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rhe creators poses a terrifying question what if the characters we created came to life and found out they were creations for example what if I su materialized in front of me and realized I made her is basically a crystallization of what I find attractive in anime girls how would she react to discovering she was invented almost entirely so I can have an anime girl of my own to fawn over is this line of inquiry somehow even more depressing than just whacking it to whatever large-chested high-pitched trumpet is parading up and down this season's latest wretched fanservice Laden piece of garbage hello there I'm a pathetic loser but I'm also a oxen this is my review of recreate errs by studio troika troika is a relatively new studio headed up by fate/zero director i alkie that sort of bumbled its way around a couple of projects that i hesitate to call anything more than sort of pretty alright i guess and it's for that reason and others that I wasn't chomping at the bit to watch the latest opus and the same way one might not be chomping at the bit to grab a Big Mac after watching someone suffer a dramatic a heart attack that's right coming from the studio that brought to you sad kids and robots kill each other whilst Miki Kobayashi vocalizes loudly in the distance comes angry cartoon characters kill each other whilst Miki Kobayashi vocalizes loudly in the distance they also made that show about the woman who loves bones it's probably a joke in there somewhere but I'm not sayin but my interest in troika's projects know exactly galactic then it's fair to say needed some coaxing to watch recreator Zant a certain composer being attached to the project and out to be just the push I needed because I'll try any flavor of ice cream as long as it's in a waffle cone yes it's everyone's favorite music guy Hiroyuki sawano hooray excellent because you it's very loud music is

