The Next Step Season 04 Episode 36 The Edge Of Glory

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previously on the next step it would be out of this world I'm really excited for Giselle even though I didn't get a spot on the tour I'm so happy that she did there's so much I need to say to you but I want to say it in person when are you coming back to the studio I don't think you understand very I'm not coming back I miss what's really Alfie will not be returning to the next step and he has royal business it's what's really getting a team to regionals without Alfie is gonna be really really tough

okay now that everybody's here let's get right to business I thought since we're at the cusp of regionals I would go over how the competition is exactly going to work one last time so there are eight teams competing for the regionals title first round will be solos shell that's where you come in I'm ready to rock I'm good to go I've been training non-stop for this solo this dance will determine our road to the semi-finals and I cannot let the team down if Michele wins sorry when Michele wins then we move forward to the quartet Cassie Piper Skyler and Sloane that's you guys we're definitely ready we've been working really hard if we win the quartet then we get a bye to the semi-finals that will give us more time to prepare and at Regionals that's huge however if Michele loses we go to the trio round Amy Amanda and Michelle that's you three now you absolutely have to win because if you lose we're going home well we're ready if the team needs us if Michelle loses the solo that it'll be up to us we have to win the trio so we can advance to the do background once you three win we then move on to duets Rachelle and Noah that's you two once you guys kill it then we move on to the semi final group dance Henry Sloane Noah and an Alfea spot Piper I'm happy about getting the small group but I'm worried about replacing Elfie those are some pretty big shoes to fill and once you guys win all we have left is the ten person routine for the final round you actually haven't chosen the final lineup for that routine yet and with Alfea gone that means there's only gonna be one alternate someone here won't be dancing in the finals one of us is going to be an alternate I hope it's not me I know uh and I've actually made my decision Cassie I'm very sorry but it won't be dancing in the final routine [Music] it's okay I understand but as our alternate you're still a very important dancer we need you to be ready I feel terrible all I wanted to do was help the team win at Regionals no I'm just stuck sitting on the sidelines




[Music] right now we're teaching Piper elfies choreo for the semi-final routine to be honest I'm a little worried about this game these girls is right around the corner and Piper has a lot of catching up to do [Music]

[Music] learning complex choreo is hard but learning complex before your design for alfie is impossible


even though I'm an alternate for finals I'm still in the quartet but since Sloane and Piper are working on the stance I have nothing to do


guys this choreo is not gonna work with me inhale fees place we have to make adjustments I'm not Elfie okay well Piper is not a lot of time so we have to make as much of this work as possible look I wish I he was here too but I'm doing the best I can I'm not saying you're not doing a good job okay but like I said we don't have a lot of time we all need to work on things honestly we're just gonna mess this up in the next epic b-positive I can see what the real problem is Elfie leaving has made everyone lose their focus let's figure this end out I've got it I know how I can help the next step win at Regionals getting Elfie to come back after all the hard work and drama I can't believe we're finally going to regionals I know it's crazy right no one should be more excited for regionals than mean Amanda seriously I haven't felt this good in a long time and they come back that with me we were alternates last year and I'm the soloist for regionals I cannot wait it's gonna be fun yeah you did it Michelle congratulations we both did and we're gonna be a big part of my regionals I guess Michelle's accomplished a lot more than I have if I don't get to dance the trio then I basically have one group dance to show from my entire year hey Giselle what are you doing here

I just had a couple days off to her so I came to say good luck for regional thing Thank You worse Giselle's gone from a troop to dancing in a professional tour I auditioned too but I didn't make it I wish I could stay and chat but I think I have to get going I have to rehearse my solo I'm the first round up I'm you chose the solo yeah wow that's amazing yeah gratulations thank you you're welcome I'll see you later okay so nice to see you again bye bye well I should probably go too actually do you mind hanging out for a moment I kind of have something important to talk to you about okay I am so excited to talk to Amanda she doesn't know it yet but I have some news that's gonna change her life what the forms are submitted and everyone's rehearsing on their routines so why do I feel so nervous congratulations congratulations for what we even actually won anything yet in fact we're actually gonna have a bit of a precarious position right now and I don't really know if we'll be able to what are you so stressed out about hello regionals are just around the corner and I'm the head of the studio and we are the defendant a step away from the beans James today I am in full beam mode

rising you're the head of the studio you have to get the team ready for regionals and you've already done that right yeah but now I have to stress and where you kind of set up everything right you have heard enough where are you going I have an idea if Riley's worrying then the teams probably worrying too luckily I can help great James has an idea one more thing to worry about

we're taking a break from her small routine so I came in the rehearsal room to cool down hold that thanks for the water Cheers what's the occasion it's our friend of bursary you didn't remember you and I have been friends for our entire lives once a year we remember the day we first met with our friend over Surrey I didn't I just wasn't sure if you would remember I would never forget our friendship was really tested so it means a lot that look Troy remembered today do you remember how we met uh yeah how could I forget you threw a toy truck at my head I'm sorry about that I'd like to make a strong first impression well you know it worked because I had the imprint of a steering wheel right here in the middle of my head right here well you got me back when you convinced me to go off at the bike ramp oh yeah sorry I didn't mean to interrupt your date but I don't really need this this isn't a date that's not that's not what this is this is this is a friend of bursary yeah that's cool I don't care all I need to know is if I can use the studio to rehearse my solo yeah for sure yeah clear out in five minutes yeah okay good thanks why does Michelle think I'm dating Sloane everyone knows I'm dating Amy I am dating Amy Amy I cool [Music]

