Minecraft | Dream Craft - Star Wars Modded Survival Ep 19 "MUTATED SPACE DIMENSION"

by: TheAtlanticCraft

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hey what's going on guys welcome to dream craft episode 19 and he's been a pain in the ass ready kill him Joe don't kill me no no we have other problems we have we have we have any problems and I'm gonna saw hair guards out there I learned that they aren't called mana guards they Mak the monocots Magne Magne yeah well welcome back guys a dream craft episode 19 now Joe it's time for the Atlanteans unite once again what number shall they go for should we go for hang on what's double 19 us 38 3800 let's go right 3,800 legs guys Elaine teens unite and show that support if we hit the 3,800 legs we will bring back the stream you ready to bring back the stream the drum baby bring back the funk Oh super fun Seth no I see sit well one for the Cisco oh my god where these Magnus Michael John are you excited what what day is today when is this going out this is going out tomorrow Friday the update is today Joe oh my good to point out no 1.1 I don't know I think one point one dream craft is finally out for you guys to go get the new update update your servers if you want to get a server Pro minecraft toast is a perfect place to go but today Joe we're finally not on the moon and a time to go to bed actually it's happening it's magical because I'm actually recording for like the first time in like years because because I will see stuck on the moon I'm very happy to be back on earth I'm sorry I xkx Kate you are in good well yeah guys drink crap it's been then it's been lonely you know Joey I've been saving jobs but he's been dying around the moon collecting moon pose for like a week I still can't believe I figured out how to eat the last fuel on that moon buggy thing the what are the landing things called do you know um um uh they look like in some sort of insect yeah well anyways he was in there let's save their lives Joe I was able to come back and take the Rockets but let's go put our Rockets back up on the stand Joe do you have a rocket launcher lunch pads my rockets downstairs but wait come back come back come back down what what there's a sign lucky atlantean we have a lucky landing so Joe what is the code word what is it what is this lucky landing how do we do a round of code word and put a little hashtag above it before it so you guys can know which one it is and then if you say in the comments you get selected you get your own sign on our lovely purple and work on blue blue what's going on put purple ha ha Jedi Temple mm-hmm it's lovely well Joe if you if you remember three episodes ago Darth Maul actually came to us Joe he did he came to us and I got him on my head right now I wasn't there for that remember he possessed me well yeah you saw him though right no no no I saw the cow yeah that was him he was a transformed new cow they transform in you well anyways he had a mission for us just like Yoda did since we're freelance you know Jedi and clones we can pretty much you know just make money on the side um we don't really go to the other one I'm break safety Hey turn right turn right like I'll stay you turn around dude no you don't have to just come it has to be destroyed dude but I can't you like that's fine oh stop no don't kill me Joe well anyway boys really Joe I'm actually kind of scared because we said we're gonna do earlier from what now okay don't worry buddy don't worry about it I almost got you uh with Darth Maul dude we can't cannot uh we can get him SAS yeah we can before it's job done so next episode we'll be getting that mission done Joe but right now we need to up our base and get some more uh wait wait did you Bob I Rockets here okay oh I didn't put my rocket up yeah you reskins do you have the pads and stuff I got nine pads you should have your own path deep butt pads I've known my pads up there my rockets all ready to go for mission number 700 Apollo 2000 a olanta on Lantau lento mission wait whoa Apollo missions Atlanta helento missions yeah let's go more land televisions I like that yeah well this place that the space is coming together so Joe you did a bit of research to get our power a power yeah so either we can either get free power from the lava from that thing that you made before and I made I made a MFE which is like a really shoddy mfsu over here see this and it's got we're gonna need that to power any electrical tools we have is like look how slow is though so we're gonna need solar panels oh oh I remember stall the pit wait this is the glad crap solar panels right no these are they actually hang on I don't think they are well I'm gonna go check out those magnet go to aways well they are they are collect craft yeah they are yeah so we need um a lot of stuff to craft these actually I'm kind of scared you're kind of scared face are gonna make some aluminium wire let's just get that out oh it's a sip out here Joe I'm trying to take them out okay I'll do some crafting you get the supplies I'll take out the step you do it Bobby ease down actually another step is a dust I think it's control yeah control spread to out you know where remember you're asking before how do we write it out evenly yeah I can't wait for the new update because it's