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what is up ladies and gentlemen CJ the cheese DJ here and today we are back with something a little bit different it's kind of like an arcing supper kind of like a top-5 at the same time so today we'll be showing you guys some taming pens that we use and you know they're pretty much the best ones that you can probably design that we have come up with and that we've seen people use and everything so yeah let's jump straight into it now each of these traps I guess you could say has a different purpose so each of them is suited for a different kind of tank so the first one that we're going to get into now these are in no particular order they're just five of them that we actually use throughout the game so this first one that we actually use is an RG trap now for this all you need are three dinosaur gateways make sure everything that you use to build dinosaur traps are made out of stone because if they're not made out of stone chances are they will most likely break because obviously dinosaur attacks will break stone will break wood sorry so what you need to do is well we've already kind of stuff this up what you need to do is you first need to line up where you want your AI dee' trap to go or your flash trap so if you can you know what let's just let's just start again you know let's just start this okay so as we were saying so you've got your dinosaur gateway you want to place your first one down right don't move from where you've placed that you then want to select your next one and you want to back up a little bit you know enough space for you to get in but are not enough space for the RG to escape now normally you can just separate these by quite a little bit of an amount but there you go you then place your second one you then want to go straight back again once again you can see there there we go it's slowly gonna change there we go and you want to separate it by about that is just about enough enough for the RG not to get out for and they're not enough for you to get in you can separate these a little bit more if you want and you can make them a little bit longer if you so choose to you can see that will separate a little bit more and make it a little bit larger there we go now this is still enough room for you to get in and out however the RG will not enable to escape from there next what you need to do is you need to then chuck on the gates there you go you can see there and there is your RG trap boom that's your ID trap now depending on what way your doors open that is the way that you are gonna want to get your RG so you can see that this doorway opens inward because we haven't flipped it properly so what you need to do is you need to keep this one closed and you want to bring the RG in from this direction through like so out into this gate or out into this exit so because then what you can do is you can actually come back around and you can exit through here come back around and close the door a lot easier from the outside for example if you were to try and kind it through this entryway well you have to go all the way into the enclosure like that to be able to shut the door it saves time it's easier and there's less chance of the odd you getting out if you do it from the doorway where they open up like that so next up what we need to do is we need to showcase to you guys this trap in effect so what we need to do is we need to find an RG if we can actually find any in the area normally this is a hot spot for IG spawns and then what you need to do is cut it now for those of you that don't know and figure those of you that do know you can either skip ahead or you can watch in order to kind of dinosaur to us a specific point a wild dinosaur you have to ensure that it actually hits you so if it doesn't hear you it will lose interest and wander off especially our Gees alright you can see down here we've got an IG here all we need to do is wait for it to get notice us really there we go you can see there it's noticed us now you can do two of these IDs at the same time you do just have to be careful because sometimes the IDS can attack each other and that could ruin the timing effect in this especially if you plan on knocking one out and not the other but you can see there that first ID you lost interest in us because we haven't led an attack us so if we come back over here wait for it to attack us it should keep interested in us there we go and you have to make sure if you fly ahead watch what will happen these guys will just fly off pretend like you never existed they'll follow you for a little bit and then they'll just fly their separate ways and you can see there they've already started to split off from each other and split off from attacking us so do make sure that you have a particular RG in mind make sure you can see it before you actually go in and try to hide it towards your trap there we go we don't want to attack this guy because we are on an extremely powerful Griffon and if and if we attack it it'll kill it you can see that this I'd you should start following us there it is there like I said make sure it attacks you otherwise it won't it won't follow you now this trap can also be used for Griffins if you so choose to however you will need or like an ID for the actual Griffon you can do it on foot however b1 they can fly and they can't kill you so it is a bit of a dangerous mission however will actually show you a different design for the Griffon traps which you can actually utilize a little bit better you can see here here is the RG now now there are two ways you can go about getting this RG in the trap you can do so with your flying mount if you have one or you can do it on foot now what I normally do with my AG's is I normally fly around normally I'm on a Pteranodon so it's a little bit easier to control but you can see that their turning radius causes them to turn quite a bit so what you can do is you can simply just guide them around the trap waiting for them to actually land into it you try and show you here which is what we do normally or you can just fly around to the other side okay maybe we shouldn't get a Griffon we're gonna spawn in a Pteranodon because Griffins are