NFR 2016 Cowboy Christmas trade show, interviewing Cimarron Horse Trailer at NRS

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mr. Chuck Here I am in Las Vegas again this time with the AFR I'm a math cowboy Christmas in the convention center we're reviewing as many new products as we can find we're looking at horse traders

mr. truck Here I am at the NFR in Vegas well it's kind of the trade show in a farm degas this is cowboy Christmas and there's all these different places that have the great products out there for you to look at so it's a fun place to go the NFR Christmas cowboy Christmas is off awesome this is the South Hall of the Convention Center and we're upstairs with national Roper supplies booth with Cimarron traders and this is Ben Jason he's the National Sales Manager yes good to see you again nice to see you [Music] you got some of the cool things we're going to go over throughout some of it because there's got three traders three or four five only traders you've got we've got five five traders a lot of traders and this one is one of my favorite ones this is what I call the economical living quarters combination horse and livestock yes so tell me how about this trailer I think you can't this trailer is really excited to bring out here to the NFR this year it's 32 foot long and this is a pro star stock combo with a midtech got a 14 foot stall area 3 foot by 7 foot mid tack and then a 10 foot 9 inch short wall living quarters so this trailer is very versatile whether you're hauling horses I may be taking some show calves to the County Fair maybe you're going to take some steers and a couple horses and get rope at a friend's house maybe retake the four-wheelers or the Ranger and go to the mountains for the weekend one of our changes on our 2017 models which for building hours a new side slat we've got a new radius on the ends outside on the inside though we've got a smooth flat wall it's really changed the inside look of our stock trailers and also the look of our dividers and gates with that smooth flush interior wall it's news it's also foresee yes also for safety know radius is there anything for anybody feel hung up on and the slide itself is stronger with a triple hollow core design there's three hollow cores inside that side slap these flats are nine inches tall and each one of these spots there's actually a hollow area inside that slap between the flat on the backside looks like on the outside of the tree yes this is the radius the design on the outside of the trailer on the backside it's gonna be a flat wall this combos very versatile with horses cattle four-wheelers very multi-purpose fairly

uber in business

really a very versatile trailer and it is economical it is the lowest price of your quarter we have here on the booth but it's hitting a very good price creams in the market still a truck trailer you can pull with a one-ton truck very easily the midtech is very spacious it has both an entry door and a side ramp mid tack room we have the Swing Out saddle rack we have the side ramp makes it easier to get in and out here if you've got to take some show cab you've got a show box and roll it up here or any other equipment and just make some nice access to this mid deck where you can take up either a show box or you know it's easier to get to saddle racks so very versatile trailer a lot of room we've got a couch a fold-down bunk a new interior from outlaw what's the packages we've worked on called the pro star this is a pro star built by outlaw it's new packages new living quarters designed for Cimarron trailers but made simple so we can ten different layouts to choose from and then the color groups already decided you got five options the colors three different colors woods this trailer we added the option for the fold-down bunk so above the couch here we have a bunk that will hold down for an additional bed this folds down and then you pull the mattress down so another sleeping area there the kid