gonna fix that only safe spawn pretty much I think I just duped well what I just Joop twirl out I don't know I like wish if didn't did something funky and it duped it wait where are you three stiffs I would take it we don't try to recreate that Joe the tube really I don't know how I did it where are you hang on I split it in half Oh Andy is that hot wait what are you doing staff no I'm giving it to myself we shift and OH so I basically cheated without knowing you gave you some 43 what your name I'm get rid of the wall it's gone Will's gonna cheat no Jill where's the sense I don't even I won't do it again I'm sorry I'm sorry I thought I'd actually made a glitch that was quick what love are you by the way for your Jedi um hang out let me get rid of my mini-map 96 I'm 91 who is gonna be the first to 100 I mean like I don't know if I can come back now if we keep like grinding on each other we just come here let's get these let's get these solar panels yo I want to get it up on my levels start no you're cheating ninety-eight then we get to a hundred you're not gonna get 200 none of my watch job was yes on everybody's watch every atlantean that owns a watch it's gonna witness this and those that don't we're young what the heck that lag come here oh I'm cornered come here you don't corner in 99 I know problems but a penguin ain't one up yes Zachary you're Chris I'm still 99 is that like the maximum we on runescape is this runescape oh I think it might be hang on let me try to kill you one more time see if it is the maximum I'm in the ground where you come advantage of you when you're in the ground that glitched out ah what are you I think I think we broke the game I think you dead umm you are moving at but it's kind of funny to see I'm gonna continue crafting did you shoot my ghost okay what the heck hey hey I'm almost dead stop I get yes oh no it's only 99 I think that's the cap that's a cab you reach the cab Joe I reach the cat I'm like the ultimate Jedi don't kill me please no no I'll dial it out don't don't don't don't you so many times oh no I'm an instant no you ain't gonna get me you ain't gonna get me oh yeah I don't okay I think I'm safe now okay we're good don't my sweaty guard well what do we need to make these solar panels gathers multiple types can you make me a basic wafer you need some redstone take this some torches and just release Joe make some wafers because we need to pin our with east come over it get over here now okay Joe so I get the stuffs I'm sorry about dead it's okay I forgive you right we gotta craft the basic solar panel so I'm gonna need some compressed steels you have any of that left over we see what you want basic wafers you say you yeah please um June healthy can you spell basic wafer from yeah what happened there um oh a a compressed still SPO my game just crashed I mine froze for a second but I think you might be ok I know you actually crashed that's bad I will be right there bed what what I did is I actually hit while recording I hit f4 screen f11 oh you didn't that's also the what is it screen shot that's a problem Houston you found a problem I'm just crafting this though I mean I'm a pole ok I can make that where's the crafting table so Joe never press a million buttons readily what never eat shredded wheat I'm making some steel rods I would know shredded wheat mini wheats are amazing dude shredded wheat though that stuff's not to be messed with we do diamonds Joe I need diamonds to make these basic wafers um I need glass hang on diamonds yeah these diamonds in the chest down here somewhere I up random it's blocks where's building blocks I think is it over here is it glass anyway where's the old people at I mean the good blocks daily I'm mostly around cuz we had to a bit of a problem yeah when we had that problem always a while ago where's all the good stuff oh my jet packs almost gone Joe how that may have got one piece of coal whack good man Stephen going on I'm not a bunch of coal on me right now can you throw me some uh can you spell your name first J Oh s e P H Jose no Joseph you're Jose where's the sign gone oh my god I thank you I gave you the freaking stuff Joe calm down take a deep breath so next I need to make myself if you can get me the wafers then I'm good apart from making how many waivers you I need one one way for make as many as you can 20 said you want me to make 27 9 uses the 27 diamonds up no where's the circuit fabricator um this thing's having a meltdown jail uh-huh Joe this thing's got up low look at it while you see the standard wedding idol it's freaking out Joe I'm freaking out you put so many diamonds in but did you I don't know Joe um well it may be ran out of power see right no yeah ran out of power higher okay Oh what do we got here will ya we'll get pumping pumping um this is the Emma fresh E is this thing getting is this thing getting power still and I should be getting power I think it might be the MFE because that's like clapping all what was the point of doing that Joe whoa what happened no there's something going on Joe something is messing with our stuffs I broke the MFF e FF Evie wait maybe the jetpack I'll take the jetpack out is going hang on check it now no should we mine it up um I minded up go for it uh-huh go I'm not gonna go for it go