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how's it going everyone I'm Adam Molina whether you've always been into audio or you're just starting to wonder what's out there 2016 was a pretty big year advances in Bluetooth have made wireless headphones a viable option for plenty of people and the loss of a certain standard in a certain phone has made them a necessity for others but whether you're looking for wireless wired bang for your buck or active noise-cancelling headphones the solution should have you covered so what are the best headphones of 2016 let's find out let's just start off with the reason you're here what are the best headphones the Sennheiser momentum 2.0 there's a reason these are making this list for the second year in a row there's still that good sure there are audiophile headphones that sound better or Bluetooth headphones with a better range or less expensive headphones with better active noise canceling but if you want a pair of headphones that are top contenders in every one of these categories these are the way to go they have active noise canceling great sound are comfortable and they're Wireless they have a solid 22 hour battery life and that's with active noise canceling and bluetooth turned on they folded the hinges for easy traveling and you can also make crystal-clear calls what more could you want well actually you could want a cheaper price tag and we said that this pick wasn't going to change anytime soon and it hasn't the best all-around bang for your buck headphones that you can get are still the ath m50x is by Audio Technica say what you want about the low end or the build quality but the ath m50x is our a solid entry-level pair of headphones to those who are just starting to really care about how their music sounds they have a mostly balanced sound and don't require a ton of power to get them going that means you can use them easily with the average smartphone or even iPod whether you're looking for a good pair of headphones for the studio or just want a pair of over ears for your commute these are a great choice the ear cups can swivel up to 90 degrees so you can rest them comfortably around your neck when you're not using them and inside are 45 millimeter drivers that push a good amount of sound perfect for the budding audiophile if you're looking to make your first investment into a good pair of headphones but don't want to break the bank give these a try moving onto wired headphones which one should you get here we're going with the v-moda crossfade m1 hundreds normally you might be a little skeptical about anything that you can buy a 14 karat gold accessory for but don't be these headphones are great you can swap the air place for one's made a 14-karat gold or raw brass but surprisingly that doesn't take away from the great sound these produce inside the ear cups you'll find 50 millimeter dual diaphragm drivers v-moda says that these have physical rings inside of them that prevent the low-end from bleeding into the mids and highs making your music sounding murky they also come with V motors unique click fold hinge design which is a fancy way of saying that you can fold these down for travel toss them in the included hard shell carrying case and you're good to go overall these headphones were built to last if the durable build or custom shield plates didn't do it for you maybe the sound will definitely give these alyssum another pair of headphones that won't break the bank are the Samsung Z 25 these are the little brothers to the Z 55 that we reviewed earlier this year they share a fairly similar design but they come in at a third of the price of course that means that sound quality will also take a hit but not as much as you might expect if anything the one thing that does take a drastic hit is soundstage but hey beggars can't be choosers right the Z 25s ditched a premium leather for a synthetic leather but the plush padding is still there these also have a closed back design so you can use them while on the go and they fold down to a compact travel size if you ever need to throw them in a bag design-wise they're not the flashiest of headphones but if you enjoy the looks of something like the ath series by Audio Technica you might not find these too far off if you don't want to spend too much on headphones and just want something to work with while you're on the go the Z 25s are a great choice for their price one company that always seems to outdo themselves is Sony they already had a really good pair of headphones in the eighth year on wireless mcs that were previously on this list but then they released two MDR 1000 X's terrible name great headphones the MDR 1000 X headphones have a simple design with not too many visible bells and whistles these connect to your device via bluetooth and have a 20 hour battery life NFC compatibility sony's high-res certification and L deck support Sony also baked in more useful features into the ear cups themselves these are our active noise-cancelling headphones but placing your hand over the ear cup will activate ambient sound mode this uses the microphones in the ear cups to let you hear what's going on outside of the headphones the side of the ear cup is also touch sensitive so you can control everything from volume to skipping tracks with just a few taps and swipes looking for a pair of wireless headphones that aren't going to cost you hundreds of dollars then check out the CB 3 hush these don't even cost $100 these also have active