Boondocking Forestry Roads - Accepting Compromise

by: Slim Potatohead

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[Music] it's fantastic to have these groom backroads these forestry trunk roads but let's face it they're not for me and they're they're not for campers they're for the forestry they're for the loggers

you see behind there's a logging truck I think he wants me out of his way but this road is for loggers and for ranchers so he's eating my dust right now but I'll give them a break and I'll pull over when I get a chance

I just happy I can camp in places like this for free pretty well camp wherever I can drive there's no fences here and I can camp right by a stream if I want to that's the beauty of it




wait it [Music]


I love it here I wouldn't I wouldn't want to camp anywhere else but it's a compromise in order for me to go here and camp wherever I want I have to share I have to share it with the loggers ranchers and sportsmen and those that use recreational vehicles otherwise I'm not going to be able to I'm gonna have to go to the national parks and go to the little groomed areas with the picnic tables in the BBQ pit so the only way you can do it is with compromise

early fall is one of the best times to be outdoors the crowds are gone the weather is good and creeks and streams are crystal clear and of course the colors are what makes the season goal [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] here in the backwoods there's no need for modesty you can sit joy the view and even get a tan this squirrel has the right idea work hard you'll achieve your goal keep your balance and just let it drop [Music]

at night the Coyotes always let me know where I am but these ones are like bad cheese by morning however all was dead calm no coyotes no wind and no sounds except for my feet crackling on the frozen ground the frost even took a nip at my shoes but my shoes don't compete with the natural beauty all around me there's a real magic between the morning frost and the gentle flora it caresses prairie grass turns to crystal chandeliers at the first rays of the Sun so delicate and intricate but disappears in an instant with the warmth of the day I was a little colder than I expected last night clear night got down to about minus two Celsius which is about twenty-eight Fahrenheit even my chair has frost on it got a love cold camping

what's a beautiful little freak when we like to know if there's fish in it and since I've got this little action underwater camera I know there's an easy way to find out well that's cold

[Music] but where there's fish there are fishermen and this is a favorite spot for anglers [Music] [Applause] it's artistry in motion watching an angular cast is line

[Music] [Applause] because it was such a hot dry summer there's still a fire ban here so no campfire we go propane [Music]

I just saw a couple of guys where I was camping and they came up to me and they said are you hunting or fishing I said neither I'm camping it's not a right nobody has a right to be out here it's a privilege and privileges you have to earn you can't take them for granted you have to have respect you know the anglers know is is with them the their sports fishermen you know the cows graze they're not really bothering anybody and the forests I don't know if you can see it here but the horse in the background they are managed well I mean that's new growth up there in the ridge right there now

it's a beautiful area and it'd be great if they didn't have to cut down the trees but I get this wonderful road to use and I get to camp by a stream and they get to cut down the trees from the hills it's the trade-off it's not virgin territory anymore so where am I going with this I really don't know it's Beauty versus compromise conservation versus exploitation it's about understanding everybody's needs and point of view when it comes to our national resources it's about the importance of seeing the impact of your choices for the generations that follow it's about respect because inevitably we'll lose them and there's not many places like this in [Music] the I hope you enjoyed this video and check out my other ones as well happy camping

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Although filmed in Southern Alberta, this video could have been shot in any forest reserve in North America. The issues are the same - who gets to use these lands and what the trade-offs are in terms of the environment. I still enjoy camping these areas despite my concerns. MAIN Camera: Sony FRD-AX33:

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