckin take another question

thank you this is one holding strong and apartments over copy reads heavy resistance a gas station back to work thank you very much grease palm down around a cake you had optics yeah either come and look to 14 if you like green tracers yeah and the second story that building ran out the bond

like that throwing tart tart team over there this is one we are still standing by for resupply over fucking bunch of guys them yeah if we had mortars I'd be dropping that shit all over there and a couple buddies go down yeah Roger that if you could all my guys are still alive over here scratch 18 tickets left over it I can't take a joke like six floor I

hit those windows they're hitting the suppress the windows fake loading what's before they put a mark on where they're at yeah mark a second-story fucking shoe outside the fucking window and we're saying where we're taking accurate fire they're returning fire a scan scan for return shooter I don't know I'm looking I just live with anymore and that's impeding

[Applause] [Music]

shit well I'm proud of you guys for taking buildings efficiently so I'm happy satisfied clicks ticket contact East goes up I was shooting toward us interesting

Todd's acne ECCC Caesar across the whole ship alpha don't give up he's going to shoot a secondary standby you get your secondary where's Judy from Southeast hello Barry people not to give up three spawn or get up Nevel ah okay and we almost came back from that 89 ticket for damn where we almost came back you guys come Friday [Music]




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