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[Music] okay so this is how we store my panties it's just in a Victoria Secret box and I put this in my leg underwear drawer but I just feel like there's a million in here that I don't even wear so I and wanted to sort through them today so let's get started okay so this is obviously a little bit ridiculous oh I think I'm just going to start by making a pile of ones that I wear and then a pile of ones that I will be selling on Poshmark um this is the first pet is super cute but they look a little like the color is kind of dull so I'm going to get rid of those these ones actually really like they have like this sequined spot on on someone to keep those these number new they're kind of big on me um I'll put them in the keep pile these are like I love these so much so cute these ones I'll get rid of those ones and these are like the same kind similar to those too I will keep a few pairs like that so I kind of like these ones so keeps those these are super like comfy um and she goes okay these I love these are like pretty new they're like no shell ones keeping all of these ones I'm going to get rid of these I widows never um I'll actually like these all but they're kind of like I'm still going to keep those for now these ones I like how cute they are but okay I'm going to keep them actually these ones just look kind of like worn out so we're going to actually really love these in each of those these arms but they just look discolored so when you're to those these I love so much keeping us for sure they don't sell that style you want either I'm going to keep me used okay so this is their old style look how discolored they are but I just don't want to get rid of them because like the new ones don't have this super cute little triangle on the back but I'm going to get rid of them because they are like discolored looking gonna keep selling one oh what's uh what's uh freaking like piece of paper okay um those are new keeping all these loans I actually don't love like I'm gonna get rid of them just like the design or the pattern or whatever these ones are adorable like look at the little bees keeping those for sure these ones are so comfy they look a little discolored but they're actually new like maybe it's supposed to be that color these I love these are a little big on me but they're super comfy and they're really cute so I keep those these yeah that's no I'm keeping that is this video boring I don't know people like asked okay whatever anyways I'm going to keep these I like the tired eyes look in one these ones I wear a lot it like a light blue koi they're a little discolored but I like them these long I will keep because they're like the one pair that has the little triangle on the back but they're not discolored so I keep those actually same with these they have two triangle on the bed but they're not discard okay these are like the cutest panties I even own but they're not comfortable at all so I'm gonna get rid of those keeping okay cute season keeping lost for sure these look discolored getting rid of those oh my god these ones look so okay yeah no getting rid of this and I get rid of pile so far and I keep pile so far um these are new and I love them kinda keep those these I've had forever but they still look cute and like not discolored some um I'm gonna keep sickest ones okay these were like a really popular style for awhile my my leg Boise is going out okay but like I don't know I don't like them not very comfy so I'll get rid of those oh my god I forgot I had these that's why I need to sort through my stuff like more often so I remember what I even have loved these keeping them these loans are my favorite and they don't sell this style anymore so I'm for sure keeping those oh my god views them so do you see that the so freakin cute keeping those for sure okay I love the tie-dye stuff but I never wear this style panty anymore I should get rid of it I feel like now I'm going to keep it I'm gonna whatever this is that same style so cute but can I keep it actually these loans are like rhinestoned and um if you wear them under your pants it like is like looks lumpy so I'm going to get rid of those even though they're really cute but like the rhinestones like you can see them like it makes your pants look was lumpy these are super comfy they are a little discolored I'll keep them for now um keep in those okay these are so cute they're like the short ones and they have like samurai on the box so cute these are discolored I love all the ones with silver on them that's so cute um I don't like the panties that have lace here like I like it when it's caught in here in lace at the top so I'm gonna get rid of those no-show panty keep your noise I used to love these panties so much but they're not as clumsy I feel like because I used to think they were but they're cute so I'm going to keep those these ones like don't look and also keep them for now I love the tie-dye but these are the lace front ones instead of the cotton front so you're it'd of those oh these are so cute but they are kind of like discolored and stuff look at how they're like scrunched right here with a bow like that's so cute I wish that they still sold that style at Victoria's Secret all of these artists were secret by the way if you couldn't tell these are knows for sure keeping those love these okay so this one I'm just going to show you really quick like compared to this one this one has like different fabric at the top and I like these ones better like these ones are more like ultimate fabric or sporty and these ones are more like woven and I prefer the woven ones for sure these loans it's like a leaf where did that even come from you want to have like a super thin strap which I don't like they're super cute but how many of those um I'm gonna get rid of these if they're not the fabric that I like look how discolored Iza like what no thanks all these ones are so freakin cute but again they have like the spin straps I'm gonna get rid of those I don't like them these are like one of my cutest pairs of underwear ever keeping noise these are really pretty too let me keep them already it kept appearances this exact I have two of this panty on accident but I'm still going to keep that because whatever they're like new this is I have two of this panty also but I'm going to keep it so like it this one is so pretty this video super like shaky um it's really strapped in the back which is cute oh I love this new panty okay so I need to like move this pile over here we're almost done this is an excellent it's super silky they don't sell this kind anymore so for sure keeping that so comfy this one's new and so comfy and with you how cute that is some definitely came in bat this one I don't love I am going to get rid of it well I don't know maybe we should keep okay I'll keep it just because it says new and it's cute but it's just kind of a whatever I don't love it this one is so silky these are actually short I love these to sleep in just like with a big t-shirt um these ones are really cute they're not extremely comfy though so like okay yeah I'm going to get rid of these because I kept a few other pairs like that this is my last pair of those silky super comfy panties is there literally like my favorite ones and I don't sell them anymore so keeping that my bird just made a really weird noise in it just like freaking out like what's that actually member is come in my house I'm not sure but anyways these are like shorts and they have like little hands like skeleton hands on the blood cheeks so I don't know these are cute they're comfy to sleep in in the summertime with like a t-shirt these are just so cute there's that style again that's not like super comfy but they are really cute let me keep those these are that style that have the thin band which I don't love even I look how cute these are but obviously since the colors are so bright and stuff you can see I've like never washed them like because I haven't really won them or obviously if I've never washed them and I've never worn them so yeah I'm not going to wear them anytime soon so I'll get rid of those these panties so cute I think these are the old dream angel style and definitely keeping those I just heard another noise like I feel like something from the house oh my gosh this is the second pair of that like I have two of this pair of panty why do I feel like one of them is a little bit brighter than the other one maybe I'll get rid of this pair cuz it's like a little faded okay yeah I'm going to get rid of this there I'm going to keep the brighter pair okay these I love look how cute those are keeping wrong use our new love them they're so soft and lace on the back and this is that same style but just a different like pattern I'm going to keep those and then these are also nails somebody keep them so yeah that is everything this is my how that I'm getting rid of which I will be selling on Poshmark if you Karen on I don't know this video I feel like they'll probably be sold by the time this video goes up and this is my Cape pair so I'm gonna fold these and put them back in a cute little victoria secret box but yeah thank you so much for watching

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