My 5 Favorite Things About KENYA

by: Drew Binsky

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[Music] I've spent the last eight days in casue mu Nairobi and a bunch of small towns and villages I love it here it's lively its tasty it's beautiful it's relaxing and it's uniquely different than anywhere else I've been in Africa this is how we do rich Kenya is home to 42 ethnic groups each with their own distinct culture which is why Kenya is a melting pot of ideas traditions and practices not to mention Kenya is home to dozens of national parks where you can see almost every animal on the continent and have I said beaches Kenya is large and back with activities happening everywhere around you standing at the equator in kusuma Kenya sometimes abnormal activity like when I saw a huge street celebration when the self-declared President of the people Briella Odinga came into power people literally lit the streets on fire here are my five favorite things about Kenya one Oh golly and tilapia this is called Oh golly it is a staple food in Kenya made from corn heating in boiling hot water it's similar to eating grits but tastier make a little ball in your hand which I'm clearly doing wrong dip it in the and the fresh tilapia comes from Lake Victoria to m-pesa similar to Zimbabwe as ecocash m-pesa is a way to make payments by sending a text message on your phone they call it m-pesa then we can use it to buy something or baby it basically turns liquid cash into digital currency and everyone accepts it three happy faces I found Kenyans to be all-around friendly and outgoing most of them can speak English which eliminates a cultural barrier welcome my friend to the best country in Africa as I walk on the streets people just want to say hi it's like built in their culture to say hi to someone they often call me which is a non derogatory meaning for white person for Lake Victoria the world's largest tropical lake and second largest freshwater lake is bigger than the state of West Virginia one morning we went out on a boat and saw a pot of hippos just chillin in the water and about those sunsets five Masai the Masai tribe is most well-known tribe in Africa with culture and traditions that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years so we're trying to find the Maasai village and we actually picked one up here their lives revolve around grazing cattle living in money asses and dancing there are many other things I love about Kenya such as the ladies cornrow hairstyle the decked out Matata is to get around Nairobi and the colorful street markets but we'll save that for another video it's really a shame that I have to leave Kenya tomorrow but I will absolutely be here again soon Mombasa is calling my name I'm Vince ki and if you like my videos please click Subscribe and join me as I plan to visit every

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I've spent the last 8 days in Kenya, and long story short, THIS COUNTRY IS AMAZING!! I traveled by land from West to East, hitting small villages and big cities along the way. From the food, to the people, the nature, nightlife and all-around positive vibes -- Kenya has emerged as one of my favorite countries not only in Africa, but in the entire World. In this video, find out my 5 favorite things about Kenya! Have you ever been here before? Do you agree/disagree with my points? Music: Epidemic Sound ► Subscribe for more travel videos:

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