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looks like things are actually coming together yeah for all of our planning that needy families will be here tomorrow he set up some entertainment for the kids Congrats president yeah we wouldn't be here if it weren't for true I'm glad I voted for you what's up Claire okay how could be she's not even here some vice president we're gonna have a meeting in the 4a in about five minutes sound good guys

Hey Wow my son organizing a dinner for underprivileged families don't act so surprised mom I'm not just proud too bad Bianca's not back yet to see you in your element mr. president she'll be back tonight just in time for the feast tomorrow good you tell her I want every detail about University yes ma'am wish he was home already so she could see this dude she is home I saw what some people have to die well then I need to see her now hold a meeting you can't ditch right before it starts what do I do act cool and after all you are the president

Winston you're on cutlery in place settings Dallas decorations Jenna and Connor you are tables and chairs and you guys are dating right yeah that's correct okay a hypothetical question if Connor was away all year and he came back for Thanksgiving and you didn't call you or that mean are we really doing this right here right now well Connor and I have a strong relationship so if he didn't call I would trust him but I would call and if you didn't it wouldn't suggest anything except I no longer want to be involved romantically what sounds like a classic turkey dump to me I'm sorry a turkey what dump we'r girlfriend goes away to university comes back for Thanksgiving it dumps yo ass turkey dump that's a thing all right meetings over everyone go dude never been dumped before don't worry you're not gonna get dumped go talk to be we've got a lot of work for the feast tomorrow night can't have you melting down on

true your back well why why didn't you call me Raquel offered me a ride home but my phone was said I was gonna call you as soon as we got here but I knew you were busy with the feasts slow down none of that matters and just happy sieve so this is the fiance nice to meet you drew you to hold the chair so tell us what was Bianca like in high school has she changed I hope not I got down on one knee and I said gonca will you open a joint bank account with me you didn't he did we've got it go pleasure meeting you drew you too I got it you should come back to the school everyone would love to see I supposed to drop off my bags at home please one thought you're gonna break up with me

it's wrong

I didn't want to ruin your Thanksgiving you do want to break up the faith of someone else no of course not either we can fix this we're engaged to be getting married what I told my friends at schools I thought that was crazy who cares what they think you've known them for like two months they know but they kept me true better than I do so much together I don't feel like that girl anymore I've changed and I haven't university has opened my mind to so much opportunity there's so much I want to see and do Joe good thanks

drew Oh Bianca chef car trouble I don't want people to see my man has to catch up on all that paperwork after skipping out on his feast duties you're supposed to be leading by example wasn't I just saying this morning how much you've changed when Bianca shows up tomorrow she'll see it too right what are you doing Bianca the opportunity of seasoning me you know I'm a bad idea real bad stop it stop no dude hey hey baby I need you as it comes to the family feast tomorrow and pretend like we're still together for my mom she lost his son don't don't let her lose a daughter you just pretend like we're still engaged just for day I think just a little ride this is so great I'm proud of you too I couldn't have done it without you you're the reason I'm president in the first place yeah we're all so proud of him it just always makes the right decisions well there's my mom oh it's so good to see you two together again maybe more you know what I'm thankful for Conner you see Jenna Conner he's home for the weekend the bride and groom together that's us at least we will be soon we should go back to her yeah it was a nice scene you love you so much are you doing trying to kiss my fiance we're not together anymore because you thought I hadn't changed now that you see I have true and plus all day you've been acting like you're still in love with me exactly acting just like you asked me to

the thing you're still here bye-bye guys hate to break up I thought we already did that

when I first saw you I thought that girls of trouble I better stay away that was so bad you're so bad one of that you go you deserve to be happy if I don't make you happy then we've gotta let each other go I'm only a phone call away you're the first guy I ever loved true always got me to the world explodes

Hey where've you been everybody's starving really saying bye to Bianca Oh where's she headed out of my life

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