Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis

by: AllThingsAbigail

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hi guys so I know it's been a few weeks since I've done any videos and there's a long list of things I'd like to be posting some reviews and some different things but I wanted to give an update as to where I've been it's been kind of a crazy couple weeks and just within the last 3 weeks I've had some really life-altering events happen to me and I figured I'd share those with you and then hopefully I can get back to doing my regular posts back on the week about November 12th or so I woke up one morning feeling kind of strange my skin was really hypersensitive like it hurt to the touch if you just touched my arm or my hand or really anywhere it would send me almost and crying out in pain it was really really very sensitive half my body felt like I was sitting on a heater while the other half felt like it was freezing cold just really bizarre I thought I was going crazy I've had this happened a couple times now that I look back it within the last eight months or so but nothing this severe it would be for very brief periods of time less than a day and that it was gone and I kind of always thought it was something to do with my neck pinched nerve or whatever so when I felt this coming on I thought okay this is pretty bad case of it I just got to take it easy for a couple days and it'll go away well after about two days of that I woke up one morning got out of bed it almost fell to the floor my legs felt like they were jello another really strange sensation they just were very weak and almost felt like they wouldn't be able to hold my weight throughout the next day or so it started getting worse my right leg was very bad it got to the point where I was really just dragging the leg behind me it was kind of dead I guess you could say I couldn't lift it up off the ground I couldn't even pick it up two inches off the ground it just kind of hobbled around behind me I was limping really bad I couldn't walk for long distances I had trouble like carrying my daughter because I was too afraid I was gonna fall and drop her and during that time about the second day of this weakness in my leg my right arm started to go numb my skin was still pretty hypersensitive in different areas but my fingers started to act up my right arm started to go almost as dead as my leg I could move the arm but my fingers were were very strange I couldn't bend them too well bye-bye Friday my fingers were kind of like this my fingers were like hooked could this if I was telling my body straighten your fingers this is how straight they would be couldn't do anything with that extremely numb and just really kind of scary so on that Friday I went to my chiropractor thinking pinched nerves somebody's got to fix it and he told me not a pinched nerve and if it is we really need an MRI so we could see where it is so he recommended I go to the emergency room because I did not have health insurance so I had a friend of mine take me the emergency room so that my husband could stay home with my daughter and I spent eight hours there I got a cat ski in I got some x-rays I got a whole bunch of blood work during that time I was it's like my body was freezing I felt like I was standing in a snowbank my legs down and everything was just kind of achy and uncomfortable and hypersensitive and I couldn't move my leg and I was afraid I was gonna fall my arm was killing me and it just was scariest thing ever they sent me home from the ER about seven o'clock that night telling me they ruled out everything acute wasn't gonna die today they didn't see a brain tumor anything like that on the cat scan or x-ray I could go home and they recommended I follow up with a neurologist so made an appointment with a neurologist and I think I saw him on about Tuesday I guess by then I was just getting worse my arm I couldn't hold my daughter I couldn't pull the tabs on her diaper too dressed I couldn't hardly get myself dressed couldn't tie my shoes I could hardly walk I was a mess so Tuesday I went and saw the neurologist and he got me scheduled for an MRI the following day he was pretty freaked out wanted to get me in right away which was good but scary nonetheless he had mentioned Ms he thought multiple sclerosis is probably what we're looking at here kind of overwhelming but okay as long as I know what it is we can deal with it so Wednesday I went in for the MRI and I I had to drive myself there my husband drove me I'm sitting in them RI waiting room I'm the youngest person by 30 years at least and it was just kind of it was kind of scary i opening you know being 25 years old and having to sit in a doctor's office waiting to have an MRI of my brain done and all these people that were in their 60s 70s 80s we're all moving better than me I had all these little old ladies looking at me as i hobbled my way into the office because I could hardly walk I had an appointment to get the MRI results the following Wednesday so a week later that day my mom had called and said she was going to fly in from Massachusetts so she was flying in Thursday Thursday night after she got here I got a call from the doctor's office telling me my MRI results were in and they didn't want me to wait till Wednesday they wanted me to come in the following day Friday okay so Friday morning my mom my husband my daughter and two of my great friends one who's a nurse went into the office with me we all packed ourselves into the small room and got the results it looks like a mess you can't really prove MS with just a blood test or something like that there's nothing that just says it's MS they have to rule everything else out first and to my benefit I guess they were seeing a lot of leisure on my scan not the most the doctor said but an awful lot so it's a little scary I have a ton on my brain and on my spine and it all was pointing towards MS didn't look like there was anything else but they wanted to have me admitted to the hospital to do a strong dose of steroids for three days and get a lumbar puncture okay sorry about that Abigail decided she was up from her neck let's see if we can get a few minutes in before I gotta feed her her lunch so I'm Friday afternoon I was admitted to the hospital to start my steroid IV treatment that was kind of the hardest part because I had to leave her for three days it actually ended up being almost four