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[Music] so did you sleep yeah yeah I valued it not why ready telega because I thought whether you want career go on yeah nice clothes goodbye singing yes who was this man your dad [Music]

you [Music]


[Music] okay Lavoie everybody's getting their selves together I want to personally say happy birthday I love you I cannot believe you are 15 what is up with that you and I are buddies you remember when you met uncle Jeffrey you were three years old three years old and now you're 15 I can't believe it I love you so much I know that you're going to go so far I love that you do so well as music and that you excel in academics I love you so much mom happy birthday happy birthday Kaila Kevin happy birthday buddy I cannot believe I remember when you were just a little squishy baby and now you're a grown man we love you and happy birthday we love you Caleb so we just got out of church we are officially done with conference oh by the way you're going to be watching this on Monday and then the rest of the week will be Friday and Saturdays we're doing our Sunday vlog from Monday and Friday and Saturday will be on Wednesday and Friday of this week anyways I think we're headed to the store to get groceries for dinner and probably for this week I have really gotten the boys lunch for this coming week and then I'm going to edit while Jeff cook and then we're just going to relax and enjoy the rest of the night Jeff does not have to go back to church today because everyone's going to take a break in conference every person is almost certainly anyway it's going to get like solium super favorite rappers go he is forever you like any Mineo - right okay do you have a favorite rapper or favorite artist oh my goodness what were you doing over in kids church your hair looks like you were having a blast with your friends you said you made a new friend do you remember their name I tried to find your orange t-shirt out at church but they didn't have any in your size so I had to get to blue

you are orange as well but they're different flavors that one is let me see the flavor for that tropical mango and yours is wet orange okay walnut chocolate chip cookie might be done here I really don't know just do over wait is it safe no it says eat it don't bake it no oh

we've got Tomatoes whoever shut up just making and without the bread for the bruschetta we need truffles can you get the stick Brussels to me please thank you I'm just getting those for him because honey it's those twists one's your favorite the reminding of his childhood with his grandmother these guys are my favorite from when I was a child so we will be getting those paw cheeto cause they like stuff like this Ethan that looks actually good it's like a mixture of like granola and like the plate things that you like I like that yeah that looks good cool that'll be really good with milk - Ethan I'm not what yes you do you deal with milk and he does not do it with milk yeah I do you like those cool yep let me see a happy face Ethan just pointed this out and just whole face change what is like my life is wrong what is it happen its flavored hot beverage of Cold Stone Creamery which is our favorite if you haven't watched her this is that can go watch it Wow how did I not know listen good looking out Ethan oh yeah I believe gummies is that for the bruschetta if y'all haven't had it ready you need to come over to our house today I need some great fantastic so we're about to head home and just enjoy the rest of our Sunday but I wanted to close out the blog and say thanks for watching again Tayloe happy birthday how did this happen how are you - we love you if you're not subscribed go ahead and subscribe to our Channel don't forget to give this video thumbs up if you enjoyed

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