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by: ChaiPlaysGames

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howdy guys how y'all doing my name is J welcome back to troll craft there is another shade in our home I haven't killed it yeah I know sure we should kill it I'm pretty sure it's Joel shade so I look yes it is smallish being shade and it's chillin next to chica I'll go choke up over here who needs a bit of food cuz she's a bit huh hello uh mob walked in earlier and harmed up but we need to do something before the start this episode guys that is guide down and this Django's life it's trying to attack our house and I don't want water in the eyes are too as to Jen goes to Jing paws okay let's go back inside aqua pulse cha oh those bad idea what is my back ah why do we have that on our back as you guys can probably tell from the title of the video we are gonna do a little troll today and it's gonna be on Joel cuz he trolled us and he put chairs all over our home so I have a plan to troll him back you guys seem to be good friends which I'm happy with you guys are chill in that corner I need to do some work so what we need to do is take out a lot of these that's 9 stacks of 64 cobblestone why doing that che I don't know che 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ok I didn t 9 but that's fine no actually shade I thought you were nice you must die da da da da da da da da da da da hahaha shade oh we got a trophy I love it let's go do we already have one oh I didn't think we do we can put it there though oh yeah so as you guys can see we have 64 furnaces right now and the reason for this is because we're gonna place these all over Joel's house now you're like why are you doing this che why furnaces Joel did chairs for you that made sense why you doing furnaces well I don't know if you guys know but the guy that rolled us is called Joel and you know what Jerome's with coal and you know where you put coal you put it in furnaces so we're gonna go put 64 furnaces with 64 bits of coal in Joel's house all the creeper I haven't seen one of those oh my lord I have not seen a creeper in this game yet also the game seems to glitched ja yeah buddy bequite you you're camouflage cha Chi Bui there we go okay so the issue is Jo has a lot of shades in his house they're probably gonna get in the way but that's okay what does Joel even have in his main room now oh he has some nice things as well quite a nice job be a shame if some ruined it hahaha one two three four five six one two three four okay so far we have done one wall and that is sixty four furnaces if I'm gonna be honest with you guys I don't think that's enough I think we need to do a bit more I think I might just not put the coal in these furnaces I did it for this half but I don't think I'm gonna do for this out for kids first of all I'm giving Joe Cole this is supposed to be a troll not a gift second of all I don't know why it takes really really long haha I think he's gonna get the point all right okay Joel I won't finish these furnaces on the left with coal but I will give you coal burning coal of it oh you get bath I really hope Joel comes into this while this is still burning because it is currently burning coal with coal giving him bars I'm not even sure you use them for if I'm gonna be honest I think this is less of a troll the more of an upgrade it looks really cool in here now what do you think over here little buddy you like it good I kind of want to have furnaces all around my room now look this that she looks kind of cool you know what though I think we do need to do one last thing and then just leave him some signs uh I may have done another little bit of a troll I realized your name Joel rhymes with cold so I gave you a bunch of different places to use it enjoy best Ollie haha I'm not gonna lie I don't think it's gonna take Joel too long to realize that it wasn't from Ollie and it was from me but if we can stir up some other trolls from other players I ain't gonna complain bye Joel haha boy I don't want kill tree a care for the environment but dude don't attack me like that again guys as you can see we have actually improved the house or at least the front of it what the hell is that Oh Mike brah brah I think we need to go fight that as I was saying though we have improved the pusheen face so it looks really cool I think it looks really cute look at the cute little cow in the front of our house thing is basically done now maybe at some point we'll make it 3d genku slam ha I can kill you with my fist alright my dude what are you you're a big boy you were like 200 health I would not fight you but you're like 40 rider oh we need these for a little chica anybody you have hit me and I don't like you but I might kill you cuz you're real big Oh fishy fishy fish I'm gonna kill you or fishy fish Oh baby I believe you want some of these right there we go okay now I think we actually need some coal dammit I hope you guys haven't forgotten what we need to during today's episode cuz we got some diamond baby let's go I give it back 9 and I'm scared give it to me so everyone was saying that I should make a diamond pickaxe and the reason for that being that we can get other ores and I completely agree look at this beautiful beautiful baby ah need to get another one as well so we can get a diamond sword but for now we are gonna leave it in here I'm gonna check my armor actually I think we can afford a good iron hat girls and boys I think it's time for me to go mining because this is this what we needed to go this is right yeah we got that lemonade we get a sweet sweet lemonade even though it's not pronounced like lemonade we got that limonite got that lemon ain't gonna make a goddamn sword out of lemonade I really don't