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previously on the next step congratulations you are now in the dance captain the next thank you all I wanted was to make a trip this year and now I'm dance captain it's a dream come true you would leave for the tour the same day the next step would be dancing in the finals that regional I can't bail on the team I guess you have a big decision to make yeah can you eat it we're actually year regionals welcome back to SNR's coverage of the absolute dance regionals competition the next step dancer has been disqualified what the next step loses us around young lady you're out of the competition I don't think I worked hard enough on the trio I feel like I'm gonna let the whole team down hey nice new me you could never let the team down we're gonna be okay [Music]


welcome to day two coverage here on SNR network of the absolute dance regionals competition of Chucky Anderson alongside Tanisha Scott more fantastic dance coming your way the first half of the day will be spent diving into quartets and the winner of that competition gets a bye all the way to the semi-finals now in the second half of today's coverage we've got trios competition you win you're in it's as simple as that you lose and it's goodbye let's kick it off with the quartets taking the stage right now Gemini's

right now we're watching the regionals quartets these are the teams that won the sole around unfortunately since we lost the first round we aren't dancing we have to compete in the trio's instead [Music] Wow two sets of twins Wilson boys Wow bringing very diverse dances to the table definitely the boys are strictly hip-hop and the girls are straight ballet I would have never thought that those two dances could mix but did they seem to be doing a great job [Music] I'm scouting the team's out in case we compete against them in a semi-finals wits alone disqualified we can't afford any more mistakes so I put Skyler in charge of making sure all the people work is in order I know I can trust her [Applause] [Music] girls how do you feel that the trio good freaking out nervous I think we're fine we still have more teams before us which means we could practice more the truth is I was so focused on winning the solo that I neglected the trio I would feel much better if we ran through the routine a couple more times [Music]

all you know Tanisha Scott and Chuck Anderson really liked it what did the judges think and the winners are the Geminoid dance studio and so be seated on his story here at the absolute dance regionals competition for Gemini's they move on well the Gemini's are definitely would seem to beat this year at the regionals and they're already blowing through the competition and blowing right through is they gonna buy to the semi-finals to small group well I think I'm gonna go and work through it a couple more times nothing too strenuous so you guys admit [Music] what just happened all of a sudden I just felt super dizzy it's probably because I'm just nervous for the trio that just means that I have to work harder [Music]



[Music] moving on to the semi-finals dad's extreme well the top flight is finally over and emerging with those much vaunted byes to the semi finals to small group dance extreme and geminis things still amping up here we're gonna take a short break but back with trio competition here on SNR stay with us [Music] across the Great Plains as he led the horse oh hey come back here Riley put me in charge of our paperwork and I just found out we need to sign up for each phase of the competition if we aren't signed up then we can't dance in the trio a little bit but I have to go to the main office has a problem with my paperwork I'm from the next step as dance captain I have to get to the bottom of this I'm not gonna let my team down and your name Skylar I'm the dance captain I'll see you Skylar I see Giselle no that's from last year you must not have updated your files you must not have updated your files my files are updated because whose files are or are not updated you have to get a signed document from the studio head staying that you are the dance captain are you kidding me I don't have time for this fine I'll be back now I have to tell Riley there's a problem perfect [Music] right now I'm just rehearsing through the trio routine since I didn't get to dance the solo this is my second chance hey what's up hey I just wanted to see if you needed water or anything you seem to be pushing yourself pretty hard yeah obviously I mean the states is very important I'm fine I've got much bigger things to worry about than the trio the truth is if I decide to go into her I wouldn't just be leaving a true I'd be leaving Noah behind to Michelle yeah can you take a quick break to talk to me about something yeah what's wrong remember the other day when Giselle came to the studio yeah well she kind of offered me a position to dance with her on the world tour that's amazing congratulations you should obviously take it but I got to finish her sentence up there's more okay I would have to leave right before the regionals finals you you can't do that we lost loan and we lost Alfea that means that we have no extra dancers if Amanda leaves then we'll have to forfeit it's an opportunity of a lifetime I understand that but we'll only have nine dancers if we make it to the finals we need you okay I get it but we don't even know if we're gonna make it to the finals yet on this a minute I cannot help you out with this I need to finish rehearsing so Who am I supposed to talk to about this hope to know what I don't know I can't believe you let the team down like this Michels right know was the person that I need to talk to and it isn't going to be easy if Amanda's not a hundred percent committed to this dance that means that I have to dance harder the team is depending on me [Applause] [Music] [Applause] welcome back to SNR's coverage of the absolute dance ruthless competition learn to the trio's portion of this competition [Applause] [Music] we're them plus is incredible I had no idea the teams at Regionals were going to be this good [Music] I'm glad that were not going up against this team or else I think we might be going there today Amy's right if we don't pull off our best dance you're done [Music] [Applause] okay Amy why don't you go get ready for the tree yeah I'll get myself oh good Amina our trios coming up soon I just hope the girls are ready [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Scot no I'm sorry there's a tiny paperwork problem what kind of paperwork problem I need you to sign this in order for the trio to dance what the trio was going on I know it's a clerical error whatever just go thank you I'm on it I'm so glad Skylar is taking care of this if anything else goes wrong

