How to fit trailer electrics to a Range Rover L322 (2002 - 2009)

by: Ben Elliott

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back today live before your very eyes I'm gonna unbox this this is a trailer wiring kit for Range Rover Alfred 22 the early ones 2002 up to our problem what year is I'll find out in a minute any instructions now all of this from paddock spares and it was listed as a genuine OEM part but it's turned up as a Brit part kit now Brit part is an OEM on Land Rover but needless to say it's here I'm gonna fit it on the car so the car has got a tow bar and it did have trailer electrics but I noticed on one of the mo T's when I was checking before we bought it the last MIT the trailer electrics weren't working correctly so rather than fixing it they've just removed the trailer electrics disconnected the trailer hitch and put that all in the boat so the trailer hitch is going back on the car and we're gonna wire up now this is a plug-and-play so there's no splicing wires in or anything like that using the elf Scotch block connectors or anything that so this is just plug and play I believe that on this Range Rover you don't need to do anything with the ECU I think on some of the later ones you're tempted a dealer and they have to do some coding or something for the trailer electrics I'm pretty sure this one doesn't need that hopefully fingers crossed but the fact that it's already out trailer electrics on it it might not it might have already been done if it does need doing so let's crack this open so in the Box you get a controller you get a bag of bolts washers nuts sticky back double-sided sticky back things cable ties and a little fuse little rubber Gator thingy which goes on the back of the trailer socket keep all the dirt and muck out of it this is the trailer socket this is 13 pin which 13 pins for I think it's like for Europeans when that just comes out the back you wire all in and then just pull that back in and bolt it on to the car no I don't know it's why that went in

yeah anyway so you get a relay and a wiring loom now I'm not gonna undo until we get onto the car but you've got one end of it which is all separate wires and I'm assuring as this 13 pin plug there's gonna be 13 was they're all color-coded that comes out the back of the car then you've got to earth tabs which are going to bolt onto an earth in the car and then you've got your plugs here we've got a fuse holder for the fuse in the bag your relay holder now one plug plugs into the wiring loom which is in the back of the car and the other one plugs into the control unit like so now I believe the one on the car is the genuine Land Rover fitment so the control unit is slightly different and they do wire up slightly different but you get a selection of cable ties to cable tie the Loom inside the boot floor and then up the side and you get a pretty comprehensive set of instructions now this does a 2002 Range Rover up until 2009 so there you go Britpop it's a bit of a booklet and it's quite straightforward pictures shows you pictures and shows you what parts go where and it tells you wick what color what kind of wires go into the socket so that's quite straightforward

but don't know if you've noticed with the weather it is overcast it has been raining on and off all day so we're not going to fit this today I'm gonna put it all back in the box when we're going to choose a nice sunny day and come back out and do it then so we'll see you when it's nice weather

so we're at the back of the car next step is to both lure out the side panels and I think there's a bit of a plastic trim we got to take out probably a spare wheel out just so it's out of the way so that'll be a bit of a hectic job for Tina and then we can stick the wire through the boat to where the socket is going to be there's an earth dam on that side all the wiring is going to come up to the driver's side and plug in on this side there's some double-sided tape to stick the control unit onto the side of the car and also the relay that sticks on the side of the car as well so yeah let's crack on just watch this it's posted so now we're left with a spare way off it will take the spare wheel out if that's okay well runs down the side canyon and it will see if it's still there in it once we bumped it up

all this down Jesus this thing's got come out now yeah when you when you pull the tailgate down pretty good this end of the wire no droves outside so I scan the ground here this end and then I do the up through there there's a plastic thing down here which holds the wheel chops in just know this one terminal Bowl some take the head on a marker at the pastor the wires underneath the plastic and say moans fastest right let's take this off so clips out can you get really oh