know what this stuff is but I know it looks cool and I know but we want to use it what is this stuff oh is this stuff we got the other day oh that is an Enderman why did you just randomly up here dude no I hate you you know I really want I really want an Enderman trophy we need to get an Enderman trophy even though they scare me alot honestly this is just the most insane mining area I've ever seen I don't even know if there's lemonade lemonade is any good but I'm assuming it's gonna be because it takes a diamond pickaxe to actually get it out of the ground but we've got so much of this stuff right now it's crazy so like this is just one area now do you even know how much I have exactly but look I've got 43 and then this is just up here like I haven't even got most of the stuff in here yeah I've got loads more so if this is good this means we're gonna have so much of this stuff which is amazing also there's like other stuff up here as well look there's like what is this stuff this is called yellow right I don't even know what that's for but it's good we got coal which obviously we need cuz we just decided to give a bunch to Joel we got iron I'm hoping wow that didn't happen that was the thing we didn't want to happen but you know we just got everything up here it's crazy I love it so good also it means that if there's a lot of oil around here there might be just maybe and I don't want to jinx ourselves guys but there might be some more diamond wait is that diamond Oh every time silver is the new lapis lazuli you know it's the troll diamond I guess your intro crafter is gonna do it but damn it that always gets me I'm like oh my god I'm not as deceiving me I don't know yes yes they are that is silver boys and girls that is not the diamond that we are can for peace out Scott you'll be missed I literally didn't see you once but you will be missed god dammit bully again are you serious that just happened y'all rock creatures need to back up y'all gonna get smacked back to death I don't know what that means that it would happen you know I also think we need to do we need to unlock this guy your able to come up yet or are you just a fish you a lava fish that's the case I don't like it you're a love a fish damn it okay what happens if I do this now that she hurts you quite a lot that was amazing oh my god that was incredible I could probably punch you to death with like a bit of pork chop right now that sucks for you dude that really sucks for you just killing you with a pork chop here you're gonna die too pork chop dude Wow nice life okay so we're gonna take some of this eliminate ingore and we're gonna try and make a sword I have no idea if it's gonna be any good but I'm really hoping it is so there we go there's the eliminate worke so 400 uses remaining ten attack damage that's way better than iron dude that might even be on the level of diamond okay I like what we're repping I like this it looks real cool and then we got to go slay some people though stuff is like gold if gold was lemonade I'm ready for him I'm ready to fight him I don't even want this stuff I want to fight and we're there yet we're you okay this ain't where I wanted to go where they have any Damond around here baby your redstone I don't know if that means we could diamond let's go diamond let's go laughs let's get a diamond no don't craft to the maximum this is where we were before when we found diamond there also seems to be some more mouse that's down here you doing in there having a look good time but I want bang hit you know but you did pretty quick actually boy what even are you Rick stuff yeah you blow up on my face but you the one-ders dead I forgot about this stuff here we go we're gonna get the amethyst oh this is beautiful I don't know how good amethyst is I'm pretty sure it's like equally as good as lemonade if not better every goddamn time dude I'm gonna clobber you to death with a fish one day and you're gonna regret ever ever coming out you're hiding and trying to attack your boy I didn't even know what you are are you a golden one are you supposed to be the king thing I take you down look up I'll cue the water bucket let's go okay apparently I cocky with a shovel don't worry about it we're good you got some Jade I don't even know what Jade does whoa we can make some crazy stuff Jade swords are amazing oh there's some more things up here how you doing buddy that's not diamond is it nah not so we are back topside guys and as you can see from our chests with all of our ores and everything cool and we have a got a lot of lemonade we've got a lot of lemonade got a lot of everything right now so we are not in shortage this is great as good news because have to Jade ingots which I thought we needed three for a sword cuz I'm a fool but then I realised swords only need two so as far as I remember there's a really really good sword on my lord look at that 14 attack damage it's even better than the lemon I and the lemon is really good boom look at that is the lemon a sword is the Jade sword boom I was gonna make us some amethyst armor but apparently you need diamond to do that I guess we can have a good hat 1100 durability these are like 100 durability you know what guys I think I think we're gonna take our remaining diamond we're gonna take one two three four amethyst and we are gonna make ourselves a little hat over here out of the amethyst I don't even know is this gonna be worth it I really hope so it should be right it's gonna help us gonna help us be victorious you know I don't really oh my god it has an eye holes it has eye holes haha I'm not expecting that I guess you're a proper Knight right now yeah that is nighttime I do have my new armor idea of my new sword which can kill a genuine one right that's so cool