How to change the timing belt on a Toyota Hilux 3.0l D4D

by: Ben Elliott

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[Music] haha [Music] good morning today I'm going to show you how to change the cam belt on the Toyota Hilux it's won over my shoulder it's a 2007 free later the Z something turbo diesel nice the crack onto it would combine we had planned all strapped me to the ball bars but that's not going to work very well so I've enlisted to help obtain er this top cover has to come off so we shall crack on and do that now yeah the captive washer yeah into those tight

that's well oh it just lifts off at all things okay someone use up that the oil cap off please cover it yeah it you Tom bolt that I'm falling outside there's one two three four five probably six bolts there okay a flat straight this table up or by fund

I am going to schedule ahead Tina has admitted to fate she's too sure so she's got some steps how afraid she can reach the last bowl well

think we're going to retreat to the garage quickly I've been if you can see the color of that sky but it's heading straight for us so rain has stopped play for a wee while rain rain go away come again another day we will get back onto it didn't mean well Tina's gone shopping covers off there's the timing belt

genuine Toyota one says gentleness internodes our sweet market police top and bottom and 13 assists can undo the automatic tensioner so tension for them rough we're going to now change the tension of pulley take the belt off put the new pulley on put the belt on tensioner and should be job done so everyone should have a long extending magnet just for those this that you drop in the bottom share a little tip with um the timing belt tension is hydraulic hole in there in the body whole intent so we need to push that plunger is the way fruits on hold in place because it's hydraulic and under a lot pressure when at this very slowly

little bit of time just let that settle a bit more yeah a pin goes away fro no a bit we can now bolt that back together since I saw spinel and that's the tension about it back on now put the new pulley up

since every type

so Phelps all on everything's in place and tighten up just got to pull the pin out now so if you can do the honors tune up things next we just pull it in pull the pin out it'll be a little bit tight so that's the new belt on tensions got the pin pulled out end it so now we're going to put the timing belt cover on and then you install the cover and then that's it job done

start out

spread out


listen on press the button trip a trip be odometer ignition off push the button down ignition on hold the button down five seconds

press the button again and it shows 15 press the button starts at one two three and that relates to 10,000 miles at 30,000

40,000 50 60 70 80 90 100 thousand so that's that switch ignition off submission on nice back to odometer same time belt light's gone out

and we go let's reset the timing belt law as well

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--~-- How to change the timing belt on a Toyota Hilux 3.0l D4D // Here we demonstrate how to change the timing belt on a 2007/8 Toyota Hilux. It's a pretty easy job and one you can do at home and save some money. Please subscribe to our channel

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