Overwatch - Zenyatta God

by: Bazza Gazza

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can you know your diet to kirtan no you're not handing out cuz he knows but I can look let me look what's this I'm playing soldier there's a healing Claud want to plays then well there isn't out of me okay this is the thing everyone thinks that their hero is the most high skilled hero right so we all play each other's heroes and then whoever is the worst no I don't I don't think yours is Minds the most skilled I just know that Sean's is the least skilled and very fucking basic shit not your least kill your fucking and try to play a game without a man there you get massacred you hold up a a ute says has Grandmaster Reinhardt from sorry not Grandmaster right hard rock grandmaster that is not how you play I fuckin hate you both oh here's and you're already triggering me so much I'm just seeing you walk around like a normal person and not sprint and like hurts me like you walk you haven't ridden you should be pretty everywhere like at all time but never walk Wow it's a pedo if you want to be sexy spirit everywhere no you don't because if you sprint you're miss details as you mrs. e you need details the details leave and go and shoot I just miss it usually take like I say look okay okay Ellie just fell off a cliff you're a fucking idiot is my bad Lyra where you gonna come up here I've gone I've code when together you know I have gold eliminations and I have gold healing so rekt literally I'm so really fast you're kissing you go damage shop your soldier oh I need tiny comma bed put any good on him that is I sleep then I study yeah I killed him badly what love of God Sean for County healing King anything okay it was healing thing you down what do you mean I'm killing people oh yeah right okay fuck sorry guys I'm pulling it Shawn besides it I'm no longer interested in protecting my team gonna run away no I always predict looking what do you want about your dick are they coming in oh my god oh my god you guys are you oh my god I got it get behind me okay got a rope the end do amazing thing I got it here we go here comes the immediate thing with your own fighters on center fred-o-cal presence oh my god I fucking hate you bed you were doing so well I put my own serve it up you just stole my playing a game bad we just sold my play the game gonna have just like a guy he just like goes into your backyard he's like hey I'm in architecture I was like oh okay then I was like hello I'm in architect I can architecture I mean I've already no architecture yeah you mean architects this shallow I can take whatever that's what do you want it ii 'it how long would their I'm an architecture dumbest shit you said for them oh I think I feel like that's what he said day so maybe I should go double-check them make you go day be here not a real architecture bed go out there anyway consider you a real I just say you're a real aku texture hello this is the backyard is like yeah I was looking at the house was like oh okay did everyone let you in the back of my no I thought I heard someone but somehow got there say maybe from the government or he's the guy who likes I don't know here's a house fucking know either way he was bullshit yeah what was he wearing I mean he was wearing like a okay looks like this is like the the long-sleeve shirts like a patent on it yes oh yeah robber yeah you mean explain I think he's saucing me out your house they give people in jail did he did he such detail at home in Amman architecture look into the back your house man I maybe had like a pen in his ear so that that kind of gives a bit of credit right oh so got so much credibility okay in area ah he's not here to rob my house at all well we have been pay for these Anna's also probably my writings right literally on the layout of the layout of the house right yeah I need paper a kid is an idiot it is an idiot three windows out the back one constantly a job literally walk into the backyard without question also I'm the wallet inspector I may need to ya back your wallet maybe your ID and all your cash the water effects occur to know if you know exactly guy I think I don't know what I need then all this it all sits oh my god there's money coming out of these holy shit boys that is right ash the longest everyone that is been EPS along became I'm Elliott we're under the carbonating in here and that's over here over here you could see broken bad wait because you read that on money good ah perfect money money I mean are they do what's the currency it's like like look every time I on solute box as you put him they literally look like button everywhere they do look like buttons is buttons well shame I was trying to play like an actual Reinhardt this game I just I need to be like like no I mean I was trying to play like a soldier and I still go go damage because Sean you know I can't really do anything because Sean doesn't know how to deal damage with anyone who requires aim ah where is Sean right now doing a subscriber you Sean you need help I'll help you get go damage your guys I'm dead massive ass distraction we kill the honor please the love of God can you protect you kills please do you know every year at least 5 healers die to Hondas oh oh I just got here you guys are doing it you know is that faith in you we we're doing it guys and guys do Slovenes my alt doing won't get back fast I'm going north hey guys I'm back what hard someone now has a sprint ability okay there you go great oh my god fucking give me a harmony or bed I meditate I'm because please the partners I'm busy right now eyes look cuz I'm a great oh you guys just be like