annoying to use okay so like I was saying if you can get the RG cut it onto you there we go now Griffin Griffin's aren't as easy to control as Pteranodon when it comes to this kind of maneuver so what you need to do pretty much is fly with you Pteranodon there we go now you can scarred him around by using his turning radius against him and he'll actually cut him into the tan pen there you go there you can see there that is one way to do it now another way that we'll be showing you is the much easier way so once you've got your RG trapped in the timing pen you can see there that he's able to fly out which you know you obviously don't want that you want these guys to stay in there long enough for you to go around to the other side and close the gate now another method that you could use is you can fly straight over the trap fly down and the ID you should fly straight into it unless of course it flies over it in this case what you need to do is you need to actually come back a little bit more of a distance make sure it still has the ability to attack you there's normally about a 15 second cooldown I've noticed before they are need to attack you before they start flying off so if we come back here let him attack us you can see that you can fly straight away there we go now like I said it is easier if you fly straight on because you can see there there is the IG trap and all you need to do is jump off land and run around to the gate um close the gate you now have at your IG trapped you can see that he's not able to get out through that gap but you can still easily walk in you can still tranq him in the head do whatever you want he doesn't even seem to attack you it's great now the other way obviously is you can do it on foot whereas you just Park you to run it on ovary wait for the RG to come try and shoot it with your tranq arrow or longneck it'll should attack on you open the gate let it come in run through the side go back around and close the gate but you can already see that this RG is out now you can do it another way obviously without you to run it on through this you just need to wait for it to come on to you but you can see you can just use their turning radius against them and guide them into the trap look you'll see here there we go and we can kite him around if we're fast enough we're not fast enough however but look this is the method I'm talking about where you do it on foot get your ass over ERG seriously come on come face us well you can see that if we had that door open the odd you would have actually flown in and got into stuck in the trap all right we're gonna move on from this trap you guys can get the gist of it it's pretty simple to utilize you can use it for Griffins as well but we will be showing you a better Gryphon one later down the line so this next one pretty much is for your large Carnaval spy nose T Rexes Allosaurus says anything that you can think of what you're gonna need first is a behemoth gate you can see there we've got the behemoth gate down now this next part is completely optional to you you can either use foundations or you can use fence foundations either way I don't feel like it makes too much of a difference I like using foundations because it's a little bit easier to see what all you need to do is just place your foundations in line with the behemoth gate and we've picked a horrible place to build this behemoth gate because it doesn't even bloody snap now this is why a lot of people like using the fence foundations instead because you don't have to worry about things trying to snap and stuff trying to place with the foundations sometimes they can be very buggy especially if you're not building on a straight flat area but as long as you've got the main foundations down you can switch over to fence foundations if you want to you know it doesn't really make too much of a difference but the next part that you're actually going to need for this are door frames that's right not regular wars door frames now the difference between door frames and walls is that you can obviously run through the door frames now this makes it easier because you can actually shoot things through the door frame as well make sure you build a relatively high otherwise these guys will be able to get out normally three high is plenty high enough for whatever you need to tame especially the large carnivores and the large herbivores but make sure you build it like so you can see they were building three high now obviously this is a little bit of a broken design because well the foundation is in place properly and then in place correctly however you like I said it's best off if you just use defense foundations stone foundations I'm good but you know if you don't have the right way of doing so if you don't have the right flat terrain fence foundations are definitely your way to go you can see you just want to build it with defense door frames sorry there we go you can see there now what these door frames effectively do is they actually prevent the dinosaur from getting out now you can see there there we go now if we place these here they'll just like that perfect and there you go you now have your own large carnivore slash herbivore turning good so what you need to do now is simply place the dinosaur gate open it up try and open it so that the doors open the other way it doesn't really matter to be honest then you want to find what you need to tame so it could be a Bronto could be a rare source Piner you know whatever Allosaurus is even anything that can fit through the behemoths gate you're essentially able to tame now you can also use this taming pen to drop tames in with a and RG so for example if you want to train up n keys or dodi Karissa's simply fly them over drop them into the pen and they won't be able to escape through the doorframe now shoot out whatever you want to tame up and cut it towards your taming pen you can see we've got this Bronto on its merry way to us all you need to do is walk between the door frames and he'll actually be stuck now the Bronto should be able to get over these there you go you can see there the Bronto is unable to and all you need to do come in here close the gate and the Bronto is now stuck in there he has