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[Music] greetings wavy babies it's ocean Sims and welcome back to my channel and also welcome back to another episode of glitch stranger Ville so right now you guys we have freestanding at the end of the driveway because she just had an amazing run she's actually listening to some classical music right now just looking over at the view the neighborhood and everything so free is in the military career now and it's so funny because she's always had this like army fatigue like tank top sports bra type thing and it's so cute that like she is our girl that's in the military right now it's so awesome so it's so fitting for her so with the military career it is a job that you can either go to work or work from home and it's super super cool because the only thing we had to do today was work out at the exercise machine so she thought that was super easy and then she also took a job because you know free can push the limits that interaction that says push the limits yeah that was princess that was very I have Esther making some sugar cookies because we are going to be visiting mr. George Cao Hill he's someone that lives in this little plane crash bunker type thing in the town and we definitely want to speak to him and see if he knows anything if he can lead us into the right direction so we need some more evidence but Esther of course was like well we can't just come there empty-handed he doesn't even know was so she took it upon herself to start making some sugar cookies and this was like I got you I got you what's ARLA doing he's over here playing some darts letting some anger out for whatever reason is he mad he's probably mad that he's losing but yeah we have our baby boy here with his cowboy boots y'all look at these boots they are so freakin cool they are so flamie right now all great it would start a fire we would have a fire Esther this is why we set no sugar cookies thank you so much Reid from putting out that fire we're just gonna replace the stove I mean so wet it cost one thousand five hundred fifty five dollars yeah so we are at old Penelope this is George cow Hills place of residence and it's so freaking gnarly if you ask me I seriously love it it's just so cool and unique this plane crash site is also found and which I thought was pretty pretty cool all right we're knocking come on in Wow so mr. George Hill is nice cuz he lets go right and look at the crew just going all here together so yeah let's just go ahead and see mr. George cow he'll so what we're gonna do is give him a funny no other introductions a cheerful introduction Reid is very charismatic he can make anyone feel comfortable hi how are you so we are talking with MIT with mr. George Cal he'll I have to say mr. George Cal Cal Hill for some reason I can't just say mr. cow he'll like for some reason I have to say George with it so we're gonna ask him about strange Ville and possibly ask him if he has a key card just because we might as well I'm just an old retired fighter pilot do you really think I would have access to some fancy key card about one of those scientists or military personnel would have something for you I doubt they did they're just handing those things out though whoo my tongue got twisted oh look there's a stack of papers oh we can search for evidence in those so Reid is going to search for some evidence right now hmm we found some aerial surveillance photo that is super cool okay is there anything else to be found in here cuz I wish I was like little things like hiding here oh my gosh did you guys see how Arlo like gave him an introduction Arlo is so extra on that I fast forwarded that really quick that was so was so funny oh my goodness Arlo is so cool guys I don't know if you know didn't notice this but Arlo has no problems talking to those like quirky characters around the town if anything kid gets along with them the best and I really really love that so much okay we are at the stranger Ville Information Center and I love it I love that it's in the center of this little like place look at it with its decorations and awe like it's even better just seeing it with the additions of all the other packs like seasons for such like seasons for example for such what what am I saying oh wet but it's fall here in the game and honestly it looks so amazing I cannot get over this like yes honey let me see here let's have Esther do something let's have her talk about strange Ville with this scientist right here who is this is he anyway librarian ok librarian library game girl you know that you can't you know that song and you saved my world just like in the movie so I'm like I'm scared I'm scared Rita's reading some books here oh my goodness I love this library this is this is nice I used to work in that lab but ever since the explosion I have said too much I can't share that information with strangers yeah what was it with that explosion as read leaves through the books something interesting falls out ooh infrared microfilm ok that is so cool can we search all of these can we just search all of these am I gonna find visiting pieces of evidence look at Arlo Arlo is making sure he gets a shot of Dustin broke he's like my sister Graham is gonna love this Oh let us introduce ourselves to him this is actually the mayor of the town I wonder why he is here right now looks like the mayor came and walked up to us hi there okay so this is Ted Roswell we are going to brighten his day and say hey you know this we love it here you know because Ted's like how do you guys like it here once you move in you know knowing saying well he probably has seen them before you know what I'm saying so I don't know cuz I get it I get weird vibes about that there's a scientist and he is cute I'm gonna have ARLA - a flirty introduction with him because it's Arlo well guys I'm back at the eight bells bar and I'm just trying to get a little bit more information I'm gonna have read like plant a bug on this guy just because I think I need some more bugs playing it you feel me I love the way this is like it just plain at the Book of course I wanted a hug he didn't even notice yes he has a bug on him that's amazing that is absolutely amazing before I leave I'm definitely gonna take a trip down here to the curio shop and buy some more things so Reed needed to buy some mercurial items and he was talking to Aaron telling him like yo like I have been trying to get a key card all day Ringo's I think I have a key card in my secret inventory I will only sell this to you if you can prove you are committed to the stranger ville investigation maybe if you have a secret dossier da Sierra does yeah we can compile a secret dossier if we have 15 pieces of stranger ville evidence so we need a little bit more evidence so we need to just oh my gosh we just need to find a couple more things it's all right we will we're gonna get this I'm gonna get some more spy bugs we definitely have the money for it so I'm gonna get like as many as I once you so we got another piece of evidence no one knows where it came from even the eggheads can't figure it out read receive strange for evidence oh my gosh guys this is awesome we need to plant some more bugs forget it I'm planting more bugs this lady right here is a scientist and she's even screwed oh my goodness no let's go talk to her oh she had a picture of that fruit that was at the curio acceptor all gifts and all will be well oh my goodness I'm gonna plant a bug on her while she's like this she's like