iKON- '오늘 모해(#WYD)’ MV Reaction

by: Triple BEI

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hey it's bang Becky Emily what for today we're gonna react icons ladies up what are you doing baby w-why do something else here's what you do Otis it is oh I'm pretty sure yeah I can't Bobby be a guy legs just made a really funny pun I can't oh god oh god

who's your nonsense winner either I'll watch them on whether it makes the magic show me the money for Bobby I don't really know anything about I can't I just know Bobby's your Bobby and there's a big rise above him the beer B is real name is handin right see ya that's all I got yeah how many members are there come on Becky seven seven I haven't kept up with them all up for a while yeah yeah there should be something just funny Oh imagine okay let's start it looks like keep music video fun that thumbnail yeah is he really so let's start in three two one

yeah look she's no big he's sassy sassy mmm-hmm why does he wait a minute files like that oh those flowers are jin-hwan his eye shape is like you shuttle time o Jawa not such operation of tummins don't miss a face I saw like I look like a puppy leave he was like oh geez waiting for his girlfriend oh that's me man why she so much I would never go on study dates I love you that's me who's he been one

no like one year Becky jealous what does mean we thumb oh no rabbit you don't wrap you want me to pad the head or such a big chair hey girls good job why do they have to see the leader mm-hmm he's pretty humble oh wow 18 we're 18 well maybe we might not my maybe they'll bid him 20 Bobby two years older than us yeah

it's so dreamy they're like the dream boyfriend pink no whoa yeah this feels like the teasers were like cat-cow text messages and there was like selfies of them oh I feel like I'm messaging their girlfriend wow they're so funny like you'll they were running so hard he's trying to not have these flowers League in like yeah I'm not really used to icon yet hey hey come on you know that's his name one of the members I'm pretty sure yes don't you maybe you just don't mean Domino's Marisol music video they're just running around in the well see he's 18 oh thank you thank you my bad Mars 96 yeah 36 he's see me no oh maybe you're something many thanks yeah this when you're old enough

oh my baggies are ya woof all these older women so cuz he's in January everyone yeah whoa here she goes again with puns June home do you any harm whoops now you and Hyuk I'm so sorry hey

there's the dog barking in the background shut up Baby Talk oh it's not our dog and his dog yeah maybe we should watch more icon or something I don't i silly cannot be no learn about them oh my god like one of those groups I know pumping up around someone number look outside and they're just like running around there's a gates and like spray paint stuff airplane is there they belong with like the Rings what in it Oh Blitzen what's wrong ok ok thanks for

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