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previously on undertale r9 viewers we lost the viewer you're not fooling me anymore dr. ralphus you can control mettaton what is that fudge fudge fudge we did not defeat mettaton we're probably gonna have to fight him again that was so sweet and heartbreaking this time on undertale okay see I always like seeing all the creatures cuz they're all different this elevator goes straight to the Capitol but it stopped working the hotel staring it's best to accommodate everybody stuck here everyone's stuck here alright you know we're gonna go out here oh yes we can Oh welcome to empty tea brand burger Emporium home of the glam burger sparkle up your day TN alright can I sell anything why is this person trying so be something the ambergris drones try to survive yeah that's me at my first job by how many my job oh good amount steak in the shape of Medicine's face okay well I'm not that rich so I'll just go with some star face have a spark Euler day oh god that face makes me so uncomfortable oh my god there's doors oh I room-service got wait got my CT no I'm not trying to give anything away whoahhh room service got my cinnamon bun yes honey pop someone's gonna take the bait eventually here shuffling seems like you could put something under the door but you didn't have anything a beauty I wonder what would happen if he actually had these items Oh big sign that says cor this is a nice little entryway ring oh my god is that the girl that's obsessed with me huh who are they nobody is supposed to be here oh well we can't worry about that now click ok I'm glad office is still calling me thanks for that advice or just commentary a guess this looks so great this game hasn't stopped impressing me with how well it looks how good it looks it's a 2d and it just it's it's flat but it looks so good completely forgot Alfie's like this dude oh she's calling again hey ready this is it she's like sweating herself take the elevator up to the top of the core oh shoot the music's getting to tens I feel like we're getting that like the climax of the song there was a mettaton fountain in the hotel this place is really techie something tells me we're gonna be seeing mettaton again the elevator isn't working what elevator should be working well then go to the right and keep heading up I'm actually doing really sine of alpha sounds of like turning on me like I really rely on her sense of direction that pit isn't on my mat forget it let's try the left side okay since you're just as clueless as I am so it's just the blind leading the blind okay you should be able to make it through here what are you guys watch out [Music] magic pops out of its hat let's clear minds stare talk let's clear our mind you ignore magic and think of Paula and sunshine ocean your defense increase by one I brought Kadabra ah ah no stop stop stop the rib okay can I talk to him magic interrupts you buy chattering to itself it seems satisfied please and thank you oh don't hurt me I was just trying to find another way to exploit gran you want you earn 150 XP and 120 gold your love increased we can spare you now you won you earn zero exp and 49 gold that was close look why are there so many monsters here I mean it's no problem right we've just got to keep heading forward let's go oh it's gonna be it's a puzzle search ring says come on now it was a switch right here looks like you can't proceed until you hit the switch oh but those lasers will activate when you do looks like they'll come in this order orange orange blue click hopefully I do this right oh wait damn it okay so she told me exactly opposite of what I needed you trust her oh my god are you okay I I'm sorry I gave you the wrong order I'm not trusting her everything's gonna be fine okay let's just keep heading to the right she would have sent me some frickin snacks or something so I'm keep heading to the right maybe I shouldn't listen to her because she let me in the wrong direction last Oh a crossroads try heading to the right and I'm gonna go north why do I just want to like not listen to him okay ring wait no I think you should head up see I thought so too so yeah oh but those are bad guys night-night blocks away not for long well that was terrible oh let's sing you sing an old lullaby night-night starts to look sleepy goodbye they're gonna fall asleep oh no I want to keep singing keep singing a night I fall asleep yes yes night-night of snores smells like Stardust oh wait I could have saved him I think them I think I'm just digging myself into a deeper hole here you know cuz like I got 150 gold probably gonna regret not sparing them later but we're just gonna keep killing love back speak love the gold ring are you okay yes I'm fine the cheese mom sorry I I thought that let's try the right path instead all right yes we go the right okay so I don't move possibly ones we're not gonna get affected fighting of lasers oh my god I'll bet more lasers I won't mess around this time I'll just deactivate the lasers and let you through what they're not turning off a kid turn them off it's okay I have this under control sure you do I'm going to turn off the power for that wall node then you can walk across okay go go go go well there's so many lasers these turned on while I'm still in it i'ma beat somebody's ass s-super oh I'm gonna be so upset wait stop please what do you mean Wow oh my god the power train itself back on it turns off move a little and then stop okay you don't get hurt