I don't see anything yep and then I'm gonna snap out of it yes oh my gosh so she wouldn't okay look what happened when I tried to snap her out of it oh no okay now she's letting me slap her out of it first she like put my hands out that was crazy I'm just a botanist I don't know anything about space rocks well that space rocks oh girl Arlo's over here talking to Irwin I love this you guys wanna see the cutest thing ever so you know how Arlo was just talking whoo - or went over here what he'd been talking for so much that Erlin was like you know what dude I'm gonna hook you up with one of our to eat one of our shirts here it's just like mine but cooler and its exclusive I'm not really selling it but um I'll give it to you and he's like cool now I'll have your swag so Arlo is just having a ball just talking Aaron's head off so what I'm gonna have him to was probably just exchange numbers and he's gonna say you know you're really cool and I don't know how long I'm gonna be here but we should hang out sometime you know I know you can't always want to just work here in this booth all day you know maybe we can hang out and talk about some theories you have or just whatever so they're gonna exchange numbers so he's like yep save it and he's like it better not be a fake number either no it's not you have the same color phone it's so cute that they have the same color phone oh my goodness can you guys hit my baby boy he's my um my tzu-yu oh my crazy two-year-old right here he is standing behind me he's so excited hi baby well guys we are at Gillian still it's like 8:00 in the morning we crashed here last night or barely crashed whoo we basically just chilled all night Gillian whip us up some very special brownies and yeah we are waiting for our last piece of evidence I'm actually listening in on someone right now from the little sound thing so hopefully we find something I just need one more piece so I can compile the stranger Vale secret dossier err a dossier I can't say this way so help me I really want to just open the secret lab already come on read find something and something maybe you need to eat a brownie he's so tired dude like he has been looking up evidence and everything all night like we seriously only need one more piece Oh what is it what is it that thing in the lab the whole town is in danger Oh Wyatt the whole town is in danger girl the world oh my god that's always scary when the world okay so what I'm going to have everyone do is just come outside why no Reid's gonna go outside he needs some fresh air and he is going to compile this secret dossier oh my gosh I'm so excited so we're gonna take it to Erwin he's right here for good singing it's a military personnel or anything we're gonna boom come right here to him so we're gonna go to secret inventory and it says by key card and give dossier yes for $250 yep so we're selling this for 250 dollars we need it we need this key card it's everything honestly so we have the key card you guys thank you so much Erwin dude you are super awesome thank you for giving us what we needed so we have the key card now and we can just go ahead and head back to the laboratory awesomesauce so we are here at the secret lab and look at this who we scared um Reid is actually feeling very focused he feels like a genius right now because he's been solving everything and stuff so yeah you already know how he feels he's all he's feeling himself right now cuz he's like yes I'm a genius I'm a genius I told you sweet all right so he's got the keycard and go ahead and use it well oh my gosh oh my gosh that is so scary the music oh my goodness are we really going down here where are we going woah look at this you guys oh my gosh No hold on what is this Wow go here oh my gosh guys no no no no no wow look at this Reid fell from this you guys it says these spores are too toxic to pass without protection question about spores around town to see if there's somewhere or some way to protect yourself oh my goodness you faint when you're right there oh no no these spores are - OH oh my gosh no this is so creepy so all of them just turned into these things and I am just astonished and right now you can see it says possessed so Reid is actually not one of them any more than that I find strange why he was just 1 and now he's not that's so crazy no what happened my game okay so now they're slowly coming back okay so I guess for just like 12 minutes I think was the duration of time now they're all back they're like whoa what was that and they're like we can not go oh my goodness but look once we get past here let's take a photo for evidence for sure I guess let's definitely get that photo oh wait no we can't even oh man we need to construct an infection profile data so we need to get in here somehow some way but we definitely I'm probably gonna need one of those suits whoa guys look at this I did not notice this in that last time I'm gonna take a picture of this this is like a bigger version of that plant let's see if we nurture the plants and then maybe if we collect a sample also let's collect a sample this pack is honestly pretty pretty cool guys like not even gonna lie to you it's just super awesome that we're doing all of this right now these plants were smaller and now they're getting bigger oh I'm so itchy right now oh my god that's so friggin crazy oh my goodness well Oh what just happens oh my gosh harvestable the bizarre fruit yeah the bizarre plant has an odd glow about it yeah we've seen that okay so Wow that isn't so cool okay I'm gonna have free like taunt the plant and see what happened she's probably gonna be like what's this big old thing she's like what is this thing - man he treats like chill oh no she's coughing oh no hold on oh girl I'm like don't scare me like that okay and also guys something cool to notice is that look at the weather right now and of course I have my reciate on oh my goodness why are all these pink things floating you guys so while we are saying while we are chilling here Irwin actually calls Arlo I would actually call our Arlo we're gonna answer hey Arlo it's me Irwin do you want to go out on a date so I totally want to go out on a date with Arlo but we're not gonna go to the camp we're not gonna go all the way to El Salvadorian ll solve Salvador Radha so I think what he'll do is probably say do you want to just come back to our place like you're more than welcome so that's what he's gonna do he's just gonna invite him over and yeah that's that's gonna be that guys oh my goodness you guys look at this it says the bloom begins leaving the secret lab you can't help but notice the sky has shifted to an eerie color something has changed in stranger Ville and not for the better opening that lab door must have released some kind of toxin into the air you will need to find a way to protect yourself from the toxic spores in the secret lab try talking to people around town to see if they know of anything that might help we need that asthma suit isn't that what it's called we need the asthma suit oh my goodness you guys look this is so awesome this is so awesome oh my gosh this is so awesome I freaking love this so much and Wow oh my gosh guys this is so freakin awesome so what I'm going to do is just end the part here I think we have seen enough and I cannot wait for the next episode if you liked what you saw don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I will see you in the next video alright peace out y'all

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