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[Music] holy moly we're back with another video um my singing monsters Donna fire and they have a brand new icon here that's what it looks like new monster we're gonna be looking at it so let's go on in here we're gonna open it oh man I'm on the wrong account alright we'll be back and we're back drum roll please alright so we're here with the drum Meadery I'm not sure if I'm saying that correctly to be honest but that looks like a pretty cool monster I like it look at it there's like it looks like drums on the back or rocket packs if you're looking at it from a different perspective 2 4 5 5 element monster and it looks like we missed this but you know no we already got that it what happened was that you know they're rerunning the thing we already did one year of the thing the D monsters and they're just rerunning it now alright so let's go on over here let's end that alright so I didn't come on in here to end that thing let's go out over here and look for the monster where are you all right and here it is let's go on over here alright it I don't know I tapped on it wrong what happened let's go back let's go down again alright so something happened and it glitched or something that's kind of weird because I'm tapping on it it's not showing up all right there there we go I was wondering what was happening alright so here is the monster and there's the egg it is it's obvious from the movement it the moment it hatches sporting it's very own training wheel no less that the larval drum eideriy I'm not even sure I'm saying that correctly is going places probably not to the drag race Manyu oh you know whoever reminds me of remise you know but that's snail what's the name tur ball I think that's all right so anyways let's go down a bit more that's why they're talking about drag races right it's we TBD front claws are less pinchy then they are soft and spongy as it grabs its pals when they pass by and give them the an affectionate squeeze all right give me a my way I think I think we're back are we back yeah we're back alright so what happened was it crashed I mean just when I was checking out the door it crashed alright so we're going to breathe this monster guys let's go down here Five Element monster element of win plant earth cold and fire it's a win that's a lie win ERV cold in fire plant thanks you know we'll try that the yell might you know it's so hard to remember come on why don't you give you something easy to remember plant I mean air plant earth cold fire air plant irv cold phi all right so we're missing earth you know let's make it easy let's just do this the breed hopefully they'll give us something 24 hours is what i gone but does it mean that I will get the monster and we got the pom-pom I like her and I all right this game I'll have to drag the monster I don't like dragging it I don't think this is it I think the breeding yeah there's no rebreathe which kind of stinks let's put this and I could find a better combination like here look at this so I just need can I cancel that all right so this one is air earth fire so I need cold and plant cold implant where is cold implant w holdin plant do I have cold implant no I don't why don't I have cold implant all right forget that I have to cancel the combination again so this one is the pom-pom that has air earth and cold now we're not level 4 yet alright so this is this is a big stroke I don't have all the monsters alright this one has so I need a air this one has plant cold in fire I need air and Earth come on what has air in earth come on tell me something else has here in earth right something up here no

all right what about plant and you know what let's just go with the old combination this isn't working out like I was expecting it to keep giving this 24 hours that's what I don't want because it's too expensive the facet forward that's why I didn't want to do that I wanted to get something that won't give me the 24 hours now I'm forced to do this which is upsetting all right while that thing is hatching I am going to feed her that's four minutes [Music] okay plant I'm gonna need plant and fire I have planted fire right there we go plant and fire there we go let's do that are you 12 all right 12 hours better than 24 hours 28 4 hours is horrible I don't have anything against 24 hours it's just that 24 hours is way too expensive for me all right I have a 12 hour and a 7 hour then 24 hour I keep getting 24 hours you can spend so much gems I don't know where I'm gonna get them back

[Music] and you know they made the update but they never added the re breed button so that's kind of frustrating and we're back I gotta say I messed up what happened was I hit the watch video button and then you know I had to close it but I decide to go in there and breed it again and I was able to get it so I'm really happy about it let's go on over here same combination the flower and the pom-pom so one day 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds 200 gems about 200 jumped to finish the breeding so we're gonna finish it Pam and there's the egg all right here is another 200 jumps up boy another 200 gems to hatch d monster and there it is da the thumb we're gonna place it over here because I like to look at this monster a lot by itself let's go on here it goes into cloud island so you might want to feed it a bit all right I'm not gonna say anything I'm gonna let you listen to see on a bit

all right so that's what it does but I'm gonna feed it up a bit I don't think we're gonna be able to get to level 15 though because that's gonna be very very expensive let's just get him to grow up a bit more you know slightly bigger that that's not going anywhere give me broke soon with all these these gems being used he's only level 8 right now I don't know if I can ever get him the level 15

alright you know what we're done for now you have any discount on gems no all right so maybe I should have bought it during school alright so there it is and you know maybe we'll we'll go on a gem spending spree to get it to level up but right now there's the monster we'll be back in the next video be sure to LIKE the video subscribe to the channel share the video and I'll see you guys next

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