[MMD | YanSim] Vine Compilation 3 (1k+ Subscriber Special)

by: Mochacola YS

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can I get a waffle can I please get a waffle that was a good ass night's sleep bitch I feel rejuvenated with Fred oh hell I got sleep paralysis don't I shit okay Randy just just move your fingers then you'll be good and you'll be awake in no time one two three bitches don't even fucking working is that Wow and my closet opening too bitch ain't that a motherfucker I might as well just fucking die my sisters

so what please help hey oh thank god are you vegan a de helium balloons too late we're flying away


[Music] she is a bitch [Music]



[Music] this was back in Boston and we were all in the elevator and I didn't know anybody else does an elevator but us and clothes there's like eight of us and I didn't know there's like an old woman there right oh god it was like caveman film so I was talking to you you likes it a funny together so that's not what you said when you fucked me last night the lady was just there just looking at me and everyone's laugh either the ad makes it worse by saying that way we make videos to children we make minecraft hey yeah you you break her heart I'll cut your dick off you are just terrible today Shh do you hear that that's the sound of forgiveness that's the sound of people drowning Karl perhaps it is the context which words are spoken that give them the power Hey


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[Volume Warning for around 1:20 - forgot to put one in the video, sorry] it's kind of late but Thanks for 1k+ subs!! i tried to make this one a bit longer than the last two! ---CREDITS--- MODELS Ayano and Taro by YanX20 https://www.deviantart.com/yanx20/art/YanSim-MMD-Taro-Y-and-Ayano-A-DL-714051754

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All other models by ozzwalcito https://www.deviantart.com/ozzwalcito/art/100-YanSim-MMD-Models-DL-Note-767252671

MOTIONS Can I Get a Waffle / Helium Balloons / It Don't Bite by SakiMAkademi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu3lwZFsEjM

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Pizza Box came with the motion
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