really new colors updated look from Vermont law for these pro stars really nice combinations oh well this mid tack is awesome it goes all the way it's true when you talked about that it's so cool a lot of times you know you had walk all over on the trailer to do something else with it and putting forward in here I love that idea now that this has divider gaiters it has stalls in it does have one Center gate you've got two seven-foot compartments in this trailer and that's how we built this one we can build them differently because we can do a traveling gate we could do a gate at a different position but this one is a 14 foot stall area with to 7 foot by 8 foot compartments cool well I think this is one the most economical ones that we have the show what's this one cost reach this one sells for 65,000 here at the show that's that's cheap for a living course it's a great yeah that's just a cause of value but it's awesome trader I love Cimarron Cimarron I like all the pieces of art because they're welds are like that I mean it's just beautiful trader lasts forever well very well-made trader I'd love with some rods so now we're going to talk about this big one here this big ones are our showpiece here at the show really exciting a full custom trailer from Cimarron and outlaw conversions I'm a great trainer they aren't NRS put together for this show we always get to do a fun piece for them and they inventory this type of trailer year-round but it's really special is a four horse with a 17 and 1/2 foot living quarters it has the integrated hay pod that concealed a lift it's a side load full rear tack spread axle air ride with our new 19 that inch tires and wheels extra clearance lights custom paint beautiful interior by outlaw just an amazing amazing trip awesome that's got 10,000 pound axles 10,000 pound a ride axles so you got 14 ply tires and this thing's made for the long long haul it's that's awesome and you know having that that here day a pod that's built into the roof is awesome you can cover all that expensive hay up your generators when you've got every big generator put extra power on this got a known end eight thousand watt diesel generator so when you're filling up your truck you pull forward you fill up that generator of the same pump those diesel generators they're gonna run cooler run quieter they're gonna run four or five times the hours at a gas generator oh wow that's cool well it's that's the big one it's a big trailer you got you know a person's got majors with all the storage on the side even in the the scape door you got a storage of its cable in it yeah it's a reverse hinge with extra storage nice place to put that little toolkit or emergency kit some of that extra piece and the concealed Hale if you look at a minute an awesome piece that's an exclusive December on we designed that in-house we've got some amazing talent there at Cimarron within our design mounting our shop there guys that build it just an awesome piece where you can lift that hay up and put it on top of the trailer you don't have to worry about having a tractor or having that or Big Brother around loaded we got to one of our customers at Kairos dear old yesterday barrel racers I can get my trailer ready by myself I don't have to rely on extra help so she loves every little trick well that's cool and it all fits into that door and it makes a nice smooth appearance it looks good it's out of the way I want to talk to you about our concealed Hale if we build these trailers with the integrated hay pod so you can store your hay up there but how do you get the hay on top of the trailer well usually in the old days you'd have to get the loader tractor at home or throw them up there or take it up the ladder that requires a lot of work it uses some extra help at Cimarron we designed to concealed hey lift why is it concealed well it's behind this big door you don't want this piece of equipment hanging on the outside of the trailer so we've made it really nice and clean with this big door once I open this door will find the hay lifts I'll fold it out and then we'll talk more about it so first step just open up this door

lock that door back inside here we have the lift itself that lift folds out we build this whole thing at Cimarron it's not an aftermarket item that we buy and put on we designed this in-house with our engineering team and our production guys and built this this hay lift you can put a bale of hay on here and if you're ambitious you can put two bales on top of that it's gonna go all the way up and then it's gonna dump so the remote I've already got it plugged in the remote control actually stores on the door so it's out of the way and simply plug it in here at the back of the trailer and with this cord it's long enough you can stand back out of the way or you can get up on top of the trailer if you want to unload bales so we'll watch this go up and dump it's pretty fun

that's pretty fun that it's timed and positioned correctly just go up there and dump the Bale on top so you can load three or four bales up there then go up the ladder and stack them in the hay pod and organize it how you want or have somebody else on top organize and measure loading them now that's some people say that's kind of cheating loading your hay but if you're gonna do it by yourself or a small little barrel racer you can load your hay by yourself at home and not have to be found another help so just run that back down you can actually run this lift if you want to unload your hay with it you can let it down a little bit you can put a bail on it right there in that position and then let the bail down

so that's the integrated concealed hey lift from Cimarron trailers again it's built by Cimarron designed by Cimarron it's only available on a Cimarron trailer that kind of a pot to being integrated into the roof probably up some too much because there is no difference between the North's hey pods cost of fuel there's a flat nose liner you can build them in where their can slide right up it's kind of help we put a lot of design into our hey pod we're actually dropping that ceiling in the stall area where it's integrated and built into the trailer itself our hey pod is 24 inches deep it's a flat roof when you're up there so it's very safe and you have side walls up there it's not the traditional hay rack where you feel very uneasy on top of there yeah I think built into the trailer it helps on the aerodynamics you get 18 veils of hanging in that hay pod Wow 15 maybe 3 or 3 strand but a typical 2 strand building at 18 built a-plus Saxon feet on top of that just a great feature to keep all the hay and never equipment safe and dry up there awesome [Music]




