VW GTI Intake Manifold Problems | P2015 Intake Manifold Flap Sensor

by: 1kleineMax1

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hello this hopefully is just a quick and thought with you about this intake manifold of the GTI mark 6 or mark 6 GDI from Fox Wang and the P 2 0 1 5 intake manifold flaps sensor fault better said unpossible signal Ford or something like that I'm not sure how it's called an English one or percent because I'm from Germany and we had simply south Clutton Zen's or inclusively signal if you understand it so we had a little thoughts about that we changed the solenoid which controls this vacuum actuator which then activates the flaps and be interchanged it again and the problem was still the same shortly so now we decided get this thing out of there and look at it and where we see ok yeah it is definitely broken it has something where you know it will set a fault and then you have to bite the bullet and buy a new one a new one so we took it out and we looked at the event I noticed we noticed some problems at first when I actuate the flaps which can you can see here 1 2 3 4 with my thumb you can because I don't have a vacuum pump here you see they're moving now they are like gone and you can barely see them there they are you see them moving up and down and I will go a little bit nearer I switch the camera light on because you couldn't see anything so here are the flaps again you can see the moving as I push with my thumb here and

what you will notice I will move them completely to the stop which you can see but believe me it's like it cannot be moved further and now you still see a little gap here and if I oh you're here if I push Matt I um I can open them more and that's in my our opinion the problem so they are like sloppy it's not directly act rating and so we have a little slop in it and that's probably what sensor which is on this end we'll see after a short amount of time and then say hey I wanted them to open fully but they're not open fully so yeah something's wrong that's how simple the engine computer normally is and I don't know if I can get this in the picture but maybe we will see the flap there in the first intake notes more like from the full four cylinder I move this actuator and the flap is not moving like that's the play that we are talking about again now I'm moving it stir oh and then you see something else surely and the flap is barely moving so and what you also saw maybe you can pull this sucker out here simply like pushing it out I don't think that it's the problem that you can pull it out but what its if it's happened why the engine is running then you lose control over the flaps because now they are like they are moving but now they are not and they are stacking and it's it's all over the place because now it's really loose and while the engine is vibrating you drive around it will get loose if it happens by its own and we looked at it today and my body could stick its finger on here and was like something like oh not so far but something like that and he could do this and if you can do this and it's out there by its own then you have a problem I think so one problem if the flaps that are not fully opening because of the play and that is shaft actuator it's not completely stuck in here or completely slipped stiff in here so the next problem is you can move this flaps down and it's really high amount and I think they have stopped normally you can see I can move them pretty much closed I don't think that this will happen by its own like this because then the engine will probably get nearly no air at all but yeah you can do it and I show you in a second why I don't think this should be possibly because again there is a stop for this so now to see the next stuff that I'm talking about I have to disassemble it a little bit and I will show you quickly I don't know any good tools here at home but they will do the job first you can remove this all bearing thing by simply prying it off now you can move it separately and now we can completely take out this guy and when you look inside here it has an really oddly a three-edged square knot square triangle shape why I think this is not so cool and stupid because a triangle that's rounded maybe this is rounded because by the high use but of course it gets rounded off the more edges you have the lesser the chance that something gets rounded off that's why folks one uses talks all over the place so like they're so like there and there and pretty much everywhere so we're again stupid I think but maybe they have a reason I'm not the engineer behind us so ever as you remove this the next part is what could be it's not important you remove the sensor

just again talks so now you can remove to censor it's just like a little square shape it's rectangular square shape no you know what I mean em it's right on one side that's what I wanted to say like here it's rider and dad Schroeder again I'm from Germany not too big but for me to speak English all the time then you can let me get the pliers then you can remove this piece here by simply pulling on it it's just like adapter to the shaft and in the shaft you also remove it a little metal piece focus focus there we have it and now you can nearly take off the rest of it so first a gasket and now comes the fun part because you need a little screwdriver do I have here and with the screwdriver you pry a little bit on each of this part because if you'll notice it is separated from the housing like it's going around here here here and here and here and here also here but this part will come out easily I can right now with my bare hands you can see it I can push this out and in but it will not come out because of this piece here so focused yeah good so we can move this out another screwdriver a more flat version which can which I can get in here and now you can goes on it because now you'll see it came out a little bit this one's still fled this one came out you can now repeat it with the next one and you can do this only gently this one came also out if they come out the first little bit it's good easy I know you can see I'd simply pushed his out I had him out already and cleaned it up because otherwise it would be a mess now and now you can completely remove from the flaps the runoff flaps somebody call it on one side you have this piece that's on the side of the vacuum actuator nothing special about it it's a piece with a hole in it yeah one hole but on the other side I put this in take away on the other side you have fence fun enough we have this little piece and you see it has a hole round hole where it goes around the shaft right here this is where this part came in like so but it also focus focus your goddamn so now it's focused and it has a hole here but also this groove around here and that's the stop actually I'll show you what it does so on this side it comes up like this and now you have this move and you see there this little and is really little piece there catches in that groove and you also can look at it it looks like it's a little bit used up like reshape it could be normal but I don't think so and that's probably what makes the flaps when they are when they are like this move further down but you see now it's not that much and somehow when you put it in there you really see them go really like something like this and I don't know if this is a problem right here with this piece or something in the main fold itself but yeah that in my opinion is a problem because it has a stop but it goes too far here and you can really see like it's bedded in there and it has oh you can see now you can see it has we like the shape of it and it's not like square on this side it's yeah it has a special shape like it's banging all the time against it and wearing it out and now we have this problem so I just wanted to show you this and this is Worcester information I also have a question are the problems the three things that I showed you like the flaps that are like the actuator that is on here that has slope like you can see now I can move it around now okay so like it's flopping you're all over the place again it's a triangle shape goddamnit how stupid have you become to do something like this I mean on this side where the sensor is they were like oh we need something special that holds it so what the special maybe maybe a square oh yes quite special it can hold the force on this side where the force is applied yeah triangles are fine I like triangles they're like so triangular whatsoever so yeah first problem next problem was that the flaps are going down so much and they are not fully going up but that's somehow the same with this and yeah that they are going down further like with the thing on this side yeah if someone tell me if there's a new part different it would be cool because we are planning on buying the new part but what if you find similar problems of the you part do you put it in the car or do you say no this new part is stupid and with sax and it's not original and garbage eBay stuff or something like that series we see really we have to notice so thanks for watching hope is what helpful or more

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