Tiger takes aim from the other side of the fence

by: michael jamison

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cutest cat in the world has just found a battery and she's so proud of herself she's running around with it still in the packaging and she is probably good installer some way when the Sun comes out these monkeys just love to sit in the Sun and look at those teeth they are so similar to a tiger if you look at the teeth and the eyes those two features or so close even that little blue rim around the eye since I can get a picture of that again oh nice a friendly there is Billy over there and sissy now that's Lilly

and this is he going she says shy maybe you just look her way or talk to her she runs away and she's not always like that she just does it well I think when she's in it and now it's actually the right time for it to be here because the little one was born in the wrong time but she's absolutely perfect buddy a notice monkey in the world an otter nobody it's dog in the world now he's not naughty they're all goatee I just quitted checking on Donna she was paid almost time to take those stitches out yeah monkeys just running around having fun face as he goes again this week she is just getting teeth more and more and she's just chewing her dummy

her ear is still not right just look at that little ear it will come back out soon and she's just crawling around here in her little cot

getting more capable everyday okay so my workshop is a mess I've got all kinds of tools here a lot of tools and things and fire extinguisher most important part and then I've got tools and things around yes well and I've got my draw thee and my saw and then just a lot of stuff I have to get all of this stuff yeah some paintings my dad actually made that Tiger painting about 20 years ago and the bigger one was one of mine and I just add it over here and I have to finish some of these things so yeah it's a lot of stuff going well I guess you can call it a shade but it's a pole right so it's actually quite big and over here I've got a lot of tools and things and machines so I use it but it's so easy for it to become cluttered and I have to really clean this place up I will and let's see when I think I'm gonna try and do it every time I walk through I'll do a little bit so not gonna just do it you one day because I've tried that doesn't work any

[Music] quickly coming to buy something for the monkeys and the LEAs come with us okay so I don't have much left and this is all I got left for today vegetarian death is already eating and the rest are showing up but they should not eat that cuz I'm not gonna go to the shop right now and I am running short although I'm gonna feed the others and just stretch vegetarian cat's food until tomorrow so yeah let me get started and it's what is easy to feed the others they eat any soft food I do eat the hard food as well and I did find another type although vegetarian gas does not eat it at all so yeah he is forcing me to buy this and I've got no choice okay and the rest here they are let's quickly feed him as well I just do that and I just cut it up like that and it's done and I always like to put a little calcium powder on this he's not gonna eat any of that he's only going to eat his pellets I just put some of this calcium powder over here this just gives them my strong bones and everything then you know they're able to recover should anything happen to them and yeah seeing that this stuff really works cats need a lot of calcium well he's almost done with his meal and nothing it's time to feed the Tigers Enzo and Diego just walking around their enclosure they know that it's almost time for them to eat they comes cut us she's just hurt feeding the other cats I just look at rainy Diego now you have dead man that he's got so much personality he's got more personality than any other tiger I know and sometimes it's a little how can I put it negative personality but always personality and yeah he's just gorgeous look at that brightness as the Sun just glimpse on him Enzo likes to walk straight on his paws and the Jaeger likes to walk out of the path he will not walk in a path he wants to follow his own footsteps I think he's going for a walk but he baits shortcuts [Laughter] but Enzo he knows exactly where he's going he's got his route and he loves walking it and I think if he was a human he would have been one of those joggers that you find every day jogging around because he loves going for a run or just a quick walk but yeah they are just waiting now for me to start feeding them and I think I'm quickly gonna castigated [Music] diego outside the pool enzo inside the pool slowly they are starting to swim again and to enjoy it and it's not much water in the pool but is enough and also that step where it ends at the moment it helps little animals that falls in a to climb out or to at least walk on to that area on the other side and then I can see him and I can go and remove them but Tigers they enjoy water doesn't matter how much is in that bowl and it's such a pleasure to see them enjoy it and the hiker was drinking you can just see the ripples in the water as he is drinking enter just chilling out right there and he's not making his front paws wait it's one thing about Enzo does not like to get his paws wet now that's something you will always know about Enzo if you don't know which what it is and you're looking through these videos and there you see one of them in the pool you know that that's the one that's not getting these bad boys in the water well this for a while so I'm busy installing some of these strips right here on the wall looks terrible now but I'm just going to be wiping this off and then I have to paint again but I'll do it and it's gonna look absolutely great least my walls are quite straight over here so they go in real quick Tigers just walking around thee and I'm just slowly finishing this house off it's a big house and it takes a lot of work but at East I've got dogs to help me doctor yeah you have to do a little every day and you have to know that that little bit that you do is going toward something because maybe it's not about this wall maybe it's about the video maybe this video will continue when this war is not even standing anymore and that's I guess what I'm banking on in this case Michael is just listening yeah they are reacting to every little sound I hear cause they might just be thinking it's feeding time so yeah I'm just gonna clean that up quickly and take out my screwdriver over thee and then I'm gonna be getting around to feeding the Tigers cats are all around Little Miss sassy pens and buggers are up well they were sleeping the whole day I didn't do anything and now they're ready to eat ain't Sookie did she take a walk with Enzo the other animals here they go it says walking on his path look how he's already walked this bar but at least this lawn is nice and thick it's got that cool in-between it just show you they just look at that yes he is a spoiled tiger Diego not that spoiled but he's a naughty tiger and I'm putting up with it so they about equal on that length I will not be surprised if he pees her right off me well that's one thing about cats they better watch out cause if there's a tiger around he might not be able to get them in one way but he might be able to get him in another didn't expect that and they are starting to play with the cats these do doggies of mine and they are just walking around I know this walk these where is my food walk yeah let me go and get their food and I can quickly feed him all the cats are outside here let's stop playing with this box do the sketchy New World there's vegetarian cat he also ate just now so I just gotta feed the Tigers and the dogs and Diego is doing the moonwalk okay dogs are eating they'll finish this up in a few seconds and ends I'm just waiting going to scream I want you to hear the scream that it gives me to remind me to bring them their food that's one of them let me go feed them [Music]

the AO did not get the focus he deserved but we did do the other ones as well little mother cat stretching out there

ya go food again the next Enzo this side he's coming to see if Diego got something better maybe taking the jaegers food he is still the Alpha but Diego is quickly getting fed up with us on Diego he's just a little upset now because Enzo just came in and took his meat come Enzo come the country let's see if I can get inside to the other side again

Diego can eat in peace Oh Diego we'll just have to go that side in this gonna let him through

these do are so funny just seeing him going about their normal day just so I'm Tiger like I don't do anything like any Tiger shoot except now yeah that's because he doesn't see interview enjoy his food thinking about it yep okay Diego well guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed that and

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