this is the Cimarron integrated hey pod this is built into the trailer so it's not a hay rack or a hay pile that's bolted on top this is actually part of the structure when we designed this we wanted to make it very safe and comfortable we're standing on a flat deck here and we've got sides that are 24 inches tall we feel very safe up here ladies that come up here work on these trailers load their equipment in here they feel very safe you're not an arched roof without walls got the generator box beside us and then we have the hay lid itself the lid has this v in it so that when you're walking in here you don't have to hurtle any walls this lid lifts up with a gas sock and it's very high so you're not ducking when you're going in here look at that lid up and out of the way once you're inside this pod you got enough room to store 15 to 18 bales of hay in here depending on the size of your hay bales this actually has the extended pod on this chair it's another three and a half feet longer you can get a whole nother row you get a whole row underneath this lid here I'll get underneath here to show you what it's the size wise you can get down in here you know all the way to the front of the pod so even fit Bale the hay up here we can add an extra water tank put a lot of storage in here so after you get your first River there we've got enough room out here to have another two rows of hay every pod does have a drain in it also we know that someday you're gonna wash this out it has a drain all the way down to the fender all of the trailer lights in here you've got tire rails if you want to secure any equipment we use these trailers at night usually if you're done roping or done trail riding you gotta get some hay it's dark we put some lights in here trying to make it easy and convenient for you to use

and then someday we want to service your generator this box it lifts up handle and has a Gaston lid to open up so you can work on your generator well known nationwide service great warranty great product it's battery for the generator and then you got your built-in ladder I really like this slide Zack same time you get a letter out it's much easy to climb up and going straight up you know a ladder are easy angle ladder they've been a hit since we've designed those you can almost climb up that ladder without hanging on you can just step up the ladder is so nice and that being it that angle makes it much more comfortable and safe oh yeah a lot of times your climbing up on the roof you got stuff in your hand you can't always put both hands on the ladder to climb up I think it's great a beautiful trailer now what I know you that I know what the spread on the axle does for you but what's the purpose of spreading the axles out and I think it's great for stability and weight just beauty but I'm sure you have some more reasons well those reasons like you said and also spreading it out pulling a little bit more tongue weight off that trailer and the trailers I pulled that I've experienced I think the reaction time between those axles spread them apart give them just that little extra time to react when you're going over a bridge seam or a pothole I feel like it makes a difference in the driver's seat so the functionality that pulling that tongue weight you look all the semi-trailers on the road today hardly ever you can see to access to go where this ride axle is legit and plus the overall look it's pretty killer my experience that front tire which tries to throw nails at the back tire so keep them further away makes me happy from omen we have more space between those tires it gives us more distance so those tires from cool down a little bit better too you know when he gets to be 110 out in the desert running in the middle of summer anytime we get more air around those tires it's gonna help him the longevity of that tire oh yeah I'm beyond for 12 or 14 ply tire you got the heavy duty tire so you're not gonna flex as much you're not gonna create the heat this is an awesome trailer misses as good as it gets it is an amazing piece again in our as top end dealer letting us build these show pieces but this isn't just a showpiece they'll keep trails like this an inventory for a customer by year-round but we put some extra stuff on this earth being hard really so what we can do outlaw over-the-top on the living quarters and they're just a beautiful interior this has a account a full wraparound dinette an overhead bunk that folds down you can sleep several people all four horses and safety and style those air rides full big rear attack [Music]

seventeen and a half foot short wall built by outlaw conversions premier living quarter company in the market just feel the luxury home in here all the things to hit the road that conviction oven cooktop a large slide out with a u-shaped dinette something that actually a family can get around and enjoy instead of the old just side by side dinette of course that law you're getting all the hard wood cabinetry he hitting a three year warranty complete from outlaw service and then the design experts huge walk-in closet there beautiful vanity

it's a top-notch incredible interior

this trailer with the couch that done it pulled down bunk the main cabin sleeping I can easily handle a family to a forward a six depending on the size of kids really make traveling the luxury going all those events where you're going to I square those horse shows or trail riding NRS trailers I do does a great job selecting the options and features to really make these in my comfortable home away from home it's a whole control panel there everything from the battery on/off switch to the electric awning push button awning you're holding tank monitors your slide-out controls generators start up and all your lights which is of course without all everything's labeled even the wiring connections when you get loads your batteries they go as far as putting the label on the wire connection for what that wire is forward there's so many things that outlaw does behind the walls behind the scenes just amazing amount of detail that goes into their conversions