it's a common complaint regarding sona's music that he makes the same three songs over and over again like he's got some kind of memento style amnesia and you know that's not an unfounded accusation my opinion though for it's worth is that it's okay to make the same three pieces of music over and over again provided they're fuckin orgasmic yes someone who's various scores have a tendency to sort of melt into one another like a bunch of orchestral marshmallows in the acoustic microwave and every soundtrack he works on has that one specific song he does on it no the one where miss Kobayashi yells a lot but which one am I talking about before your body is dry m'kay allies al lu m neom - macaw open paranthesis sn1 underscore final hashtag - close parenthesis it's a real song name by the way I don't know if you follow someone his music but all his songs are written using language that's like a half way between leet-speak and the Enigma code I'm not kidding either look at his website I was like an 11 year old who just discovered that if you squint the dollar sign looks a little bit like the letter S that said the scene that sold me on recreate has worked by and large due to his score and really the whole shebang is effectively and substantially improved by having that familiar dramatic orchestral blaring that's come to typify the latest edition of now that's what I call sono because I will be damned if that crescendo doesn't always completely blow me away whether with new king New Orleans or being a terrible protagonist and ruining what was an otherwise very promising show guilty crown it's certainly a good thing then the recreate is isn't bogged down with a terrible protagonist of its own the particular nuisance were burdened with this time is SOTA who's a wannabe light novel author one evening his settling down to watch the monster girl quest ovo and all of a sudden his iPad starts flipping out and sucks him into the world of the enemy he's watching which I know before you even say anything oh look who's reviewing another e SE kya show what a surprise but that's not true it's not true promise it turns out that instead of our generic high school protagonist being sucked into a fantasy world where he's the best at everything and he has to install a ticket to keep track of how many girls are lining up to suck his dick in recreate as the cartoon people get transported into the real world in a unique exciting plot twist not seen since that 3d Simpsons episode of fucking Sonic X you guys want to watch an episode I think I have the old GBA video cartridge become joining join me child no fun several of the characters get pulled into the real world as well by our antagonist who decides she wants to destroy every world in existence because I mom died and she's having a little bit of a temper tantrum you know classical entry generally I mean what is the iliad if not achilles throwing one huge hissy fit some of them aside with Miss military uniform princess indispensable one side with Sora and Celestia to stop her it all gets a bit fangled and confusing because nobody quite knows what's going on for like two-thirds of the entire run of the show speaking of military princess I feel like a scene huh no it can't be that's a clever shout though when it's not being completely stupid so really the main question is what's that good ratio re-creators is sort of a middle ground between fate/stay night and toy story where the characters will learn after coming into the real world that their worlds and all that trials and pain they've been through in their respective source material is just stories written for entertainment and that understandably makes a lot of them rather upset imagine finding out your whole life was born you know imagine finding out your whole life was porn written by this guy they have two main criticisms of this show the first is that they spend too much time dwelling on the creator's and there were near enough time actually showing us their creations punching one another in the face and when they do it's never decisively resolved and the other is that it doesn't really have much of a through line beyond stopped military princess and save the world and the steps getting there are never made particularly clear fundamentally the goal is to prevent an overload a complexity that would occur due to the influx of characters into our world like letting a few too many fat kids get into the lifeboat but meteora sort of just makes that up and everyone just assumes that's exactly what's going on but this show never really dwells on it again which is a leap of logic that is big of a fan I am as Occam's razor felt more like a decapitation than shave but definitely could have and should have been delivered in a way more subtle than just drawing us in close and conspiratorial II whispering but in a show whose antagonist waddles around with a smug smile on her face giggling about the things she knows that we don't that's perhaps to be expected even if I wouldn't call it acceptable exactly conversely something that I never really expected to see in a show like this is that the characters all feel believable and smartly written for the most part some of them more than others okay maybe like four were smartly written it's something now listeria for example as a tertiary antagonist and she's one of the more interesting characters in the show because despite being very annoying and angry she comes from a horrible berserk type world and her confusion and pain upon finding out it was all just a story is very understandable she acts recklessly and violently whilst laboring under a misapprehension the meteora is a villain because someone whose defining trait is that they're a liar told her that she was and that's very frustrating but you can't fault her for it because in a situation is utterly heartbreaking and almost relatable and then we have magical girl Monica who's perhaps the most interesting character in the anime as a magical girl she comes from a world where most problems to solve through talking then her magic never really hurts anyone because that I mean that's what a magical girl show is so when she asks people to stop fighting in the real world and they refuse because real life is more complicated than children's television and then she uses her magic on her opponents and they nearly die and cough up blood because everyone in anime has chronic bronchitis apparently we get that good panning shot of how much devastation she's wrought and she's terrified because that's not how things are supposed to work the intentional jarring juxtaposition between seeing these cute love hearts pop into existence with a cartoonish and gently drift into you before breaking your legs and exploding is marvelously intelligent storytelling she's living the life of a magical girl in a world that is too complicated for magical girls to exist in I was sure she was gonna embody that cute girl he's actually a hidden sadistic psychopath trope but she's really just an incredibly pleasant character who only wants to do what's right and in a plot as confusing as this one she struggles to cope and you feel how that affects her again it's smart it can be very clever and even when the writing takes a turn for the cliche can you really criticize it when the characters on Green are themselves supposed to be cliches well yes demonstrably so but there's still a lot going for recreate errs especially because halfway through they don't take five episodes to drag the shows forward and momentum out behind the bike racks and shoot it in oh wait sorry I got that wrong they do that's something they do why did they why did they do that but that's just the curse of the two-court program and I'd certainly don't need to harp on pacing anymore for at least a few more years so let's hop on military princess instead she's so enigmatic and aloof that it's hard to really understand her motivation until well past the point where she might be sympathetic I mean mystique is good for a certain amount of time but if you keep pulling the carpet out from under me eventually I'm just gonna go for line though other characters include the aforementioned murderous liar McGann heq Joanne despite wearing really really good thigh highs is utterly despicable and almost certainly as a better villain than the actual real main villain of the show I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing honestly then there's Pepe Gundam kid at Carmina cosplay and his pet ghost blitz grizzled cop meteora and my favorite character sexy meteora it's a fun enough cast in certain personalities bounce off each other well several of the conflicts resolved in believable ways with characters actually taking the time to talk to one another instead of whacking each other with increasingly large sticks which was something that aldnoah issued in the favor of pointless murdering another point in re-creators favor is that they actually taped SOTA and shuffle him off into a corner for half of the runtime almost as if they're embarrassed by him seriously like four episodes have him just stuck up on the top level of a stadium doing nothing and even when he's not up there after the way the show barely acknowledges his existence beyond where he's plot critical and that shows a surprising level of restraint that certain other shows didn't quite manage to get the hang of if you catch my drift guilty crown the few instances where Souter does take center stage however are bizarrely compelling he's not a hero and he doesn't do anything evolute romantic he's not the best Gundam pilot or the recipient of the overbearing lust of everything with a vagina within a 50-mile radius he's tangentially related to the plot and is treated accordingly for a few episodes is hinted that Soto knows who military princesses creator is and he steadfastly refuses to tell his allies this critical information and I found that immensely frustrating only for the reasons for his doing so to feel frightening ly understandable souta's arc is one of an immensely relatable nature jealousy of those who are more popular than you whose works surpass your own about the trials of working in a competitive medium and how when certain people fall from grace as much as you like them you do on some level enjoy the fact they've been taken down a peg because it feels like you're closer to them I joked earlier about how sotas inclusion was a misstep but I actually think that as cliche as his inclusion was he actually ended up being the glue that kept the show together long enough for me to want to see it to the end for a high school kid protagonist outside of his element that's saying something I felt the realness of what he felt that spoke to me that's basically what we watched this stuff what drama is here feels earned for the most part and I'm not gonna praise recreate his above its station but for a stupid show about fictional characters coming to life and smacking each other about the head there was a lot more to recreate as than I expected go again so yeah watch fade soon those were true it but when you're done with that go ahead and watch recreate is play me out



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Aaox experiences the terrifying thought experiment that asks what he'd do if his anime girl came to life and judged him for all of the awful, awful things he's done. ¶ Re:CREATORS is really at its heart more a show about the struggles of creating content in a crowded medium than it is about cool fantasy characters having a big battle royale, and that initially hit me as sort of off, but that ended up resonating with me quite substantially. What really struck me about it was how polished the whole experience felt. There are definitely a lot of problems with it - the cast is larger than the show probably needed, the narrative feels a bit cobbled together, and it felt like there was way too much of the Creators talking about their feelings when I wanted the Creations to show their stuff instead and a lot more problems besides, but I still came out of it feeling extremely satisfied with the experience. Also, it concluded with finality and it concluded well, and that's something that not a lot of anime can really attest to. Also, Meteora is one of the most wonderful characters I've ever seen. Up next: Made in Abyss. LINKS ----------------------------------------­­­------------------------- ►Facebook:




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