I spent you know the next Friday Friday night Saturday Sunday Monday and Tuesday morning at the hospital getting the IV treatment my leg had gotten progressively worse it spent most of the time in the hospital bed my arm was just horrible it was a serious struggle trying to get dressed trying to do anything shower I mean brush my teeth I couldn't squeeze the toothpaste I couldn't even hold the toothbrush with my right hand it really just was one of the scariest things I've ever gone through after towards the end of the weekend after being on the IV treatment a little bit it did get a little bit of progression my leg got a little better I was able to lift my leg off the floor before I left the hospital on Tuesday my arm was still pretty bad but maybe my fingers could move a little bit better not freely by themselves but oh you know maybe a couple of time or something a little bit better than they were so that was all positive things of course you know when you want a mile and you only get a foot it's a little disheartening but I wasn't gonna let it get me down I had this little girl to get home to and I needed to get better for her so since then I went through Thanksgiving with my family with my mom here and our friends helping me we had a great Thanksgiving it was a wonderful time I was feeling a little bit better one of the things symptoms that I had that was really pretty awful was it's called the MS hug it's like a tight rubber band squeezing around your midsection and it's really uncomfortable it feels like you have your ribs jutting out of your side and it's really tight and it makes it really hard to get comfortable you can't I have to just lay on my back laying on my side was really kind of painful and it got worse as the day progressed if I overworked too much or did too much which I tend to do anyways because I just try to plow through everything that I need to get done and just deal with whatever pain or discomfort I'm in it just kind of made things a lot worse where I am right now and doing much better than I was just a week ago just even two days ago my leg is all but back to normal I'm walking nore pretty normally to me I feel a difference but if you didn't know me or see me walking all the time you probably wouldn't notice that there was anything wrong I've got some really great sneakers I might do a review on them that really as soon as I put them on they just helped me walk so much better and my hand I can move my fingers and that's great I have a finger strength back in them and but I both my hands are completely numb the fingers and everything is so numb and that makes things you wouldn't realize really difficult it's difficult to type a lot of times I may not realize that I'm hitting a key and I am if it makes things like they're just not they're not coordinated scratching my face or whatever is just it's awkward I'm doing better at getting my daughter dressed I can hold her more don't hold it for too long because my arms get really tired they get very fatigued using a mouse I've had to start using my left hand with the mouse instead of my right because my left is a little better than the right and from that my arm gets really tired and worn out and it's really difficult to do a lot of things especially because I own my own print shop and so I do a lot of design work a lot of typing I'm always on the computer so that kind of makes pretty awful you know when you're sitting in a chair all the time if your button doesn't work as much it's kind of okay but when you need your fingers you need them so that's a little discouraging but the doctor says I probably it may still get better I'm still got about three days left on my prednisone that I have from at home and after that I'm going to be ending up getting injectable medicine that I have to give myself a shot every single day for the rest of my life kind of a little scary but I'm trying really hard not to get down with this I'm just trying to keep up my spirits and it's not something I ever anticipated getting or having and but it's not gonna rule my life and it's just gonna be a part of it and I fully plan on doing everything that I want to do with my life and being able to be the best mom that I can be for Abigail without letting you get me Yeah right if you don't know what multiple sclerosis is you can check out my blog I've been doing a lot of blogging on it and what it is is it's an autoimmune disease where my immune system attacks the myelin sheath which is the coating around your nerves your central nervous system your brain and it starts creating lesions on in that sheath which attributes for your numbness maybe some loss of vision slurred speech all different kinds of symptoms and the steroids help to repair that damage and then the injections help to slow down the progression it's not something I'll ever be able to get rid of it's not something that will ever be fully gone our key word I could go months or years without another flare-up which is what I'm hoping for but nobody ever knows when or how severe your next flare-up is going to be it could be simple like a migraine maybe just a one numb but it could get much worse decades and decades without having it affect them severely other people end up being wheelchair-bound I'm looking for the for the for the first route where I'll be going for the rest of my life with no problems but I'm going to work on a few different things my medicine diet exercise whatever I can find that I can help to slow this thing down and not let it get me down is what I'm going to be doing so kind I just wanted to give that update and now it's gonna be kind of a long spiel here but that's where I've been and if you want you can please check out my blog kind of go into things a lot more detail and hopefully now that I'm feeling a little bit better I can sit down and shoot some of the reviews that I want on Abigail and maybe you put up a new post on how good she's doing just crawling like crazy now pulling yourself up on everything I don't think it'll be very long before she's walking and for now I'm gonna go give her so much can you say bye to everybody you say bye say bye so thanks for sticking by and thanks all my friends and family for all your warm wishes and prayers and thoughts we're getting there check out the blog see what you think if you have any questions let me know I'll see if I can't answer

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