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well my people are Irish I come from Irish background most the people connected with Notre Dame don't a few of them do and traditionally a lot of them did but I mean can you imagine a college calling yourself the fighting Jews or something would be shut down immediately or the screaming Italians or something I would never have that why should we tolerate that well being a Jew I would say maybe a more you know colorful name might be the negotiating the negotiator because you're not Jews are not big fighters let's face no that's true yeah I mean according to well that was one of the things I always worked that that's a curious thing isn't it that that Israel that the Jews are supposedly like smart with money and not fighters and Israel has a messed up economy and the biggest army in the air right up it something's wrong yeah are you offended by the way of Redskins and Indians too as nicknames well I I I don't have the right to be in that I'm not a person from the native tribes of America but I for them it's it and so sure it is it's stupid they should change the name yeah it's stupid but of course then you have you know things like tradition and and and and it you know then then you make such a show out of it that you call you know you somehow you're calling attention to the wrong side of it though you know the worst part of it's over and done yeah yeah what about the little leprechaun by the way for that yeah that's in the mascots yeah staggering around barley mall I'm sure you have had some also have some of the absurdities of sport in the last year the double standard with the Ben Johnson situation I mean here six months before we're almost celebrating and certainly he gets a book deal Brian Bosworth I took steroids yeah and I played with steroids and a play and then Ben Johnson is a national disgrace to use one newspapers headline for being caught using steroids what about that double stamp for being part of the system right for playing the system the way the systems play Prince of all the Olympics I got no use for the Olympics at all I say why can't they figure out who's the best and get this stuff over with seems like every four years I have to put up with this again the Olympics you know I mean why can't they figure out if one country is better and let's let it go it you know first of all it's nothing but a one big business promotion this is what bothers me right it's a big business promotion the athletes all take these substances in order to cheat the judges vote according to their political beliefs and and there's no amateurism involved a lot of people get paid to secretly or otherwise so what's the big deal it's just to make money for a network and make money for a bunch of people like McDonald's and these companies that want to give you pins that have five rings on it's all part of the American joke to keep us quiet and to meant to keep us from believing there's anything wrong I think what's developing in sports now George is that it's not enough to entertain you via a football game there has to be entertainment on top of entertainment these are the ickey woods of the Cincinnati Bengals now doing his dance and he's not allowed to do it on the field that would be against the rule he does his little dance on the sidelines the icky shuffle I think we have a shot of the icky shuffle but what about that what do you think of the football players doing their thing on the sideline well well I think it's terrific that they do first of all I was watching some clips I was watching some old Movietone news newsreels from the 30s from 1941 last night it was some obscure Channel and they were showing Michigan Minnesota and they showed us see playing somebody Pitt I think and nope it was supposed to come to the Rose Bowl at any rate when these guys would finish a play they would get up they were just all walk back you know the guys the offense would walk back or trot back to the huddle the other guys would just get up and kind of look at each other and there was no jumping or anything but I'm in favor of celebration you know like dance is the original celebration jumping up into the universe is what you're doing when you leap off the ground you're dancing in the universe and there's something good about people expressing themselves and expressing their feelings to have rules that you can't spontaneously express yourself it's just another sign of the kind of mentality we've come to the the overall national mentality that we've come to in this culture you can't celebrate imagine you can't so that's what they're saying I love seeing those guys I think it's through it we should then be celebrating the farewell of Kareem abdul-jabbar but Howard Rosenberg had a point on our show the other day why are we giving this guy gifts he's making three million why why does he need a motorcycle because he had a and a bad manager a lot of his money went down the wrong so he needs the motorcycle well I was just being facetious I like Kareem and creams from New York City and and I I hope they give him a lot of gifts that he enjoys and then he makes another three million writing about the farewell tour aha the Kareem book how I said goodbye before we say goodbye to George Karl would get some thoughts on the Tison Givens escapades last year we'll do it right

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George Carlin discusses his view on sports mascots, how useless the olympics are, why sports players shouldn't be punished for grandstanding, and Kareem Abdul-Jabar. Sorry this video is incomplete.
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