so I've not taken that all out we've done done it enough to pull it up and get the wires up back and there's the wires now but we're gonna come back and do that bit last because what we need to do is get the socket wired up first but I'm gonna just scroll this back in so that's that job done that's the original controller it's a BMW unit made by Siemens but we're not using that one it was the say it did have electrics on it before but we're not using this so we'll turn that one off and then we'll put the new one on this with the kit this is the end that's going to go through the car to the trailer socket which will go through just there there's a rubber grommet I'm gonna have to try and force it through the hole this will be fun the answered the wire for it before so it might go through and then just adjacent to that is the two earthwise so they go on here which I've taken enough already

pop the nut back on and tighten them back up so that is our trailer wiring effed the team has managed to get the wiring through grommet what we did we pulled the grommet out of the car we're just trimming a little bit off the end so once I've got all this the trailer socket wire that went in place I can then get the grommet back into the car to seal that so now what we're going to do this has got to go over this is just like a cover that keeps all the dirt and crap out that's going to go over there hopefully there's 13 pins on this bunny 12 often we're gonna bet any news 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 but we'll need to do is in the instructions get opened [Music] here we go wiring up the socket tells you numbers and what colors so it's pretty straightforward really yeah we'll start with number one which is yellow so which one is number one [Music] so the sockets all wired up and I've mounted it onto this plate now coming off the tow bar is a little bracket with two bolts on it so I'm hoping that I can get two bolts to go through there and get that all fixed up in place under there so it will sit there like that and then the towing receptacle will sit in there so I'm waiting for Tina's bring it out cuz she can't find it no this bit now he's gonna go in here [Music]


[Music] that's not going anywhere softer brush struggling we've got the bracket on for the toe socket wiring goes up into there into a grommet the grommet is fitted and now the wiring goes into the boot so this is the toe being because we've got a quick-release toe socket hitch so you just pull the red ring out put the tow hitch in and that's it but that bit stays on the car mere so the trail electrics on the outside had done what we've got to do now he's go on the inside and connect it all up put the interior back together job done so the Warrens in the boot comes in here so I'm going to cable tight there and then onto this wire just to keep it tucked in away from the spare wheel [Music] one that [Music]


[Music] cut the tails off all right first of all nice meet Lee across the back the office

yes stitch bolt it on this Danny and I could showed you before and now we're going to move over into this side here so if you bear with me while we move the camera bollocks wasn't record only that so this is the wiring loom from the car we're gonna plug that into there so that's in there that is going to be the fuse holder but we'll put the fuse in last that's going to be for the relay that comes with a kit and then you control unit which plugs into there that's got double sided sticky back stuff so that's gonna stick onto there like so hopefully

[Music] what goes on there this whole don't know so go back on this so I'm gonna stick the relay on which should only go in one way and last but by no means least we're gonna pop the fuse in which is just a little micro fuse that's in there little cover on top I'm gonna cable tie that to the the main room here just to keep it tidy and out of the way like so

that's all in there now the control unit plugged into the wiring harness it's in the boat there's the relay the fuse is tucked in there as well so it's just a case of putting all the interior back together and we sure we've not got the trailer here so we can't try it until we get to mom and dad's so next week we're going over there to do some repairs on dad's car so we'll be bringing the trailer back so we'll be able to test it out then hopefully it's all going to work otherwise we'll be coming back with no lights there you go so that's that given in so there it is all done the tow receptacle I think we'll call it the detachable turan hitch goes into its bolt with onto the car has tightened up with the our clip for it to stop it coming undone the trailer hit wiring is bolted to the tow bar underneath up for the grommet that's all nicely in place the wire and across the boat is all cable tied in place up into that side of the car the driver's side in this particular version wired up good to go so job is a good and cover as I can't test it until we get the trailer which is over at mom and dad's at the moment so we'll test it next week so that is how easy it is to fit a brick part wiring kit which should have been om Lando isn't fit Brit part as OAM so I don't quite know what that's all about us to drop them an email thumbs up that all helps the channel

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