[Music] okay see I've got everything under control why do I feel like everything's just slipping away you all got everything under control missing you little thought no I got it just kidding get these puzzles over with Oh a nice a safe point okay you should you should I don't know this doesn't look like my map at all I'm sorry I I have to go oh no I think she's insecure about her like problem-solving skills Wow when things get tough she dips out it's not like I need her or anything the air is filled with the smell of ozone it fills you with determination oh great Alfa's isn't here to tell me which way to go listen North The Warrior's path west the sages path any path leads to the end about right east yet this is one of those like choose your fate type stuff sages are supposed to be wise and stuff you know I maybe think things out before they go in and attack I think that's what I've done throughout the year I think I'm gonna take Sage's pal what's over here is that dry eyes oh this is a different path to solve this puzzle and the end will open oh yes another one of these and I get two shots okay I'm gonna be puzzled I know how to do these ones let's try getting all the boxes in there first

traverse the northern room the end will open

Wims a lot and the foot and file froggit appeared oh that's gonna die one shot it you are intimidated by the final froggit strength truly no not oh that hit oh oh you won you're in 230 XP and 160 cold all right let's do it is it gonna be the whole thing Jesus magic I'm gonna clear my mind and defense is gonna go up by one Alakazam oh geez oh geez oh geez oh geez oh geez okay boom I can spare him I think spare that's what I'm talking about nope he doesn't have to kill it

