F(x)- All Mine MV Reaction

by: Triple BEI

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hey is babe Becky Emily a be salvaged a we will be doing a reaction video requested by oh sorry I'm up probably butcher your name but you know tell me if I'm wrong Johanna buggies all yes Bobby us something like that but thanks for the awesome so we're gonna be reacting to FX Neil assassination song caught on lines and I heard it was EDM so like you know what's that one I buy I read something EDM I think I'm redirected this I think this one looks like it's just another minute yeah yeah ever a CEO like what's that once on the ball pit yeah yeah yeah it looks thank you start in three two one

it's also pretty I know Chris noise


I love Amber's voice we're gonna be able to walk pickin yeah what like a log yeah

maybe I'll shed more hair but I should feel the idiom comes these like like oh yeah

yeah my art in shows oh yeah gee bud I know me over from hair cut your hair

right maybe shows like a small

November awesome we're gonna check it out oh so we imagine up the camera in the default email you're just ripping it off a lot of it make it look like you're holding

oh this is the town


all right again cookbook together oh

she's not going to know everything oh yeah dude that song sounds so good yeah I like their recent medium so I'm Brianna mm-hmm and what one of the songs in her new album galaxy is really good did you I think he has a lecture like I don't really know Jonathas I just took me in electro it sound good yeah I feel bad though cuz I'm like I think that album is considered a fall right here so really yeah doesn't like it didn't really get that much arts I think it's good guys still it sounds like yeah it's not like a whole party or like something like like summary like summary of you know yeah I got this email from my mom yeah like friends binded like the same vibe from my Chinese view hmmm looks like it looks like something we could play a whole party and like it's like

yeah - hey hey it's good trying to not sweat on my bed here waking up sleeping okay but yeah oh good I like yeah one of the sudden beginning like he's kidding me oh my god Christopher snow is pretty or something yeah okay so the members are Amber crystal the one that looks like Harden is Victoria she Chinese - Chinese her her real name is stole my gosh I don't know I don't know how to say all right yeah it's cute how do you view yeah SP I need some toys yours - Jason I would cute I want to say like Q I am Chen Chen malloc function Q I am Chen Jin Qin it's not like the age Qin Qiu Chinese even like I know three was a Chinese I do you the magic are you doing with your life okay not you this though I just be gonna be keep saying I feel like I can understand I don't speak Chinese I don't speak Chinese I can understand Chinese alright so thanks for watching and

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MORE F(x)! We can never get tired of these girls tbh. We're loving all of their recent releases! They're so refreshing and All Mine is no different. The MV is simple yet cute and the song itself is so nice and summery ;v; Remember to like, comment, subscribe, and request! ♥ Background Music: F(x)- Electric Shock F(x)- Danger Follow Us on Twitter! ^^ Becky's: https://twitter.com/jjunheong?lang=en

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