for go for it what does it go for look like girl fries pretty ugly it kind of resembles a chicken in some ways work why stop it didn't work it wasn't facing the electricity you Turkey then change the electricity to cheese it they don't diamond in there cutout in there don't endure had a bit of a meltdown running okay now it's going dude it's showing us what it's working with I have a battery as well I need to make oh Christ I mean three of those three times six it has 18 so I need to make 18 of those I got three wafers Jabba iron here what we prefer redstone lapis oh it makes nine okay Joe take your wafers in eat them is many times so confusing you're not telling me what you need to make I know hang on hang on I'm trying to make I'm just go on the solar panel look at the blue stuff diamonds silicon red stone okay that cuz they okay you a blue salt solar wafer scary you got it now wait lapis in there yes in a diamond that's it dad yes that's all you Joe good and that should make I need to make actually two more okay so that should make you a lot of stuff though Joe that Shelly ever we need a lot of it so we're gonna medium this is just when one solar panel will make it we're gonna need a whole farm what are your farm with solar panels do you get them yep I got nine I need just find more wait can't you start making it though you can start making that stuff go hang on um you need three glass on top three aluminum wires in the bottom yeah and I just got to wait for this and then I can go and craft it all all right I'll take those away and I think down here is a glass please tell me there's enough ah the glass is that pet is blast of the past it is I have no idea what that means you are so strange Vova told you that however told you you actually smell like chicken and meat control and spread oh I did it again don't worry they gone I've tried run away okay oh it hit II but I'm let's not working it's not working the control E is alt well II know don't worry about I fixed it now it's control I've no right just just put them in jail I'm doing it I'm making fun make them wise and why why are you running this operation here because I'm a gent i oh I don't think I have enough um oh you're what you're running this gem PI this chimp is hitting no I only need six of those and then why is okay scats this I think so I think you can do this show if you really think in your head that you can Oh shit's getting real okay now I need um I think I got everything wait wait you're losing up for your brain cells gel oh hang on hang on rod I'm sticking my rod in don't put your rod why have your wafer I have a solar panel your oh you were so basic solar pen okay where's the oh Christ so difficult to make when you're recording she's a little difficult to make okay well no joke we can add it to the farm that I did off screen because uh as you can see it's a bit of a tedious process well come over here behind the gunship yeah that's where the solar panel farm is yeah and we can then we this is all in preparation for electric tools so that we can become the most badasses that have ever lived well I mean we gotta show these Jedi and he's Sith and Jedi and all this stuff that were not meant to be pushed around here gel were went to tour yeah um do you have any of these cables these Oh when you place it down is that what it makes it makes this thing happen yep don't mind up Doakes I think it might break look you can run across them yes I can't you can't no I got back on I don't have my dough I do have my job back now I can't join me join me in the battles you don't want to die Joe and you know it sugar I just completely clicked off every okay I'm back I'm over 98 with your credits go up when you kill me again I'm falling through the floor okay TV Joe the Quixote save me yes save me it saved you no you saved you lying through the air like a little butterfly there you're fine okay okay here I am just keeping me whenever that happened yeah so this mfsu is gonna be powered ever so slice it like 16 164,000 at the moment that's been like what two days and then we charge our batteries yeah we can put in batteries in here or no I can't I can't put batteries no put the batteries in the solar panels okay and they charge but mfsu charges like crystals and electric tools if you to search drill drill yep a real drill see the iridium drill that's actually pretty cool and it's fortune three dude so that's gonna be so useful iridium drill what do you get a witty mhmm we've already got some you just get it from mining iridium like or said oh it's an energy crystals we need to charge those up right yeah we got a craft an energy crystal all that's pretty easy diamond dust put it in a macerator put ma'am okay that's my diamond in the crusher yeah it should be quite easy sugar put some diamonds and crushes II wonder that oh no we need a different crusher the weight okay guess it's that crusher I think it's always oh I think they all know a serrated job you know man success crusher at the top um no it definitely does what diamond dust yeah unless you're looking at the other dust maybe no yeah I think you're looking at the mechanism well I'm looking at the industrialcraft one wait where's the crusher here it should work you need a mass yeah it works no it works no we need