Range Rover L322 steering column problems

by: Ben Elliott

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[Music] welcome back today we're doing another video on the car now in Europe I think most of Europe your vehicles have to be inspected and so you get a certificate then you can use on the road in the UK it's called Nemo take that's done every year here in France they call it control technique and we have that done every two years if it's a commercial vehicle it's every two years but you have to go back this second year to have the emissions checked this is just a car so every two years of course Tina took it up for its CT the other day and it's failed we're not going to be doing the repairs today but when she brought it home there was another bloody thing went wrong with it we got the old infamous steering column failure and it's just on the reach so the Lea in and out not the up and down that seems to be working fine so I'm hoping that it's the plastic clip that holds the reach motor in place because I can push it in and in and out by and it goes in quite easy I'm hoping that the motors just dropped off and the little flexible drive shafts come off which is allowing the threads to go in and out that's what I'm hoping for I might be able to do a little bit of a body repair if it is that plastic clip I will order a new one because there are only 26 pound off the internet there's a tip for you don't go on a bike because they're over 50 quid I found one on a 4x4 specialist and it's a genuine Land Rover part 26 pound but we're going to get on there try and get underneath the dashboard which isn't easy from it but a little bit of a large person we're gonna drop the cover down and say over the pedals and hopefully we can see the motor and see what's gone wrong with it so let's go over to the car and have a look here's the steering wheel I'll put ignition on and what you can do that there's no resistance there whatsoever in and out it doesn't go up and down which is good because I think if that had gone that's gonna be a bit more tricky this is the reach motor hopping so I'm gonna have to get in down there take that pan off and we'll see what's going on so I think when I get down there I was switching to the other camera and we'll take it from there so we found the problem in there there's a plastic nut that's the reach bolt if I operate the motor I mean yet to start this as you can see that

[Music] the frets are going round but the steering wheels not going in and out it's because the threads have gone in that plastic nut I'm going to see if we can get one of those so it's back to the drawing board I'll need to find it and see if I can find that plastic nut which just should just push up into the the housing for now I need to see about getting the rest of the dashboard out so I can get bare access to it because we need the car in a couple of days and I'm gonna see if I can just disconnect the motor and then put a nut and a washer on the Fred and see if I can fix it in the position because I have it all the way out so I know what position to have it in and see if I can just lock it off and just disconnect the motor so it's not trying to go in and out and then see if I can find that plastic nut online wish me luck so there's a bit of a mammoth task it was the I should say that Fred's have gone in that piece now that bit I found on eBay for fifty quid I'm not paying fifty quid for a plastic nut I know it would make it work properly what I've done I've managed to find a big washer put up and I've welded the washer to the Fred it's a bit Heath Robinson the steering wheels not move in now if the car was bit newer and sort of you know pucker ding I probably would do the job properly well I would do the job properly but this is 16 years old now he's showing its age but it still drives absolutely beautifully as any Range Rover elf 322 oh and will tell you they do drive really nice and but I'm just not prepared to I spend that sort of money on that where I Drive her the steering wheel fully out all the time so that's that's good enough for me so hopefully that's gonna fix it in place it's not gonna go anywhere if it does I'll have to have a bit of a reaching and do it again but yeah you live and learn so so up till you have a bit of never camera when windows I'm gonna have a shower now cuz I'm filthy yeah it's better Oh shower cleaned up lovely jubbly so that was how to botch up your steering column if it was the reach so that was quite easy to do a little bit of a technical repair to that if it was the tilt motor the mechanism for that would be a bit more tricky and if that one ever did go I'd probably look at getting the second hand steering column and either changing the parts on the column or swapping the whole column out all together anyway we've done a bit of a bodge and as I said previously it went in for its CT and it failed on one of the rear tires what did say abnormally receiver it's gone out of shape it's got cutting it somewhere but I can't do anything with tires so what we're gonna do is order in a pair of tires for the rear yeah because in France you have to by law have the same tires across the axle so that's that we're gonna pop up to the garage and he's gonna fit new tires new valves balance and balance the ones on the front as well and it also failed on driver's side yeah trials so it's the right hand side lower ball joint but obviously there's two ball joints so what we've done I've ordered a lower arm that comes complete with the ball joint and the ball joint that goes in the back I'm going to change them both also I've done a bit of research on the internet that the height sensor that obviously bolts connects to the lower arm quite often snaps off so just in case I've ordered a new height sensor assembly hopefully I can get it off about it break-in but you know if it breaks we've got the parts we can fix it so stay tuned for that video that's gonna be a bit later on in the next week or so and that's about it for today so I hope you like this video please click the thumbs up that helps the channel brings it up in searches and we get more views basically subscribe if you haven't already for more Range Rover videos and other stuff that we do and from a container in the kitchen it's bye for now


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