chill out did you know just like hey yeah what - chill out yeah what are you doing hang out are you doing self your fighting guys you know just come come on trial the car it with me come on good boy see oh my god bleep creepy fucking you bring peace to the world and you just you do well what really good job guys Wow why are you American I don't know he's a fucking robot like it's like one of the sixties hippies would like to flower chain around its neck I got dulled everything the first second time okay so I was acting here in the sound of my water bottle an annoying sound the sound of rehydration the sound is sily Oh what that was a Simon and Garfunkel finger I don't get it I'm not old song like Simon and Garfunkel despite this why you saying the word Garfunkel makes you sound like 70 okay look it's talking about everyone knows fighting everybody knows you got fun good oh yeah you know you got poker jugs oh god fuck you don't have a deep enough voice to actually do Reinhard so you know you have to be hiding to me okay I actually don't know is actually those what you'll get a good thank you you get a healing always sad how do you position your voice hurt now ain't going to keep suffering and fire thing III think I kind of real my voice when I get down like Brad mill I know it was elk sound like bread get behind them guys we're gonna do this one take it out yeah that's what the fucking I we need to like chill out it is right now you fucking kidding I'm healing creep you know you actually heal faster when you do this why the fuck can't we friendly fire in this game I hope they shoot you and your stupid robot face they weren't I hope they shoot me millions you could wrote happy to me like eat out why okay well that guy Mike okay oh yeah fuck there you go hey all right guys I'm hiding I mine and white as communally owned to me they're all that water Cosby but see yeah that's it yeah oh yeah killing me that one time literally no one has seen me it okay um I made a mistake I've made a horrible mistake a lot of a lot of regrets in life a lot of reviving life this would be one of them this would be one of nobody a mind visitor nobody can see me like 30 people just hello where where I use I'm just hanging out okay he can't see me he just he can't be able to see me life he can't see me I think I'm actually just like invisible hello I'm not on your team I'm not I'm not supposed to be here look I'm just like you guys ha ha I'm just being friends right everybody just come up here come on oh shit hey bad spell you don't want those of widowed behind you why don't we get here like short screaming in the background Jesus Christ I'm spinning kills we've got bombed in the way we don't let's all ride the car together you yeah we don't you only trust please please kill the car okay we're just friends well oh my god we trail I think we're the real winners get will here with riddance where the winners that weird of ability and happiness and all you can do fire shots I think I may know what he did on no not yeah okay okay well didn't even kill me in this I don't think I yet okay wait you might have killed me okay I thought you'd actually be like a great Zen main bed I feel like it fits with your personality I think I'll be escorting physics to the corner you are you putting him cuz you know not putting in the corner can you refer to me like I'm a bit of furniture please like no bag in the world I like putting my decorative zenyatta in the corner go the room like a big plant I really like that one portion of the room you know really brings it all together it does look at it let's see what I did there I'm he's now a light so literally have light to coming from that's pretty cool that's why I put him there good deals my daughter no ill babies babies it no you guys you can't leave as soon as you leave I'll have to go back to playing Zelda it's consumed my life once it'll do it again present a wild man it's like some serious drug I'm being miss addicted to cocaine way to cook and addictive drugs the drugs we yes the drugs yeah not all drugs are addictive as mass due to cold medication no makes about well I should know I'm a master drug dealer hahaha gotta live with your new hippie basco here to be honest oh dude best street name is Reza I dread that it's gonna name just for drug and buzzer together the truth yeah yeah I mean to be fair like by shouldn't live on standards yeah it's better than the average Shaun pom I guess I'm a dad now yeah ey this way good I have a license to bad pun now if there's a cliff charge here that can be done I just no one cares no one cares I don't know what it is ah shut up look Shawn charge low I know if I got a playwright hard I gotta play my wallet out and tired of that iron but five years dick can you push him off football Friday when you go with your mom yeah they stopped down here bitch hahahahaha the rest of us you're one of the coolest things about our 76 and Oh someone killed hard bass hmm they're both you know they're in spawn you just get back really quickly you know say we pick second sprint run I can charge let's be fun don't make me fucking use my all together cuz I will no Kyle please fast where's my fucking arm there you go I gave it to you you're fine Wow look actually keeping me alive but harmless keeping my friend coincidence just try to kill me shit please enemy team stop trying to kill me the waffle bed you not laugh at me well you got tiny ball tiny with other days of the balls that matter that's it until you put her to put

and I got this dog [Music]

Oh [Music] yeah and I got it [Applause]

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