[Music] I mean Riley said it's time for you to get ready now okay hey Amanda um I got your text what's up you know what I have something really important to tell you okay I need to have one of the hardest conversations of my entire life I have an opportunity to leave the next step and go on the world tour with Giselle but it means leaving regionals and you to do it oh my goodness and I would have to leave right before the final ten person dance but you're in the ten person dance I know what should I do the thought of Amanda leaving is terrifying but I need to put those thoughts aside for her well you really really wanted the spot on the tour early in the year hmm well here's your chance go for it but I can't imagine just bailing on the team like that yeah maybe at one point in my life that's the type of person I was but not anymore not since I met you everybody the studio wants to become a professional dancer and well here's your chance go be happy and live your dream but first um when it's real competitions so we can go to the next REE hunt thanks not for always pushing me to be my best so you're gonna take the job I don't know I'm still totally unsure well whatever you decide I'm gonna support you I'm so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive boyfriend I'm still not sure what my decision will be but at least I know that Noah will be on my side and that's enough for now [Music] I'm feeling really good about this choreo between me Amy and Amanda this trio is going to be awesome hey Michelle it's time can you do your trio so you should probably get changed I'm just marking through a routine a couple more times mark you you move you're going pretty full out for marking yeah well I just need to get the moves I'm surprised Michelle's pushing yourself so hard before the competition it's a little strange and maybe you should take the rest of the time you have and you know rest up for something Piper I was an alternate at internationals I didn't get to dance I didn't dance at the qualifiers and I didn't get to do my solo this trio needs to be perfect so you'll have to excuse me I I just wanted to make sure you don't over do it before you perform I know what it takes to win all right well if you're sure you're good then I guess I'll just leave you to it great bye initial senior I saw six sentences and the horse paws of the ground babe I'll call you back I only had a bookmark it's not a bookmark it's a signature this is even paper it's a napkin it's made of paper it's gonna have to do a signature is a signature what's the problem sorry I can't help you I can't believe what I'm hearing this is going to cost us big time [Applause] [Music] right now we're watching danceOn perform and they're amazing I hope a man has focused enough to dance because if she's not we're gonna lose I still haven't heard anything from Skyler until she gets back to me I still don't even know if we're allowed to dance really what's wrong there was an issue with the paperwork for the trio well is the trio gonna be able to perform I hope so well you hope so look don't panic okay and don't tell the other girls I don't want them to freak out before the performance yeah that's if they're allowed to perform if we're disqualified I guess the Manus decision gets pretty easy


we're up next and I still haven't heard from Skyler Skyler where are you you let me through or you will regret it I don't care how but I am getting through that door I have been trying to be a good dancer my entire life big deal it is a big deal I have overcome so much adversity not making the team last year and don't move the team is counting on me and I will not let them down oh here comes so much adversity now I'm making the team fighting with my sister trying to find my place in the studio the next step has trusted me to be their dance captain of a troupe and I am going through that job to the best of my ability so you have two options you let me through that door or you receive my full glorious wrath you have about 15 seconds before I lose it 15 14 13 Millennials nor respect for society I was born in 99 7-6 all right I just want to say thank you

[Music] never mess with the dance captain I just hope I'm not too late [Music]

[Music] welcome back SNR's coverage of the absolute dance regionals competition and we're into the trios portion of this competition of course you win you're in you lose and you're out if it looks like I'm killing a bit of time here it's because I am we're still waiting for the next step to take to the stage and for some reason or another they're they're not on there yet Skyler where are you the trio is about to go on like right now please pick up your phone Bradley what's going on you guys might not be able to perform what Riley okay there was an issue with the paperwork okay but Skylar's on it I have enough on my mind I don't need one more thing to think about I just want to focus on the dance that's all I can handle I demand to know if we're gonna be dancing or not I honestly don't know you guys I'm sorry excuse me there were problems fix the next act and dance

we're good we can dance right go on stage now go there is the next step in trails competition I'm telling you Tanisha never a dull moment at this dance - I've been hard on the other dancers and I've been hard on myself but it was all for this I was always the kid who kept my distance from everyone I promised myself that this year would be different and it is I'm at Regionals and I'm leading my team to victory [Music] this might be my last dance as a member of a troop and I'm gonna give it everything I've got I've been so nervous this whole time but now that I'm here I know I belong on this stage [Music] [Applause] so far so good [Music] just when I think I've given it my all I reach down and find even more [Music] [Applause]

and push me to the limit but something feels strange [Music] [Applause] the crowd the lights even Amy and Amanda it's all a blur I've pushed myself so hard that I'm feeling a little lightheaded [Music] [Applause]

the curtain is coming down for some reason or another and we can just see underneath looked like there was some sort of commotion with one of the members of the next step I don't know what just happened but Michelle was not supposed to fall to the ground like that something is seriously seriously wrong [Music] only two members coming out with the judges about to release their judgement I know I'm on stage but I want to be there for my friend somehow I feel like I let her down and the winner of this round is [Music] the next step

be one but at what price [Music] the paramedics have to say she's okay she's my best friend looks like she passed out from exhaustion dehydration we're gonna do some blood tests to rule anything more serious out so what does that mean means we have to that the hospital I saw the finals routine why are you able to come back it's too soon to tell [Music]

I want it to be a good studio head but I forgot to be a good friend [Music] and look what happened I'm sorry Riley don't worry it's okay

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