no way of escaping and he's pretty much effectively stuck in there you can then tranq him do whatever the heck you want to him knock him out and tame him up in this pen this is one of the easiest ways to team up life's carnivores just two behemoths Gate fence foundations and stone door friends that is all you need in order to trap these things you can see he's trying to hit us not even close he doesn't have a chance of hitting us and you can do this with rex there's a spy knows a Lowe's everything I already mentioned earlier and you know just wait for them to get knocked out and you'll have yourselves up a tank so that is the trap number two on this list we're going to move on to some of the other traps so this next trap now you can either use foundations if you want or you can use fence foundations and look we've got our perfect candidate so for this trap you'll only need foundations or fence foundations the door frames and some ramps now I normally build these about three by three because this one this trap is designed for these can you just calm down this trap is designed mainly for like your smaller herbivores and carnivores so for example you've got your raptors you've got your Megatherium you know Challis so theorems you know your Giga not assert not Giga not a source you know Gigantopithecus is whatever you can think of that will fit into this dire bears even whatever the heck you want now all you need to do stick on your fence foundations all your foundations chuck on your door frames or go this is bugging me all right okay so you need to do is Chuck on your door frames normally I go about two high with these ones because you're not going to be trying to cut rexes into this or anything I mean you possibly could if you wanted to it is possible however you would want to just make your your door frames three high and you want to probably split it out into a four by four that'll make it a lot easier to team up so there we go you can see that once you've got your two high fence found eight your door frame sorry there we go um all you need to do is get your ramps once you've got your ramps get them stuck to the top layer of the door frames make them come down to the next level there we go now you can see there that is effectively you running going straight through the door frame and getting out now you can make this one high if you so choose to however do be careful some Dinos can get out if they choose to however another thing that you want to take into note is that you actually need to run straight on into this you'll see here we've got this theory coming after us you want to run straight onto it to ensure that you have the highest chance of them landing in your trap now sometimes you might get the case where they actually fly over which we normally do sometimes wait for the theory to come in he's lost interesting us come back here there we go it is attention again now you can obviously walk slower if you have the means to tank it however if you don't you will obviously want to run but there we go you can see there the flare is in asaurus is now in the stone trap now all you need to do just tranq him out and you'll have yourself a new tank now like I said you can do this with a lot of the smaller based carnivores and herbivores your manga theorems your diabetes your Raptors your car nose even a Lowe's fit into this taming pen really easily so it all comes down to what you want to do in personal preference this one here is a very low-profile one if you're playing on an official server this is definitely one of the best ones to go about doing things you can't easily team up rexes in this as well you just need to extend it a little bit and you'll be a good as gold or you can easily use this to drop codex and anchors in as well with fork Wetzel's or IDs or whatever so you can easily use this one as well instead of using the behemoth one it all comes down to what you prefer to use and whether or not you're located on an official server or your own kind of server you can see he the therizinosaurus has no way of getting out and once he's knocked out all you need to do is team him up and then to simply get them out what you need to do is demolish a set of door frames and you'll be sweet there you go you can see he now the good thing about these traps as well is that they are safe from predators as well they were shouldn't get attacked even when they glitched out like this they won't actually get attacked because their body is technically still inside these stone door frames alrighty so this next trap is very similar to the RG trap that you saw us do earlier however this one you can still use for our G's but I find this one is a little bit easier to use for Griffins so all you need to do is you need some pillars a gate frame once again and the door and you also need the some ceilings some stone ceilings now ensure that this is all made out of stone otherwise you'll find that they can escape and you definitely do not want that on your hands so you want to put some pillars down now normally three deep is plenty however you can obviously do more if you so choose to there we go and you can see you want to design them like so there we go and you can see there that it's now the Griffin shouldn't have our way of getting out of this that gap there you shouldn't able to escape if you want to make it about too high because you'll see why shortly okay three hile in there for that one there we go so - hi here now once you've made these pillars - hi all you need to do is Chuck on some ceilings which you can do from here there we go and you can see there like some ceilings on now what these ceilings effectively do is they stop the Griffon from flying out through the top which you know is great now so you can see here that sometimes the grounds a little bit funny so it's made at that it's gonna be too low the Griffon should be able to flying into this however it may be difficult for it to line it up so what you can do if that's the case you just demolish these ceilings once again and you just place them on the top top of the pillars you'll see us do it shortly so if you do have that problem all you need to do is make the ceilings at the top this will still prevent