this one hits things guys this is amazing we need to ensure this and I just used up my last diamond Don this hat no bra bra this is the easiest game ever once you get one of these guys I feel like you get some really cool stuff from fighting things you that you wouldn't usually fight like mobs give you stuff you don't really realize you need know what goblin gives you gives your rune I really don't know what these runes are useful for yeah ba-bling stop this we need a bow and arrow actually thinking about it I love a little goblin though as a trophy that would be so cool a zombie - ah do we get it what do we get there I swear you just dropped something our zombie head can I put that on I can I'm the zombie king I guess we could be the zombie king for a while alright hola sir more like pull the curse duh you did I don't know what these things are but we are in the snow lands now and I'd like to fight them what are you are you a Yeti you don't hurt me oh well I'm a horrible person so what are you you're also a Yeti there's two kinds of yetis and this the kind of type that hurts you okay snow cabbages I shall feed these to my little chica you guys bring snow with you you bring snowy weather really don't want to fight me these are just humble yetis we shall let them live remember this friends the yetis are good folk necessary I see the stands in two feet in which case we don't like it I actually really need to learn these skills guys I don't know many of them I know that the golden pickaxe is probably mining I'm pretty sure that the feet are how fast you can go but apart from that I'm not really sure I'd love to know so that we could actually try a level use up like intentionally not just by accident that also means if you guys know any of them that would be real helpful if you could leave a comment in the conversation below letting me know what they mean don't be fooled guys this is a dangerous animal must be approached with great caution brah brah brah Oh what is that that is actually like a difficult animal to kill dark beasts ok guys what are you you didn't seem to even want to fight me but you're like hardcore oh wow you put me into nightmare mode I don't like it what even all you dude let's go let's fight oh wow you creepy you creepy as hell moondust okay oh my lord is that cow skeleton dude you are fast stop that that's not cool you're like the only person that can probably kill us we did get a trophy oh my god I'm so happy it's good stuff okay so it seems that none of the animals out here are much match for my pretty decent sword now so I think we're just gonna head home and sort out all of our stuff chica hello baby how you doing I got you some food if you want some but we have two new trophies is cool we're actually running out of space so we might need to make a bigger wall okay so hot bar and inventory are looking pretty clean and nice right now so what we want to be doing is going over here and going into our food storage which I know shouldn't be just called food storage it should be like natural stuff but we also have some flowers in here we've got a couple I'm gonna see what I can do with them we might go get some more and make the outside of our house look a bit nicer I also wanted you saying that Ollie suggested which is to put a tree outside he pointed out an area that it would look really nice so we're gonna do that we're actually gonna get some bone meal to grow it ossama give chica over food cuz she been good you don't want it okay I love you though so I'm thinking we put our tree right about here I think I'll be a nice area let's see does this even still work there we go okay quite a big tree got a nice tree we're just gonna do a bit of clean right so maybe just put some flowers around I don't really know what all kids are supposed to do where they're supposed to go they're supposed to look like but I'm gonna place them around a little bit we should get rid of this and put some stairs here I think that makes it look a bit nicer maybe we should add a bit more color we need some of you red flowers I picked strawberries oh my god and I can eat them beautiful so these are strawberries Oh maybe we should plant some strawberries can we just plant strawberries around though I'm assuming this is gonna work right plant seed so how that works apparently CEI oh these are just straight up strawberries I'm an idiot Chili's for breeze blackberries grapes raspberries bali blue breeze all of the seeds honestly I think this looks way way nicer we have got some plants we got some flowers and some foods and a tree we have a tree look at it jiggle in the wind in front of a house looks really nice we got a nice so we got everything nice we have a cool helmet really happy about this guys I really am look at this how nice everything looks oh let's just live here forever I don't want anything to change ever have ever I'm sorry I've got masks on ever all righty guys thank you for watching the video if you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up make sure to go into the comments section and leave a comment letting me know what you want to see in the next episode it can be a tip it can be a trick that I could do to help around in the house it could be a joke it could be anything to be honest if you watch Shay craft before then you know how the drill goes you know what if people do start suggesting really cool things and I do use them then I'll probably start putting your name up somewhere in the house so thank you for watching again peace out guy don't stop wars it is your life you guys have got to go live it I love you a lot and I will see you next time well why their chairs outside my hahahaha why their shares sunbed lunches

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