Mitel S720 Wireless Conference Unit on the Mitel 6900 Series IP Phones

by: Neil Hyndman

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bridge networks and I'm here today to demonstrate to you and show you the new Mitel wireless conferencing unit the new Mitel wireless conferencing unit works with the 6900 series of phones right now I'm showing you the 60 940 IP Phone that has just become available in last couple of months from my tell what I'm gonna be showing and demonstrating is a new conferencing saucer that goes with this phone for the dealers the authorized partners in the US and Canada as well as end-user customers might tell customers that had a chance to go to the Mitel Roadshow you would you may have seen this conferencing unit already and I'm not quite showing you that conferencing unit yet I'm gonna pull it out of the box here in real time to show you what comes in the box but if you've been to the Roadshow you would have you would had a chance to see this conferencing saucer if you haven't had a chance to go to the roadshow cuz the the Roadshow hasn't hit your city yet you'll want to make sure that you attend to see all the latest and greatest software applications hardware endpoints hardware accessories there's some great new collaboration software for both the my voice office 250 and the my voice business that's the traditional 3300 MCD or my voice business system that many customers are familiar with in North America as well as Mitel is also talking about the my cloud and what's coming up there as well as the cloud link so without further ado let's get to this I just want to show you here this is my 6 940 IP phone that's on my desk I've got the cabled handset as you can see on it I'm a bit old school but just so you know this the 6 940 does come standard with the cordless the wireless handset it comes standard in the box I have reverted back to the corded handset just because I prefer that but as I said the 6 940 comes with the wireless handset and is an option for the 69 20 and 30 you'll want to check if you're not a mirage customer you'll want to check with your Mitel authorized partner about the latest promotions because in some cases the 69 20 and 30 will actually include the wireless handset when it's bundled the right quantities are purchased or there's different proteins on right now with with Mitel and you want to make sure you check with your your Mitel authorized partner again if you're not a mirage customer just to give you a point of reference of what we're talking about this is another phone I have here on my desk this is the Mitel 5360 this IP phone has been around for some time it is a color touch display LCD phone it's the phone I've used for quite some time and as you can see I've got the Mitel conferencing saucer here that's attached physically to it these are they operate together it's not two different extensions it's it's one and basically I can make in control the call using my IP Phone but have the audio come out through the conferencing saucer you'll see that it's connected via a cat5 connection and that cat5 cable can be anywhere from one foot like what I've got on my desk right now to up to 50 feet is supported so I'm going to look down here there's my my toe bag got deed take this up we've got this box that the nice people from Jabra have been nice enough to send us I grab my knife here see if I can set this up so you can see what I'm doing in real time by the side for a second so actually maybe I'll put this how it was probably best if you can see it like that I know you're kind of seen all my officer so here you've got the box that comes from Jabra with the speakerphone this will be similar to what my tell will ship directly when they make this available would open this up you'll see that sorry you get you see the speakerphone actually ships in a neat little pouch so we can go ahead and unzip that and put that aside and just you know there's there's manuals and whatnot in the box which is not important right now but basically there is the new speakerphone and it is Wireless includes the dr. includes a cable if you'd actually want to plug it in and perhaps charge it as well but it also includes a stand I can get that to work so you can see there's the stands so that actually the the conference unit can sit up if that's what you want or you can sit up flat on your desk like that and then also in the back is the Bluetooth adapter if you can pull that out that there is what goes in the back of the phone so I'm gonna spin you around here we're around there there's my 69 to 40 can I get my frame straight there and there's the conferencing saucer and we're gonna plug this into the back of the phone so that's all there is for the installation and the Mitel 69 forty will automatically detect it and we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna power up our conference saucer just by pressing and holding the power button PC connected and it says it is connected because this can be connected to a traditional PC or any other Bluetooth device but in this case we're gonna connect it to our Mitel IP phone and perhaps I'll put it on an angle so you can kind of see what I'm well let me go put off the side here a second so if we go ahead and we'll dial something local in our in our phone system just so you can hear the audio quality I'm gonna dial in El Guapo it'll be using the speakerphone of my six 940 but we'll transfer that audio over to the speakerphone the conference officer here in a second we appreciate your patience please stay on the line and your call will be answered as soon as that representative is available so I'm going to put this on with the conference saucer I'll put this down just you can see everything put activate the conference saucer and now we've got the audio flowing through the conference saucer and you can actually turn it up and down the audio right here on the conference bridge right and left is top and down you can turn it down your position or hue is one thank you for calling based on current call volumes the expected wait time is one minute one other thing are a couple of things show you is you got to mute the microphone just by touching it and you see it went red to indicate that it's muted when you dot there's a battery indicator which could probably see you right there when I bring it closer the blue cheese symbol to show that it's connected and then just so you're going to see the up-and-down volume and at the bottom the on and off button and the answer and hang up key and we'll go ahead and press the hang up just to show you that it works there you go and the call has been disconnected and again you can pop that stand up if you want so that it's pointed directly at you when you're using the conference unit so that is the new my teleconference saucer that's coming out shortly again it's at the Mitel Roadshow if you get an opportunity to go you should definitely go and check it out again if your mer bridge customer give us a call about this or if you are not a marriage customer perhaps you're in the US you should contact your local Mitel authorized provider look for further videos coming out in our youtube channel we're going to be debuting all of the 6900 series phones over the coming week or weeks we'll start out with the 69 20 and then move to the 30 and the 40 which again you're seeing right now will show you everything from taking the phone out of the box to show you what's included in the box and how to set it up and make it operate with your Mitel system again this this phone is supported with the the my tell my voice business system whether that be on an industry standard server a virtual VMware server or a 3300 purpose-built appliance this phone will work with that call control and mitel we'll be adding it to other call control systems such as the my voice 250 hopefully by year's end but in the coming months and quarters so again any questions the links are in the description on how to get a hold of us or how to get a hold of Mitel and find out who your local Mitel authorized provider is again if you're outside of

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We take a look at the Mitel S720 wireless conferencing unit (Jabra Speak710) for the Mitel 6900 series IP phones. We start by unboxing the wireless conferencing unit, then setting it up on a Mitel 6940 IP phone and then making a call and showing how it works! The wireless conferencing unit works on the Mitel 6920, 6930 and 6940 series IP phones. This video is designed to give you an advanced preview of the wireless conferencing unit before its released. The Mitel wireless conferencing unit will be released by Mitel shortly (summer/fall 2017 depending on geographic region). Make sure to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE to this channel to ensure you know about the latest Mitel videos as soon as they become available! For more details, if you are located in Ontario, Canada or already are a Merbridge Networks customer, please contact your account prime at +1 (519) 823-1661 or


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