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[Music] yes hello team power sports fans and welcome back to the TPS motovlog I will be your host today Sarah and I am super excited because I get to ride the all-new redesigned 2019 Kawasaki Ninja zx6r now it's super cool this particular ZX six because this is the first time in ten years that the zx6 has come in under ten thousand dollars this bike as it sits is $99.99 now what's different about the 2019 ZX six as it gets whole new plastics from front to back so the front end here much more aggressively styled styled after the ZX 10 as a matter of fact different side plastics the tail is now slimmer and a little more compact one of the things I love about this motorcycle because I've had a ZX six before is not only do you get the LED headlights but now both headlights are on it used to be that one was on for low beams and the other was out and they were both on when you turn on your high beams now you have low beams and high beams and they're LED and they're both on all the time you also get an LED tail light extra visibility and there's a whole host of really great features that come with this motorcycle so the first one that we're gonna talk about right here on the dashboard you've got the power modes you've got the full power and push the selector here and switch to low power which I'm going to start out with because these are brand new tires in fact they still have the little hairs on them from the manufacturing process so we'll start with the low power now I also have Kawasaki traction control I have traction control off and then modes one two and three I'm gonna start out in three because again brand-new tires and probably can't tell but it is a little bit chilly outside today you keep the analog tach which I absolutely love it's got the Showa big piston separate phone and 14 for k-- is doing an independent job but when they are hooked together as they are on the motorcycle they function together as a unit one of the other changes for this year not that you can see it with the cover on but it's been reared so this actually has one less tooth on the front sprocket giving you better acceleration and of course this bike makes somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred and thirty horsepower depending on who says the horsepower number and whose dyno it's sitting on but man that is a good look at zxx


now one of the things I love about the z-axis especially in its modern incarnation as well as the Oh 506 model is that it's not a 600 or a 599 CC like many of the 600 CC class motorcycles it's actually a 636 636 CCS so it has just that yes it has just that little bit extra so let's talk about ergonomics the foot pegs are set high and to the rear keeping my feet up and away from the ground and offering me the writer a much more aggressive leaning position when I'm going through corners so whereas I may be sacrificing something as far as comfort especially over long distances I'm gaining a whole lot in the cornering segment now the seats on any super sport and the zxx is no exception to this rule is very high on the bike and it's also very long I'm actually finding that I can slide all the way forward and kind of hold on to the gas tank with my legs but if I really want to get aggressive with it when I slide all the way back this is MotoGP style seating position which is pretty cool the gas tank on the zx6 has these flares here on the side and it really gets the the knees and legs tucked in and holding on to the motorcycle of course clip ons are the gold standard for any super sport motorcycle and clip-ons meaning that the handle bar itself clips here onto the fork of the motorcycle sits my arms in a low position so I do have a little bit of weight resting on my wrists at all times but that's what really helps get the motorcycle and the rider operating together as one unit some super sports are more or less comfortable depending on you know how long are your legs and your arms how long are you in the torso some people might say that a Honda is more comfortable or a Suzuki is more comfortable I've always been a very big fan of the ergonomics on the zx6 Ninja know as I said earlier the review this does have a 636 cc inthalon four-cylinder engine that makes about a hundred and thirty ish horsepower but what I'm noticing is that it is remarkably smooth I'm getting a no buzzing in the handlebars and the seat anywhere on this bike it is smooth linear powerful power delivery you've probably heard the term confidence-inspiring before with regard to motorcycles and this zx6 fits the bill when you have a bike that has the traction control that has the power modes if you choose to go with an ABS model it really puts a lot of systems in place to give you the writer the confidence to not second-guess your decisions originally what Mike started getting these technology is a lot of us hard core long time writers were resistance of this kind of stuff because well you know I don't need all that I don't want the motorcycle telling me what to do well that's why you can turn up the power and turn off the traction control

this 2019 ninja is shockingly shockingly smooth going through the corners back there over the the rougher terrains here where they're doing a little construction on the road I mean it just is seamless smooth it's really really wonderful alright let's turn the power up to full I'm gonna leave the traction control on the highest setting because these are new tires and because it is 47 degrees outside but let's see if there's any notable difference in the power modes [Music] [Laughter]

you know I'll be the first to admit when a bike is a little beyond my skill level and out here on these city streets I'm probably not even riding it hard enough to be able to notice the difference between the lower power mode of the full power mode and to be honest they both feel great wonder if I can switch those on-the-fly I can switch them on the fly I think what the the difference here between full power and low power mode is doing is actually changing the amount of throttle input needed to get the same kind of power result let's try that quick shifter here it is no clutch quick shift up okay I didn't have to roll off the throttle just a little bit but then it slid right into the next gear let's try it for it to fit Wow that is seamless all right team power sports fans there it is the 2019 all-new Kawasaki Ninja zx6r 636 I really really enjoyed this motorcycle I'm gonna give it 10 out of 10 on handling 10 out of 10 on style 10 out of 10 on power delivery 10 out of 10 this is an awesome sport bike and it's come in at $99.99 for a brand new Super Sport 600 Kawasaki you really knocked it out of the park with this one and if you want to see it in person you can come on up here to team power sports Raleigh at nine thousand eight Greenwood Avenue here in Raleigh North Carolina we're on the web at www.securityasi.com or

a great day [Music] [Applause]

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