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but all I know he and I'm totally jealous Hillman is totally important we make now I know but I mean for last weekend it would trip ever know that we about to go ahead on this thing I don't know I serve there any conversation with trip on this on bullying never told me and he talked to Dylan Nolan had a conversation for him I think is very good Clarence Holmes is very peculiar that he would announce that today at a time when he knew that the government was about to go ahead Halloway alibi urged him not to told me that he had the surgery conversation with him you have some but I mean my god we've been married this your group is look at it for a couple of months we get this thing last weekend I don't understand my trip feels he has to go ahead just when we're about to do something about it it makes that I think we have to take along now it's rather stupid of us to be putting it out tomorrow if he's already buying European plane would make it look as if we don't know what the hell out market is all right I'll go out the apartment Wireless lays put it out here is it buying pan american world announces is audit six new Concorde supersonic jet transport which applied to the United States two and a half hours he made the announcement be equipped with other self jointly that's very peculiar him to do that at a time when he knew we were about to do that doesn't mean he has to do it didn't he know we were about to put it out here yes you did well this is this deliberate I can tell or you can tell him he's given me the best argument for not having one airline represent the United States that I've ever heard and I'm going to spend the next time I'm here really getting a spewing to Pan American because that gives that sticks it right to us how can we possibly go ahead now with our program to which we're going to spend an awful lot of money which was very important in the United States which affected the balance of payments and hundreds of millions of dollars I'm going to put all this out and then go ahead about twenty four hours before we're about to make our announcement did Matt didn't you have an understanding with him that he would wait well now will you give him this message for me and make it very clear that I think we ought to retract I and you ought to wait now and see what the United States is going to do otherwise it's going to be very clear that Pan Am is contributing in an insignificant way the United States being in a secondary position in the air and also do i balance of payment problem will give him all the trouble he wants because there is going to be anything is going make me more excited than doing that all right thank you hello did you see what one trip did though is it non for out announcement this afternoon that he's going to buy six planes from the British in the French how could he do that when he knew we are about to go ahead oh I don't know he said that apparently the howl of the absorption recently he was under pressure from the British and French governments what kind of pressure can a goddamn plane is going to be ready in six years and here the United States government's about to go into a major program and where does that leave us I mean didn't we have any understanding with him that he wouldn't go ahead while we were trying to come up with our proposal I don't think there was any anybody in tell him that didn't I think how they did tell him how will he have any talks with him I only had that one that I sent a memorandum to it was over about a week ago and I haven't talked with him since then I think you ought to call him up jog and say that there were god damn sure about this he knew the United States my god I had it in my speech for tomorrow we're about to announce the program I mean everybody worked this weekend I only got the vice president's report on Friday or Saturday and we I talked to McNamara on Sunday they work yesterday we're putting it in the speech for tomorrow and for him to go ahead on Tuesday afternoon which involves hundreds of millions of dollars of balance of payments which is going to sabotage your program to put the United States up in the lead in the 70s very difficult for us to go ahead if he's by and I think he oughta retract that thing until he sees what sort of an offer we've got oh he isn't going to buy these place but I'll wait a minute you said here's the AP story Pan American World Airways announced today it is ordered six new Concorde supersonic jet transport well I mean crises buying up all isn't go by I'm I saw the contract and I think he ought to put out a statement that he's not buying us option the five except you see that is in the way the announcement reads see the announcement reads differently as I read the contract which he showed to me a week ago and he'd been why don't people you medically right to pull out for a million and a half dollars well they've got to put out a statement because otherwise for me to go now I had an announced our program it's going to look awfully foolish he ought to make an announcement the you know that they've made no decision on buying the plane they merely purchased an option why they thought they had to purchase an option I don't know at this point I mean Christ if we're going to go ahead the French and the British are such a strong position I mean he's through a million an hour bucks down the drain because I think yeah because when we do our think then what the hell is he need an option they're going to be around everybody's going to be around competing to sell them that's right now but the only thing is he's made it very difficult for us now to go ahead and announce our programs it looks like and the fact is he knew this was coming up Hal abhi told two or three times he's given me the best argument for not having one airline and making a Pan Am and I've ever heard I don't know why he's so indifferent to what the United States government is doing I think Doug you oughta call up stick it right up his ass I want him to eat that today because otherwise we can't possibly go ahead well I'll call how will be I got hallenby alibies in his office yeah but I think you ought to just say that we think that this is a deliberate thing to be dust when we're about to announce the program it ensures a hundreds of millions of balance of payment loss and it ensures that there's no sense of the United States government going ahead with a program that would give us the lead in the seventy and that this looks to the president as a deliberate act and I'm really going to we're going to spend our time screwing Pan Am so why don't you give him some of that even get him to all that he'd made very clear that he is this is not a balanced payments loss when he talked to me but I'll see if I can get him to make that clear public well how can why isn't about to cable off he says he's not gonna buy the plane and what is he announced that you better get that announced no women which number is it it's UPI 122 maybe they better get out another announcement then clarify it for the end of the day otherwise I don't see what we're going to be yeah because okay I think you still get a memo yeah but I'd make it pretty unpleasant with him or maybe they make it look like everybody over here think she gave us a

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