sewer has been amazing you've been to Berlin Paris Rome unreal Jews all that's amazing I'm so happy for you Giselle's telling me about all her great experiences on to her and it's just making me wish that I could have gone to there's one thing missing obviously which is you you know I wish I booked the tour when I had to shed but I didn't and there's nothing I can really do about that that's not really true what do you mean there's one spot open on the tour when our auditions no auditions you almost got the spot last time so the tour manager sent me here to personally invite you on the tour oh my goodness yourself please tell me you're not kidding I'm so not kidding oh when do I start okay so that's a yes yes that's a yes that's iPhone there is a catch a cut kind of a big one though okay um we would leave for the tour the same day the next step would be dancing in the finals at Regionals I can't bail on the team I'm I'm in that number I'm one of those ten dancers I understand I guess you have a big decision to make yeah this is a huge opportunity but I can't let the team down not after Riley gave me this chance can I [Music] you

I feel guilty about my friend to persevere it's long so I got a show any how important is just to me flowers for you what's the occasion and chocolates to what are you doing you forgot didn't you it's our 10-week anniversary BAM you remember Ireland the whole world members Latroy can't even remember his own birthday now he cares about some meaningless anniversary something's definitely up no you're acting awfully strange what you talk about ten weeks this doesn't have anything to do with your friend diversity or Sloan does it I see the thing is about that okay it's totally cool for you to go on a friend date with Sloan you guys are really close I trust you honestly don't worry after all the drama Sloan and Latroy went through I think it's great that they're back to being best friends they can celebrate all they want oh I'm still eating these by the way the chocolates not the powers

what Amy says it's cool for me to hang out with Sloane but I still feel guilty why

I know Elfie and Henry spent a lot of time together when he was here if I'm gonna get Melfi back Henry's the person he'll listen to all right nothing please pick up hey guys what's up hey how's being a fancy royal prince guy I didn't realize the news was out I'm sorry for not telling you guys before honestly man it's all right just is that the reason why you can't come back and dance with us no no no of course not I love being a part of the next step and I would give anything to just be another dancer and Adrian but you won't right the only thing that's holding you back right now is a broken heart I don't think that's gonna go anytime soon I get it broken hearts are hard to deal with they take time to get over their LP are you serious a chip is desperate for you when you're gonna get over yourself and get back here Josie Riley said Alfie had to go do prints things this is about a breakup are you kidding me sorry about that no it's fine I completely understand the way you guys feel I'm off the team for good now can't you just forget about what happened with Riley and dance with us at Regionals please we need you if you guys are Vince what's wrong let me know but look at Regionals great we tried our best but it looks like alfie is never coming back to the next step you

Thanks I see a man sitting there with a full bowl of popcorn not eating it there's trouble afoot what's going on all right well uh I went on this friend date with Sloane not a date more like a hangout and I felt guilty about it so I tried to do something nice for Amy but then she told me I was trying too hard I don't know man well who's Amy mad nah she was pretty chill about it I think I know why you feel so weird see I think you wanted to hang us alone more than you wanted to hang you with Amy if a guy wants to spend time with this girl friend more than his girlfriend fool that has big trouble written all over it you should play keep lying that cuz it could turn into a little bit of a problem anyway bro alright man right on

before I left everything made sense Amy girlfriend Sloan best friend and now I'm just confused what are we gonna do about what about regionals without Elfie we have no chance of winning gasps it's going to be perfectly fine yeah it's too bad that I'll feel left and yeah we're gonna have to fix some of our dances but you know what we're gonna be okay it's gonna be good I know you know then what are you so upset about I wanted to help our team win since I'm not in the tenth person dance I've been feeling a little left out of everything Cass you're a huge part of the team seriously Alfie chose to leave you me and the rest of us we're still here and we're gonna be a part of the team winning regionals whether you're on the dance floor or cheering from the wings do you really mean that it's alchemy it took all of us even Elfie to make a trip what it is I don't know what ELCA me he is but if it means I get to help the team win I'll take it if Henry is right about this alchemy thing maybe everything worked out exactly how it was supposed to only time will tell

James asked me to bring the team into studio a what is he up to man I need the monitor in the right place okay all right with that No and with that no no that's that's perfect you got to be kidding me girl right now the band and I are setting up for the unofficially official going away to regionals party what is this all about is your big send-off you're gonna be channels do it well I remember when I was sending you off to regionals but now you're sending me off yeah but I wish you still hit that note all right guys we're here to send you off to regionals so enjoy our performance we [Music] I can't stop thinking about gazelles offer I've been wanting something more lately and this tour could be it it could be the opportunity that I've been dreaming up [Music] while dancing listen to kids bed I noticed is that a man that looks kind of distracted hey Amanda yeah are you okay good you wanna dance I don't know how I'm gonna tell Noah that I might be leaving the studio we have this amazing relationship and if I go I don't know what will happen [Music] I can't believe I'm going to my first-ever regionals with my first ever boyfriend this is going to be the best time ever [Music] Latroy and I are going to regionals together it's almost the best friend / Suri present I could ever ask for [Music] I thought my feelings were slow in just friendship I like Amy but what if I like Sloan - what happens then

Riley's about to take her team to her first regionals as a studio I couldn't be more proud [Music] James is right this is exactly what we needed [Music] I'm proud of this team I'm proud of what we've accomplished I just hope we're ready because Regionals is where the real battle begins

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