Penn and Teller Fool Us, Shin Lim both performances

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- for us [Applause] my name is Shimla I live in Boston Massachusetts I originally went to college for piano performance unfortunately midway through I got carpal tunnel on both hands and because of that I just decided to pursue magic as my main career I think all the years of performing piano and learning music theory really influenced my magic in a sense that I naturally was able to synchronize my magic to the music so every beat every movement is justified through the music by not speaking during my act it almost gives a more mysterious look I want the world to see a different side of magic to take magic seriously and respect the art [Applause] two randomly selected members of our audience to join annex performer on stage in advance now prepare yourself to experience the magic of shin limb [Music]



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[Applause] let's change our volunteers you know I loved every second of that and I know the audience as well I felt like we were in the Church of magic and I loved the fact as well that you cleaned up after yourself my mom would have been really really proud of you whether so you were a concert pianist but you've got the carpal tunnel I was I was so first the pianist and then seven years ago I decided to pick up magic and you've learned that or created that in seven years Wow that's all the more remarkable of the maxis choose not to speaking out there at least not to us why that decision ah I feel like it's it's interesting because did you do enough though to fool tor the smartest minds in magic why there Penn & Teller I don't know I'll see let's find out mr. Penn miss Litella a lot of people do card tricks the idea of doing card tricks which are silly at their very core really seriously and really really importantly is wonderful and I believe that is the only use of smoke I've seeded a magic trick that was sincerely beautiful now watching this you did a lot of tricks and I want to tell you that we caught some stuff that you did and there is this theory on magic that I believe very much which is once one thing is seen to be phony the whole thing crumbles and it crumbles completely so it needs to be perfect or not at all but at the end of that even with the little moves that I saw I felt it was perfect and his daughter said we didn't even know how you vanished the marker [Applause]

Jimmy [Applause]

seven back take a look my name is Sheila I was here on season two I didn't expect a full panel at all now it's I think the most viewed video on fullest after season 2 was pretty busy I started doing a lot of gigs and my career was taking off you should be right after that and unfortunately I had an accident while I was rehearsing evolution it severed two of my thumb tendons and I had to get the tendon stone back together most of my magic is sleight of hands so I had to cancel everything post devastating about like my career was over for me that wasn't good enough I just pushed through and I went farther than I was supposed to after just six months I was able to hyperextend I left them this piece I'm doing right now is about four times more difficult than the act I did on season two there's a 40% chance I could mess up because my nerves are not all there yet however if I pull this back off I'm gonna feel very very accomplished with everything I've gone through this will prove that you shouldn't give up

[Applause] has over 35 million hits on social media please welcome the popular Shin Lin [Applause] [Music]

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] beautiful thank you just incredible it's like watching a ballet with guards perfect oh my goodness is this easier to come on a second time or was it harder to coming it's a little bit easier to come on the second time really to the theater and everything so you're supposed to come on again last season something I suffered two of my tendons on my thumb that must have been terrifying for you that was a challenge this is a really difficult act and so obviously while you're recovering you couldn't practice yeah I tried to do with one hand but that didn't work out so were you worried that your card days were over yeah definitely I mean the doctor was like you're not gonna be able pick up a deck for two years so for me that was pretty bad news well lucky for us that you recovered so well yeah yeah I'm really glad to be back all right well let's go to the guys and see what they have to say you know we like you but you're starting to annoy us I don't think so what this is our show it's called Penn & Teller fool us we're in airports and stuff and people recognize us they asked us about you they say they saw your show on YouTube they say they saw your routine and they just loved you on there and we watched it closely the first time we're on we watched you even closer the second time I mean you're just so wonderful and so beautiful every move you make but we've been watching carefully and I think I can demonstrate a little something about the routine if you if you'll allow me yeah yeah and I if you'll allow me to step back over here if I could just right here

[Music] dongil day [Music] [Applause] yeah [Applause] let's see if it can happen again


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