14 Craziest Things Gamers Have Done In Skyrim

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[Music] Gaming Bowl presents 14 craziest things gamers have done in Skyrim Skyrim fans can be a crazy bunch pouring hour upon hour into an open world experience that should by all means be outdated as such they're capable of some pretty crazy things whether it's creating awesome machinima or cool mods let's take a look at the 14 brizia stings gamers have done in Skyrim 300 in Skyrim not everything has to be a mod or a total conversion of the game sometimes all you need are some console commands the creation kit and a boatload of time like Tyranno Khan who managed to recreate some of the best scenes from 300 in Skyrim and mash them into a trailer it's honestly kind of crazy how close some of this looks to the original robbing solitude ever get that feeling of extreme kleptomania the kind that you just can't express in the real world such was the plight of one player who took every single item from solitude which is no small town to his home in Whiterun well he tried putting it all in his home but items spilled out into the streets days of the blade tyrannical was back at it again this time using the assets of Skyrim to create a samurai epic the cinematography music and even sound editing are on point throughout giving a really neat Kurosawa feel to it all it does make you wonder how these warriors found themselves caught up against dragons but it's cool enough to make us want to find out create a monster for its time Skyrim's character creator was praised for the sheer range and depth it offered heck even now it's better than what you'll find in games like destiny the division Mass Effect Andromeda etc however German 985 wanted something more out of it he wanted to create actual monsters the results are somewhat cool and somewhat horrifying okay mostly horrifying Shirley curry and Skyrim some people have an unhealthy obsession with Skyrim or depending on how you look at it a deep passion Shirley curry or grandma Shirley easily fits into the latter having uploaded more than 300 videos for Skyrim despite being over 80 years in age in fact she even returned to the game with Skyrim special edition and the overall tone and relaxing nature of her videos has made her quite beloved in the Skyrim community Dark Souls in Skyrim when complaining about the combat in Skyrim and Elder Scrolls games in general people have pointed to the Dark Soul series as a stellar example to emulate Tyrone actually went a step further recreating the overall aesthetic of Dark Souls in Skyrim by using a couple of graphics mods granted the actual combat doesn't look as skill based but it's still remarkably close to what Dark Souls looks like nightmare fuel plenty of players have used Skyrim to create machinima but how many have used its assets glitches and some CGI software to create insane terrors Martin Olson went about that route and if you've ever wanted to see an enormous bear like thing spewing black sludge over a skeleton for starters well he delivers for better or worse pirates of Skyrim with all of the things modders have made possible it's only a given that someone has found a way to create an entire pirate experience pirates of Skyrim the Northern Cardinal under the Black Flag allows players to harness their inner Blackbeard and lets them attack other ships hunt for treasure and encourage their crew it may not outdo games like the upcoming Skull and Bones or even Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag but it's still a pretty great diversion from the base Skyrim experience Skyrim in less than 40 minutes speedruns are nothing new in the gaming community but the kinds of techniques that speedrunners use to complete games continue to astonish take dr. t chops who managed to complete Skyrim story in just 39 minutes and 32 seconds using quite a few interesting tricks and keeping his starting gear for the most part it kind of makes you think about those who have yet to even progress further than the opening escape dumb Keys ultimate Skyrim ah video game dunkey you love him you hate him you probably emulate him but there are some things dunkey does that are wholly unique take his ultimate Skyrim video or dunkey simply modded the game to insanity hey Tommy Wiseau mounts a giant tails the Fox himself as Sonic the Hedgehog Randy Savage dragons battling flying Thomas the Train engines and werewolves wall bears play on what more could you really want 100 mods in 2012 there's nothing wrong with wanting Skyrim to look beautiful even all of these years later however even a year after the game's release people were finding ways to make the world positively gleam with detail how well why with mods of course one of the more famous examples was modern unreal who managed to have 100 mods running at the same time resulting in some gorgeous visuals granted 100 mods maybe beginner level today but it was a pretty cool feat at the time the loneliest mod not every mod is a work of art some people just want to convey how lonely it can be in Skyrim and what better way to do that then with an outdated meme that replaces the solitudes coat-of-arms no really what better way we desperately need to know adopting miko miko the dog may be one of the most unassuming animals in Skyrim who will nonetheless bring joy to your cold dead heart however adopting him would be a process in half for writer Patrick Linton as he first needed to adopt a child in order to make this happen this resulted in a long journey of finding a child to adopt a suitable plot of land and so on it's hilarious in a testament to how far some will go for their Skyrim needs great battle of dawn guard by now it would seem that machinima creator Tyranno Khan is an incredibly gifted creator one who knows how to use the Creation Kit and other assets to create awesome shorts the great battle of dawn guard seems to cap it all off featuring werewolves vampires spellcasters plenty of drama warfare and of course piles of corpses even while showing its age in terms of quality it's pretty amazing to see how the cinematography blocking and overall scene creation holds up after all of this time and that'll be about it for this one if you guys like what we're doing at gaming bolt please consider subscribing to our Channel and I'll see

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Skyrim fans can be a crazy bunch, pouring hour upon hour into an open world experience that should, by all means, be outdated. As such, they're capable of some pretty crazy things, whether it's creating awesome Machinima or cool mods. Let's take a look at the 15 craziest things gamers have done in Skyrim. Thumbnail credit: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5518/?

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