Let's Go Visit Allah

by: TheProphetsPath

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in Jena there are different kinds of pleasures we don't know them but we know of one of them one type of pleasure we have never experienced in this world that we will experience in the hereafter and that is to see Allah Subhan Allah God and let me tell you the story of this you are sitting in your house in general and an angel knocks on the door when the angel knocks on the door he says hi al as they are at the rock man come on let's go visit Allah let's go visit alone you've never seen a lot so you open your door and you have your generous style limo waiting for you plod do llama rockin so there's a ride prepared for you and you go you know on that ride to a nice open land where there are mountains of light pillars of gold piles of musk everyone there is sitting based on their level in Jenna and no one feels anything bad about anyone else and we're sitting there remembering the days of this world and suddenly brothers and sisters sudden you look above and there's lights light upon light upon light and we're all looking and we asked the Angels is this a law we've never seen them and the Angels say no this is the light that proceeds Allah and while we're looking they're brothers and sisters we hear as-salaam wa alaykum ya allergen please be upon you o people of Jena and we reply back allahumma antiserum wha Minka saram tabarak they Evangel a dually kromm oh Allah you are piece and pieces from you may you be glorified o majestic one and listen carefully brothers and sisters as a law says are you happy are you satisfied I would say Allah how can we not be happy when you saved us from Hellfire and entered us into general and Allah says what else do you want and we say nothing else and Allah says known today is the day of giving I want to give you more what do you want and all of us together we say Allah Eddie now ejaculate show us your face we want to see you we miss you we worship - all our life and we've never seen you've given us everything brothers and sisters for most of us he has given us Islam when we never asked for it and for those who converted he gave you guidance brothers and sisters you want to see you miss you love him Ya Allah we want to see and the barriers between us and the law will be removed and for the first time you will get to see a lot you will get to see the one that created you out of nothing you will get to see the one who created Beauty itself you will get to see the one who knows you more than you know yourself you will get to see the one who gave you so many chances so that you can be in general we didn't give anything back you get to see the one who's more merciful than your mother the Sahaba the Companions asked the other fool a lot will we see him just like this and the prophets Allah some ilaria said I've said look at the moon can you see the moon and the Sahaba said yes he said just like that and by seeing the Lost Planet allah brothers and sisters it is an M it is a pleasure that we have we do not comprehend in this world


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