the Griffon from escaping and it still lines up with the gate frame now you can see there's a little tiny gap there not to worry about it because the Griffon won't be able to escape now all you need to do is find yourself a Griffon and bring it back to a detaining pin make sure the door is open for yourself otherwise it will be slightly difficult in order to get it back to the trap now you can see here we've got ourselves a wild Griffon we're gonna bring him back to the trap if he can there we go we've got his attention now make sure they do attack you otherwise like I said they will lose attention especially Griffins they are notorious for just flying off on their own and doing whatever the heck they bloody dandy now where is he there is there you can see still on us so all you need to do is come back to your trap you're gonna attack us big guy there you go and all you need to do is run straight into your trap now sometimes you can see there he's got a turning radius and he's being distracted so it can be a little bit difficult Griffin's themselves are really annoying to try and control and get into traps but here we go you can see here you should be after us or is he gonna come after this do you should be able to run straight ahead and get him into the trap there we go there you can see he's now in the trap all you need to do is get out and close your gate you now have yourself a wild Griffon now obviously instead of going through the trap you would actually go out and around to close the gate I just went through the trap because well I would survive it however if you did it with a wild Griffon you probably wouldn't survive the attack so do take that into my as well you can see here the Griffin is unable to fly out which is great this is just a bit of a different trap if you don't like the Ford dinosaur gateway this trap is also slightly cheaper than the stone dinosaur Gate frame trap so it all comes down to your personal preference but this is just one of the other traps that you guys can use to team up other creatures now you can also use this trap to team up land creatures as well such as these ones you don't need to worry about that because you've built it with pillars all you need to do is open up the gate run straight through get the creature in run out the side easy peasy lemon squeezy do take into note though some of these smaller creatures will be able to squeeze out through the gaps such as your Raptors maybe your car knows I'm not a hundred percent sure about the car nose fitting through a one wide pillar gap but there are creatures that will fit through those gaps and Griffin on the other hand definitely will not fit this is the go to trap I use for taming up Griffins or knocking them out just the pillars the ceilings and the dinosaur Gate frame all you need to do then you stand here knock it out okay now one difference you can make to this trap if you don't feel comfortable with leaving a dinosaur surrounded by stone door frames which you know you're worried about say something could get in there and attack them while you're taming it well there's an easy fix of that personally I've never had a problem with using stone door frames and things coming in to attack it I've never had a team go lose taming effectiveness for something coming in and attacking it but if you are worried about that all you need to do is swap out the door frames and for a window frame if you swap out that window frames that'll easily prevent anything from attacking it you know there is still the odd chance of dealers getting in here and attacking it but dealers don't attack anything other than you really and only other small carnivores and herbivores so you don't really have too much to worry about like they only attack really Dodos so if you want just put window frames and that'll actually make it safer for your Dino in the tank and then just leave one of these with a door frame and a door for you to walk in and close behind you so that your Dino is completely safe oh we've got one more timing pen to show you guys and that'll pretty much conclude this video so you can see this timing pen down here is still working effectively the Bronto hasn't managed to escape whatsoever and you can use this timing pen with these Spiner or the t-rex you don't even need to extend it out as far as ID'd you can just go straight back from the behemoth gate close it off like that save resources so this next one requires a raft and this is pretty much what you're going to use to go through rivers and you know the swamp and team up anything that you see in there now on Ragnarok there aren't really any an inland rivers that you can use this on aside from the canyon area however on the island if you're near the redwoods or whatnot you can use this raft over there so first off what you're gonna want to do is you need to line up your foundations but first the one thing that you want to do first is you actually want to lower your foundations now to do so all you need to do is a drop a foundation on the raft there we go you can see there you then want to put a pillar inside your foundation now what this actually does is this causes the next foundation to drop if you can get the right angle there you go you can see there the next foundation is actually lowered now it can be a bit of an annoying issue but once you get it to your selected height you can even take that lower then what we've got it sent to so that it actually sits just above the raft but this height is this still a very decent height so what you need to do once you've finished lowering your foundations is demolish all your old foundations so you can see here that's what we're doing now you're your 1 lowered Foundation won't actually demolish because its foundations they can survive being on their own but like I said you can then choose to drop it again if you want however there we go you can see there that is even lower that's pretty much in line with of the thingy you don't actually need to do a big circle of it you can just do it between two foundations and then constantly go back and forth honestly that way is probably easier than the other way there we go and you can see that's even a lowered all you need to do demolish