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hello five babies hello patrons today we continue with the wisdom of finally loving yourself which is a collaboration with Niki from inspired by Niki where she does finally loving yourself in Grace and videography today we're talking about zone one now there are 5 zones and the first zone is zone 1 and it always starts on the first day of the month that means that it might start on a Monday it might start on a Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday or Sunday and as an example in 2019 in February it starts on a Friday in March it starts on a Friday again but in April it starts on a Monday so we only have one day of Zone one one day of zone one in February and one day of zone one in March but in April we have a whole week of us on one so it always works out what is on one it is the entryway that means outside of your front door and inside of your front door that would be your patio your sidewalk your front porch the door itself the doorbell the surroundings that's your zone one outside entryway inside the back side of the door or the inside of the door any for your closet before your itself the stairs if they come into the foyer these things make up your entryway and that's what we're going to clean or declutter so we always start with decluttering and then once the area is finally decluttered we can do quick deep cleaning and this current month our zone in January started on let me see it started on a Tuesday so we had Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday if we are working in the home as a fought as a fly baby at home if you're a payroll fly baby then you you would have time in the evening to do it if you so choose or you may put it off until Saturday and that's your choice what I recommend you do if there is clutter is that you work for 15 minutes in the zone decluttering throwing away putting away and giving away does that mean you're running around putting things away while you're decluttering no it does not you won't get anything done it means 15 solid minutes with the timer after you've coached yourself to do it and you maybe have some music going put your headphones on if you don't want the neighbors to hear where you declutter you stand still and you put into three containers things you want to throw away things you want to give away and things you want to put away and then when the 15 minutes is up you throw away the things that are garbage you give away by putting in the back of your car to take somewhere on your errand day the things you want to give away and the put away gets put away once it's clear and most people find their entryway is pretty easy to clear once it's clear let's say that maybe you took 15 minutes to clear it and that was it and you had several more days like we did in January then you would go out and take 10 minutes or less to do one thing clean the front door wipe it down put out a new maybe put a new wreath out shake the front mat sweep the front porch wipe the surroundings down what is your doorbell look like clean that off maybe there's a window out there you want to clean the outside of the window maybe you have a patio table clean the table maybe there are some dead plants that need to go get rid of those plants that would have been part of your declutter though and then maybe the next day or so that maybe took two days 20 minutes then the next day let's say that you wanted to start working on the inside you clean the inside of the door that's one thing to do and maybe you're done maybe that's all there is that month next month you'll have one day you might want to do a quick sweep of the front porch shake the mat and then do something on the inside on that one day because sweeping and shaking the mat won't take you very long and so maybe you wanted to straighten the for your closet and you can do that okay so these are the things we do in the entryway maybe you need to take a hand held back and vacuum the stairway whatever it takes you're gonna get the entryway looking nice because this is the part that says welcome to my home how many times have you stood at someone's doorbell and didn't even wanna ring it because maybe there were smudges on it or there was a spiderweb or something so you want to make that look nice so that when people walk up they say oh this person cares for their home they may not say those words to themselves but that's the feeling they get and that's the feeling I want you to get when you come into your home as well that's it for today don't forget to go watch Nicky's interpretation of this on videography and always remember that you

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