How to mix and make concrete pavers from a mold.

by: Scott Riddle

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hey welcome back to my channel I'm a mess I've been working today I took on this huge project of making my own papers to do a walkway in front of our house because we had a lot of mud going from our driveway up onto my porch and I wasn't very happy with that I didn't like what they had at Home Depot and I didn't like what they were charging for the crappy pavers they had at Home Depot so I bought a couple molds online designs I liked I really like this design because it gave me the opportunity to do two different colors and this cross really pops out and looks really nice and I'll show you that a little bit but the tricky part these molds they can be somewhat easy to use if you get your concrete mixed correctly but it's also easy to waste a lot of cement so I have poured literally about six thousand pounds of concrete doing this driveway and I've mixed it all by hand so I've learned a lot in the process so one of the ways I don't waste much concrete I put a little bit of water in my wheel barrel first which helps to get some water underneath my concrete then I take my molds and I put I have two of them because they're very expensive they can run you about twenty to twenty-five dollars a mold and I pile them on top of each other like this then I grab my concrete because if you don't waste a lot and a half three molds from a four to five dollar bag of concrete now I'm using the high strength 5000 concrete mix from sorry you can use cheaper grades but I found the cheaper grades they were a little too raw and I wound up having to put some mortar in it to smooth them out a little bit take my bag and I'm going to kind of pour it in and get to mate I'm looking at it inch my mold here you should have a mask on yeah and then I can see roughly if that's filled up that I have about exactly what I need over here quickly get my Gold's out of here sitting on plastic so it doesn't stick to anything especially my driveway and ruin it concrete out of here then I'm gonna mix this up now looking at it as it is right now I may have had a little too much water in here let's take a look at it the worst thing that's gonna happen if you put a little too much water and it's gonna set up depending how warm the day is

so lesson one don't put too much water in the bottom like a brownie getting all the water so this thin shovel it's kind of nice because it can hold the concrete getting too heavy for me I'm gonna take this you can kind of eyeball I've noticed it takes about three and a half to four shovels and it's okay if you have a little bit less because you can come over and just take a couple handfuls to fill it in you really want to pack it in with your hands really well

some people would wear rubber gloves you shouldn't wear rubber gloves really dries your skin out but I'm one of those crazy people who really likes to get his hands dirty and I really like to touch the medium I'm working with it now what I'm patting pang it patting it down like this what it's doing is it's making sure that it's settling into all the corners and I'm not gonna have any gaps or holes into my corners it also kind of gives it a cool texture because the liabilities of someone's slipping on your property and getting sued it's nice to have a little texture to this so there's some grip strength in the wintertime there you go now at this point it's gonna take anywhere from an hour to three hours for it to set up you just have to keep to keep an eye on it keep a eye on it and when it starts to separate ever so slightly from the edges you're gonna touch it make sure it's solid and when it's nice and solid you're gonna be able to pull that up and it should slide right out the end result of your concrete pavers will be this I just pulled these out I got to him just in time if you don't get to him in time what's gonna happen is they get stuck in the mold because it expands concrete expands and when it gets stuck in the mold it's a nightmare because you have to smash it on the ground and you lose a brick or two where I'm at with my project as you see I need about 15 more to finish the end and I stained these with a concrete stain an opaque concrete stain and it got a really beautiful product here so I will leave the information on the exact pane I use but I'm gonna actually show you how to finish the bricks and stain the bricks in my next video thanks for watching if you found this valuable please subscribe it helps

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