entertaining this is rigged up for DirecTV satellite so dad can watch football games on Saturday while the kids are getting their horses ready you can be on the road for months on this trailer oh yeah well that air ride that makes you float and you got both suspensions the torsion and the air and the shock absorber so you can't get any better on the ride I mean that's you may want to ride in the back we're selling more rides every year we believe in them just a great system very proud to offer that for you to export oh yeah anytime you can actually differentiate the truck on the trailer and the frequency they work together they bounce like a basketball if you get them totally different two different suspensions and different feel and that's great and you know being a being a dual suspension torsion in air if anything happens an airbag you still got a full suspension absolutes there's no risk involved with it but I love man you can drop him down to load stuff that's how it's gonna drive bad about two and a half inches decrease that angle on that side ramp to load they are dead before you leave and you're good to go yeah that's awesome side load trailer gives you all the extra room in the rear attack also gets those horses a little bit further forward on the suspension itself giving the horses a better ride the big advantage is having this large stack from the back of the trailer with the side ramp we extend that ramp back towards the back of the trailer making it easier for those horses download off of and Cimarron we build really the safest side load on the industry where it's a flush entrance from the ramp into the trailer for [Music]



being closed front end with the roll-up door we have behind that would be the pump for the hydraulic slide-out room the propane bottles all the batteries for the trailer the air ride controls the spare tire keeps all that beyond that roll-up door very nice and clean another change with our 2017 models is that all of our tires are are now filled with nitrogen and the tire and wheel assembly is balanced in addition every Cimarron trailer is now standard with aluminum wheels made these major changes due to customer requests and really trying to stay ahead of the market with feeling the wheels nitrogen-filled tires as tires are going to run cooler and have a more consistent psi than just standard air and then the balancing helps in the overall tire wear and lifespan with having a balanced tire and wheel assembly the 19 half-inch tires that's an option we've offered this year for these larger trailers that can be hit in the road or more miles nineteen five tires very accessible as an aftermarket tire and nineteen and a half inch tires the wheels are going to turn less revolutions per mile than a 70 and a half or 16mm tire and wheel with less revolutions us less bearing weirder and less brake work I took over hydraulic disc brakes on this model built by dexter axle with the dexter pump this trailer also has the air ride suspension say a ride over torsion axles really a great suspension helps in the life of the trailer it's going to make a big difference on your horses we're gonna be more rested when you get there and ready to perform well thanks Ben thank you if you have a great show thank you it started off great okay I'd be here again we're the upper level here at the convention center for cowboy Christmas and Hunter and outdoors show we're here with NRS trailers is there beaver I'm glad to be here and commence this cool toy day too so you've still got eight more days we're here okay mr. truck here's an exciting news my book is finally out I wrote this book with Andrey Smirnov of the Fastlane truck it's the the Fastlane trucks guide to pickup trucks and what that means is Andre talks about all the different stats in here the different races we did the different tests we did climbing up the mountain with loads doing miles per gallon with loads doing the track with loads all these different things to help judge a truck and then pick the route the best ones he talks about future trucks on my side where I talk about how to judge a used truck should you buy a new truck or a used truck should you buy a diesel or a gas truck so all those things are in there we talk about transmissions we talk about trailers how to get the trailer match to your truck so it's a safe towing experience so we talked about payload how to figure that girls combined weight rating axle weight rating tongue weight all those different things we talked about teenage safety when they learn to drive so we're doing a lot of that in the book and you can get this at all the independent stores like tan recovery can get on Amazon and get on Barnes & Noble and it's just an awesome if you wanna look up Google just go truck nuts a book my tree put book in there or you might be surprised but by the book this is too cool this is the 2017 Ram Power Wagon it looks like they've added a few things to it this will find nothing to giant tires on this real similar to one of the shortest at six State Fair the prototype but this is an actual Power Wagon and it is this Power Wagon has a few add-ons so sure they're Mopar parts you can buy but this is just such an awesome truck lock that black tailgate Power Wagon the big brand logos see this tow hooks all over place look at the size of that exhaust something else fender flares the ice giant tires awesome then it's got a roof rack just some tide it has on it so there's not much that you can add to this and look at the interior it almost like a Recaro seat all the accents so good-looking accents everywhere beautiful interior I'd buy this puppy just for the interior it says a moonroof there's that tire tread on the tire you're on the seat at me awesome such a good-looking interior you don't have to name this sideways look at the back look at the back of the seats we Ram insignias everywhere oh this is just too cool yeah you know excited about this truck and I hope you can get all these accessories from your local dealer awesome be locks on the wheels out of the fake of the real but 2500

look at the lights on top of the head is so cool clearance lights and spotlight awesome

oh geez oh quit father

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