Catherine McKenna Confronts Rebel Media "Climate Barbie" Rmk | Christopher Wilson

by: Women In Canadian Politics

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Christopher Wilson rebel media my questions for Minister McKenna thank you very much for being here today what is the federal government believe the role of hydroelectricity is whether it's sightsee or other hydro projects across the country in providing clean power especially as we see cities like Vancouver phase out fossil fuels for increased electrification I so you're the rebel media that happens to call me climate Barbie I certainly hope that you will no longer use that hashtag personally I never have Minister then climate Barbie Environment Minister Catherine McKenna you know what I wanted to give climate Barbie the benefit of the doubt as I'm just saying rebel media so I can I get a commitment from you that you will not use that hashtag and not use that name in your articles well me personally yes but if you want to get into it right now you actually banned one of our correspondents from going to the upcoming conference in bonds so how it's not true in fact I wrote a letter last year encouraging you to come because I think that you can all learn about climate change how I just would like a commitment that you will not call me names that you won't talk about the color of my hair that you won't make fun of me that the reason I'm asking you not to do this is because I have two daughters that there are lots of girls that want to get into politics and it is completely unacceptable that you do this calling them deniers with all the connotations of the Holocaust denial okay there is a debate on this science now if you would kindly please answer my question about hydroelectricity this is very important there are 2200 jobs on the line up in the northern part of BC has the BC you see commissioned just repeat completed their report so I'm very pleased that you've agreed that you will no longer use names that are derogatory to women thank you very much in terms of your question yes we all know we need to move to a cleaner future we agree that we need to look at all forms of energy that is cleaner that we understand that we need to be working with communities to find solutions that make sense that hydro is one of the solutions but we all need to be working

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