again place is pillar everyone should know how to lower foundations by now in Ark anyway it's been out for quite a bit of time and that is the height that you want to go for there you go there you can see that that is pretty much perfectly in line with the raft boat and it actually protects me raff at the same time now all you need to do is go around placing your foundations there we go you can see they're placing our foundations without any problems if anything it's less of a problem because well now we've got extra extra height however we haven't actually moved it over and I've got we went to all that effort to lower the bloody foundations and we can't move it over okay so pretend pretend there's a third one out here and pretty much all you need to do is then get your window frames Chuck your window frames around the outsides you know you can do it here because all you need is that there we go and then with this one you either want to do you can either you can either do door frames the whole way around or you can do window frames it's entirely up to you guys however the heck you want to build this this is just the way we do it there you go and all you need to do is chug that there perfect there you go there now you can see that you've actually got a computable raft and all you need to do is then add an extra layer of Windows there we go extra layer so nothing can actually escape now these foundations over here you don't want to put anything on because these are gonna be your teaming foundations where you can stand where you actually want to shoot in through the windows note to self you can actually use the door frames as well it all comes down to your personal preference and what you'd like to use this is the surefire way nothing will actually get attacked it this way so then what you need to do is get yourselves your ramps get your ramps up there there we go and snap those to the top boom bada boom and you can simply still come through here drive your off there you go and you can see no problems whatsoever now with this you can go around through the swamp damming up Baryonyx is teaming up Diplo calluses teaming up capper suture sources psychos whatever the heck you want you name it you can take my mop using this boat you can then transport this boat anywhere where there is water and you'll actually be good to team anything up like I said now one thing that you can do differently that I probably should have done but this is just the way we do it so it makes it a little bit easier to see where we're going is you can actually swap the direction of the wooden ramps if you swap the direction of the wooden Rams that will make it a little bit easier to park your boat around and just to bring stuff into it because obviously you've got the front and you can steer where your ramps are going however it doesn't really make too much of a difference you know you can still utilize this to team up whatever the heck you want for example where did that Baryonyx go there is a Baryonyx just around here I'll show you how easy it is to pull anything into your trap as soon as we find whatever we were looking for all righty so we've got the Baryonyx there there is there you can see we're gonna cut him around you kind of just got a little bit haywire I went for our boat instead of us we have a leech on our face nothing I can do about that but all you need to do is simply run run straight up the boat go through your hatch front your doorframe on the other side and the very Onix you follow suit straight away there you go you can see there however do make sure you've got it too high you know on anything scaping but there he is he's got no way of getting out I don't know what he's actually is he attacking the raft doesn't matter he's not going to do any considerable damage to it all you need to do from here is simply tranq it once you can survive getting out oh my god this is why I hate come to the swamp all you need to do then is you can either stand at the top of your ramp up here and shoot out him or you can simply walk along either side of your raft if you can stop glitching through arc bloody hell like I was saying you can then walk along the side of your wrath to come around to the back and here you go there you go you have the Baryonyx you can shoot through the windows you can shoot through the doorframe however if you're scared of getting hit or you don't want to get hit obviously you have to imagine this is a 3x3 as well since it didn't work you can just come to the top simply and just shoot him from up here there you go once you've got your baryonic stuck or whatever the heck you want to turn Capra suits or asarco's you know you can then just tranq them out with whatever you want to use and they will be fine and they'll be stuck in the boat with nowhere to go you can see this Baryonyx is pretty much out now if you're not happy with shooting at the top of the ramp which is probably the easiest way of doing so so if you're not happy sitting at the top of your raft on top of the ramp all you need to do is come around the side and simply sit down here and you can easily shoot him from here through the windows do take him to note that this raft would have been an extra foundation wide however we just screwed it up at the beginning and lowered all the foundations and to be honest with you we didn't really want to try and reel o'er all the foundations in because it's very strenuous process but once you've got the Baryonyx or whatever the heck you want a team set into that position all you need to do is come back into your raft get over the bloody unconscious Dino and you can take him on your merry way to over the heck where your base is and tame him up like so that's really easy to do so so guys this works with everyone and every Dino that you can fit into the pen you can make it a 3x3 like I said how it just stuffed up for us see ya guys that'll conclude today's video let me know what you thought of the taming pens let me know if you'd use any of them let me know if you guys have any taming pens yourself that you use more so but other than that thank you very much for watching and I hope to catch you in the next one


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