the other one girl no it works I'm telling you wait for it okay it makes it makes a diamond dust but it makes the ID diamond dust of 11 4 8 8 : 4 we need 333 : 1 there's 2 mods Jo and have diamond dust can you comprehend that no big changes look at it watch watch the dust it switches you can use either oh but I promise you I wanna make the noise it's the crusher well so we're trying ok I trust me alright just I don't trust you I don't trust you little bit of trust you need to trust me so iridium no we're not Iridium with look in it the the gem yeah we're looking at gem energy crystal ok craft it right now and I'm gonna show you it I guess it does change but oh that's too many I hope it works how many do make um I'm making it enough so we have a crystal each ok ok so then I put the dust like also Jo I want to show you something here something actually I found out you in a mod shoki say you forgot to show off in your mod I'm gonna show it off now what did I do I got to do a little mission you do this and I'm gonna do my little side mission here wait what do I put the the dust in hang on I put on a compressor you put the Duster in your butthole jail that's slightly arousing just gonna say inappropriate but yes I can agree with that one what's the ways to uncompress a thing don't worry about it Joe do we have one a compressor yeah now we don't we need that then ok compressor is you made it this is going to be aluminum ingots copper ingots of anvil and basic wafer I had to go to hell what's the sky limit again it's like 264 yes I think I have enough to get there another do we have um I think we have bronze if you're gonna hate me go for putting this here hang on what have you done don't worry about it I wonder I'm just making something really cool and you they pull yourself over it oh my gosh what are you done ah I've done things that no penguin should never do before there's some truth in that right anvil is made like I 3 okay so the star miner Maggio have you ever uh what you done have you ever taken a man bazooka and done some dirty things with it what you've you've taken the squid thing squiddly diddly I'm gonna be taking it and doing a little G do it Adi what give it I'm gonna be giving it the D okay I squid I'm giving the squid of D JA I don't even question it anymore it's probably a normal thing to do for a penguin yeah that's how we get that's how you eat that's how we eat that's how we eat we give things ruddy um kind - oh please tell me I can I'm so close to the block a tail oh my gosh why is this not working are you know work I told you it would work do I need to power it as it powered by oh use his Co okay yeah you should make oh wait we already had crusher this is a compressor I don't know we had clearly Billy I I need some more oh this is a different compressor yeah Oh tits Joe ah you don't speak English oh I don't goofed up hey do we have any of those blocks from star miner wait do we have a compress Joe we have those Oh what what the blocks on star miner the really cool ones the moon books the ones that make you know like the the orange ones no oh oh no we might actually hang on oh yes we do yes oh my god I could do it I could do it have you been to him don't touch me sorry stop touching me I'm one I seriously died and I'm gonna honestly eat your family won't it be a while before you do go when this video is over I will eat KFC until I do it like everyday you post a picture on Twitter or something here's my dinner I mean Joe everyday ha Joe I'm gonna make me blow this up this thing is you too fragile it will blow up in my hand I want to see what you've been doing no you don't trust me you do not want to see this hate me co-leader I don't have a leader now I'm dead I don't my leaders how do I take you to someplace if I'm dead Joe hell actually it'd probably be hell what you wear your leader is are you calling me the devil I am what you can do about it find your family and eat them I'm gonna suck you into my purple oil extractors no you're not sucking anything in mine oh dear oh dear Joe come here you ready yep okay can you say smell you later oh if you blow something up i'ma cry I do it for you - why are you even moved to grab it I hate you did you need it gimme blocks Joe no you got all wove you done don't question the nerd pole why just go up to the top gel this is my little side project you had your side product I didn't question your crime was even though I should have I leave I leave the at least mine will be of use to somebody someday I used it I left the technical stuff to you and what do you do you make the wrong move make a little platform move thank you sir don't waste your jetpack so we're almost okay this is block height here we go Oh Stuart please okay here move how you gonna break all 100 gonna pose weight you'll place it wait you fire in there Joe go fire going oh god you're gone where did you go what you're gone I see the squid no that's good a squid is going for days see you squid I keeping me Joe you're gonna witness the coolest thing you've ever seen your life life all right go for it is that it chill buzz I'm in a new dimension you are I'm in the new space dimension Joe buzz I know he'll what I'm home how did you

it's calling


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