noise-cancelling and though you won't get the same premium build quality these are still very comfortable the ear cups have a nice plush padding for those long listening sessions and they don't uncomfortably clamp to your head that said they're still able to passively block outside noise fairly well pair that with the actual active noise-cancelling that these offer and you just might find yourself loving them they have a 15 hour battery life onboard playback controls via the multifunction buttons on the side and a great sounds of price ratio if you want a solid pair of wireless headphones without spending all of your cash the hush are a great option so if money isn't an issue what are the best headphones you can buy one of the top contenders has to be the Odyssey el8 you can even get an audio cable that ends in a lightning connector to work with a certain phone that no longer has the headphone jack besides the fact that you can get a lightning specific cable to plug into your new iPhone The Odyssey elas are one of the top pairs of headphones you can get period they're open back planar magnetic headphones that push sound out with hundred millimeter drivers that's more than double the size of the 40 millimeter drivers you'll find in most consumer headphones they have a 2 meter audio cable that ends in a 3.5 millimeter jack but also come with a quarter inch adapter so you can plug them into some better audio equipment surprisingly these are actually made to be used with mobile devices so they also come with a cable that has an inline mic and playback controls bang for your buck $400 headphones aren't a thing or are they if they're ever wear a pair of headphones I would fit that description it would be the hi-fi man a Qi 400 eyes these headphones in particular are also open back planar magnetic meant for really kicking back and listening to music on top of that they only weigh about point 8 pounds though they do look a lot beefier since these are open back you'll most likely hear your surroundings and sound leakage is definitely going to be a thing so you might not want to use these while on the bus or on the subway on the bottom of both ear cups are those signature - man inputs which have their pros and their cons but at least the cable is nicely constructed in an ends in a 90 degree 3.5 millimeter jack it also comes with a quarter inch adapter as it should the 8,400 eyes don't fold down for compact storage but they do fold flat which is a plus this year Bo's followed up the massively successful QC 25s with a wireless version the QC 35 s if you love that best-in-class active noise can I just wish that they were wireless these might be for you when it comes to traveling the QC 35 s are almost perfect no wires means no tangles and compatibility with everything that has Bluetooth of course if you're going on a plane you can always hardwire in an audio cable so you can watch that on flight movie besides that these are super comfortable ridiculously light and can easily fold down to about half of their original size the bose qc25 s were known for their great active noise-cancelling and that's still the case here besides the anc these have all the basic playback controls you could want built into the earcup the internal battery will ask you about 20 hours with both bluetooth and the active noise-cancelling turned on and even longer if you have an audio cable plugged in Plantronics has been trying to make a dent in the premium headphone market if they're back be pro series and while both of their previous models were decent they always fall just short of landing on a best list that changes with the backbeat pro tunes though these aren't exactly cheap they're way more affordable than a lot of their competitors the backbeat pro twos take everything that was good about the originals and the backbeat pro plus models and put them in a slimmer more refined pair of headphones they're completely wireless have active noise cancelling a 24 hour battery life and a design that isn't half bad once you get used to it the active noise cancelling is still not up to par or something like the bull's QC 35 s but it doesn't have to make the listening experience more enjoyable if you don't like reaching for your source device every time you want to adjust the volume or skip between tracks these have you covered and just like the sony MDR 1000 x's these have an open mic mode which basically work in the same way and lets you hear what's going on outside the headphones no $200 isn't exactly cheap these can definitely be considered bang for your buck unless you want to spend almost twice that on something like the bows or Sony's if there's anything in this world that's truly subjective its sound these are some of the best headphones we found but they're plenty more make sure to drop us a comment and let us know what headphones you think are the best also hit that like button if you found this video at all helpful thanks for watching those are our picks for the best headphones you can get in 2016 if you want to know more about any of the headphones we spoke about make sure to check out the full companion article over at sound guys calm while you're here subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven't already and sign up to our monthly newsletter so you can stay up to date with all the news reviews and audio news here at guys links all of that down them description I'm at a Molina I'll see you

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