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one more time one more day and then it's on for performances I have to recharge my battery so I can come back

thank you John one more day you go bland work or at least one more day for me some of it yeah that's the thing about the crew they always get other work Brendan you don't take other work do you know I like spending time with the boys of the summer yeah yeah I'm taking other work I'm hosting our MB divas la reunión later on in August I film a movie for lifetime this Thursday and Friday I didn't do it I go with this I want to get some floors in our house redone so I have to be there to oversee that we go promote the show this talk show at the end of August even though we go to warm destinations I never like put on a baby so I'm glad to the pool or anything we're never there that long you know I think we're going to like Palm Springs and some other places too wrote the show yeah but in between everything I'm able to like sit down you know relax

rutabaga one more rutabaga two more oh yeah that's right two more trust into Jordan Margo have a good time at my party very nice thank you thank you great party Thanks did you see if I brought in for you though Eddy in the end I left and they were front and he goes Brad Brad wait where you going let's have a drink I want to cook who we come in yeah yeah yeah so I brought them to you I left twice he was probably the most tossed person in the whole park thank you and you kept walking past that right grandmother saw me on the floor I had a beer in each hand like this I had something wrapped around my neck and just dancing yes yeah you did yeah I know it's it's a blast exhausted Friday what I was useless yeah yeah yeah that's good morning I mean night whatever you know I do love going to the club and having my fun everything like that but you have to know when you don't need to be doing that all the time you know where I'm going this weekend with my parents yep Wendy Williams way

in Asbury Park oh my gosh I got so many lovely things from some people that I know and other people oh that I don't know for my birthday and I just stuff keeps coming she goes to you Chelsea Gallagher she says that I'm a friend in her head and she's been knowing me through the radio for the last 20 years Thank You Chelsea and thank you for the beautiful flowers my Hot Topic steam gave me something very thoughtful first of all you know I love the ID Tanel murder murder kill kill and they gave me a cutting board of wives with knives which is one of my favorite shows on the ID channel and you know what else they gave me they think this is very closely when I speak of you know quite impressed they gave me ghosts which is the movie that I've never seen steel magnolias you've never seen so magnolias like that gag at that they're like really Wendy they gave me et which I've never seen that they gave me the notebook which I've never seen that and then you know what they gave me um the box set of all for Friday's movies just because that's a fan favorite in our house so thank you hot topics as very far and that was given to me it's a tote bag thank you very thoughtful bye Katie who says she's a fellow Cancerian and she also has wonderful members and memories of the Asbury boardwalk and our beloved symbol for the asteroid walk or what was just silly and I want to shout out to my friends at the asteroid fire department thank you for the t-shirt Oh Jane velez-mitchell thank you for the flowers oh this is the card for my hot topics swishing hear what thank you for the flowers as well Trisha thank you it was just so kind you know kind I had a nice weekend of doing nothing you know what he did for my actual birthday my husband and I went for dinner in Harlem to this place called Ricardo's foods good Tristan foods good it's a steak house you just take a sumptuous but you can get all kinds of food there but it's a steak you know if you're gonna get a burger that's gonna be like an Angus or a Kobe Oh Carol Dow and nari Jackson girls from the audience they dropped off some wine glasses thank you Carol and Mary thank you very much for thinking of me when you know you don't have to oh it's Garrett and Richard at the Asbury Fire Department thank you guys the quarry um this right here I do you know I love personal stationery and this is so sweet thank you so much - Andrea lists gala Andrea thank you so much just to some cute stationer she says I'm a friend in her head yep pretty stationery what's so funny Tristan it's just a funny thing I made that up years ago I could not figure out how to describe exactly what Courtney Cox Vanessa Williams and John Legend meant to me those are my original friends in my head but they were more than just you know like people you watch on TV or hear on the radio I feel as though if I knew they might have so much in common with them and I met Vanessa a couple of times through interviewing but now she's come here you know so many times not enough I I was correct we'd be friends out of my head and Courtney Cox just I remember when she was trying to get pregnant with cocoa and the blahblah explain that to you I don't know why but I just feel like I connect with her if I knew her I feel like we'd be friends and John Legend ever since that song ordinary people I just felt like we connect so like I was crazy friend who needs to make him have more fun and he's my level-headed friend then I can talk to about anything and he wouldn't be childish and go spread my information then we stopped being friends in my head once I got the talkshow because he thinks that hot topics is very distasteful and wants no part of it and so you know and I got the feeling that he didn't think that I'd go past my six-week sneak peek my dad and then he got really busy after ordinary like he got really busy as it was touring the world and then he fell in love with Chrissie so now we have no more time for each other and the hot topics say as a matter of fact I think they went from being 8 minutes to 2020 it's sometimes 24 minutes I know that you're so I'm happy that Tristan put the whole Friday show online on YouTube that's the whole show I hope that you enjoyed that we're not making that a regular thing you know I mean we're in the business of being on television and you stay here through ratings and if we put everything online then you wouldn't watch you would just go to the internet that'd be great for YouTube but bad for our show

and I got a basketball camp hmm in two hours I still have more stuff to open I'm just gonna wait to do it tomorrow I just want to go home and watch and learn my learn my lines for my Lifetime movie huh how about that how about I need to go home and start studying my lines even better my intention this weekend was to go to the library in our town to really like sit and focus you know I know good to like really sit and focus and I I never ended up doing it because Alex was in town and you know you know we spent time with my mom and dad and you know I just but I'm gonna go on Wednesday I'm gonna go to the library for like four hours I'm gonna grab a snack a bag full of cherries with no stems and go to the library and just binge and just get the final lines that I'm not sure of down I love you for watching the after-show and I'll see you next time did you eat a lot of comments and twist in the people saw do they saw a few comments that people can't believe they saw you and they couldn't believe that they saw a row only birthday yeah now you're gonna go back in the closet it's so funny how when you mention the closet thing everybody puts it with I thought he was married to my I go out of the closet is that joke that I use meaning somebody has come clean and truthful with something guys guys are so literal um all right so I love you for watching today I'll see you next time well tomorrow when the season's final a second to final after-show bye come on bro

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