254 gold yeah what a nightmare we're gonna kill the ones a lot first seem easy to kill [Music] don't lose lots gonna kill unless attack stigmatism is the sound effects really help your with dodging see sound effects by froggit you want urine 360 XP and 245 gold you love increased man or love is increasing his we're just going ham right now yeah [Music] I have to go back up across that bridge finally we open the end with that switch but no know where the end is so if I go to the he's way it should be open I cannot fight I cannot think but with patience I will make my way through okay that sounds about this way whoo this is different this is probably then oh well this is the right way oh that looks badass let's save here behind the store must be the elevator to the king's castle you're filled with determination let's go do you me I knew it oh yes there you are darling it's time to have our little showdown it's time to finally stop them out functioning robots not this is all just a big show and act office has been playing you for a fool the whole time I thought she reactivated your puzzles she disabled your elevators she enlisted me to torment you all so she could save you from dangerous it didn't exist if that's true I get it throw hands and now it's time for her finest hour at this very moment Alfie's is waiting outside the room during our battle she will interrupt she would pretend to deactivate me saving you one final time you see I've had enough of this predictable charade I've had no desire to harm humans my only desire is to entertain great game shows after all the audience deserves a good show don't they and and what's a good show without a plot twist oh my god wait okay what if everything mettaton said is actually true though Hey well what's going on the door just locked itself sorry folks the old programs been cancelled but we've got a final show they you will drive you wild Wow I was going up we'll drop a real action rue bloodshed on our new show attack of the killer row behind mettaton attacks let's talk about time oh my god my things yellow ready we're just gonna keep it active that's the only thing I know how to do yes I was the one that rearranged the core I was the one that hired everyone to kill you that however was a short-sighted plan you know it would be a hundred times better killing you myself shooter won't work darling miss I forgot his medal is like impenetrable listen darling I've seen you fight you're weak if you continue forward a score will take your soul I don't want to fight him though I've learned my lesson like not to kill anyone in this game because I feel bad about it and with your soul as humanity but if I get your soul I can stop a squish plan I can see humanity from destruction then using your soul I'll cross through the barrier and become star I've always dreamed of me you're a robot so you can't drink lips glamour I'll finally have it all so what a few people have to die that's show business baby that's awful uh I can't see what's going on in there but don't give up okay one last way to beat meta time it's um it's you know medicine always faces forward that's because there's a switch on his back side so if you can turn them around and impress the switch he'll be um he'll be turned off excuse me he'll be turned off that's all you had to say vulnerable maybe we should act for us Terk you tell them at a time that there's a mirror behind it Oh a mirror right I have to look perfect very good finale switch oh oh I switched it off did you just flip my switch [Music] oh yes was that his voice oh my god actually like that better than what I was imagined oh my god if you flipped my switch that can only mean one thing there's desperate for the premiere of my new body how rude lucky for you of an aching to show this off for a long time so as things I'll give you a handsome reward I'll make your last living moments oh oh absolutely beautiful yo Madeline is gorgeous what the hell is this holy all right gonna I'm gonna kick your pretty ass mad at I'm whoa medicine X makes his premiere look at that fabulous this is amazing and I love it oh and his his ratings are decreasing actually so I should help make it up maybe I should get into this before the rating is dropped too much let's pose dramatic you pose dramatically the audience knocks I reach can i attack you yes oh oh I can actually I can actually kill okay we can shoot all these things but oh so when you shoot it it'll stop and then okay I got it music lamb burger I'm audience loves two brands you would cover 27th century okay oh oh oh my can't do that to me oh it's time for a pop quiz I hope you brought your keyboard yes I did thanks for asking this one's an essay question absolutely Oh Mon what a great answer as they really showed everyone your heart why don't I show you mine can I shoot it oh no oh I can't shoot his heart I don't care if I get it I'm just gonna keep attacking the heart let's do a pose Oh +400 that's pretty good okay so I'm keeping my eye on the ratings there they're going up as I'm clicking different stuff maybe at a certain rating I can defeat him you posttraumatic li audience nods okay good good good good good copy break time oh my god can you keep up the pace oh my god okay oh oh I get it okay I want it to be blue so I can just stay still blue myse don't move rip rip rip Kohi oh oh he's got ladies going ham now going ham now pretty good attack pretty good you've grown so distant darling how about another heart-to-heart oh yes okay these ones are great cuz then I could just attack attack attack attack die die die then shoot arms often who needs arms legs like these I'm still going to win Oh can't do that to me all right all right we're getting there we got any there we're getting that poster bad audience not come on damnit damnit let's pose it's by being hurt you pose dramatically audience applaud to you shoroma action oh my god impossible enough of this do you really want humanity to perish or do you just believe in yourself that much then I hold my breath every time pose haha how inspiring well darling it's either me or you but I think you both already know who's going to win witness the true power of humanity's star oh no I don't want to shoot the bonds Oh Oh No Wow oh wow and I would just go right back like an email no no no no don't I do dice I didn't did I do it I do it are you the star can you really protect humanity yes I can it's hard to like like she's like shoot the heart and and dodge those little things at the same time we can end it here I got one good attack it always closed [Music] five HP mentality oh this is so close yes haha if you really are strong enough to get past as glory well then it's time for you to go despite being hurt you blows dramatically audience applause oh look at these ratings holy okay 10k this is the most viewers I've ever had we've reached the viewer Colin milestone one lucky viewer will have the chance to talk to me before I leave the underground forever hi you're on TV why do you have to say on this our last show oh hi mettaton I really liked watching your show my life is pretty boring but seeing you on the screen brought excitement in my life vicariously I'll miss you I'm out of time oh I didn't mean to talk so long oh no wait wait boobs he's already hung up I'll take another caller mettaton your show made us so happy but it's done there's a better son she told I bet a time shape tired now he has to stay in the underground perhaps it might be better if I stay here for a while humans already have stars and idols but monsters they only have me the ego besides you've proven you to be very strong perhaps even strong enough to get past a door knock up dad darling and everyone thank you you've been a great audience oh that was so sweet I still got to perform for human didn't I so thank you darling you've been a great audience nice please I need health medicine try to kill me for a very long time but in the end goes out like a hero I managed to open the lock are you - oh he looks better right here cuz he has color oh my god medicine medicine are you aw gee she gonna be mad now what thank you God it's just the batteries okay so better still it's not dead mettaton if you were gone I would have I would have I mean hey it's no problem you know huh hey don't worry about it I can always always build a different robot why don't you go on ahead I wonder if it's true what he said about alphys though I don't want to believe it but at the same time I feel like she did want to be the whole hero of this adventure wow that was a lot emotionally oh here it comes hey sorry about that let's keep going are you coming with me listen bitch what do you want she don't follow me I don't like this Mike else is now so you're about to meet a score huh you must be pretty excited about all that huh no finally you'll finally get to go home oh she's gonna try to convince me to stay well this is my stop Alvis bye wait I I mean I was just going to say goodbye oh my gosh another goodbye my heart can't handle this and I can't take this anymore I lied to you a human soul isn't strong enough to cross the barrier alone it takes at least a human soul and a monster soul if you want to go home you'll have to take his soul you'll have to kill as gore no toriel told me not to oh I'm sorry uh what am I gonna do I heard he was a nice guy though so that might be unfortunate uh what have we been doing this whole time beautifu if she would've fought me right now would he kill it too I have killed nothing no one this entire game and then all of a sudden she shows up and says hey by the way I lied you have to kill I feel like she may be lying to me again I'm gonna be the good person not gonna kill as gore we're gonna talk this out and then I'm still gonna get to leave the underground that's how this is gonna work I'll compliment my way out of this Oh safe point there is there's no determination apparently I'm not determined anymore that's it for today but we'll be back soon for more undertale what's gonna happen next better subscribe to find out bye guys hey guys mark here producer at the react channel is it just me or did that last episode get like way too meta like am edited alright see you next time Oh

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