Day Trip to Cambridge England

by: TwoDigitalGypsies

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hello my name is Kerry with to digital gypsies comm and our current home base is Barry st. Edmund's in England we're only a short distance from Cambridge and we thought it would be fun to take a train ride there and see the sights we're also learning that parking in cities in England is a big pain so the more we use public transportation the better during off-peak hours the train ride from buried Cambridge takes half an hour and the ticket cost is 10 pounds each for the round-trip arriving at the train station in Cambridge it took 30 minutes to walk up Station Road to the market hill area be careful when walking the streets here because the names keep changing in our case Hills Road changed to Regent Street and then to st. Andrews Street at the Market Hill Square there are a number of booths selling food clothing and souvenirs we ate breakfast there did some shopping and then walked to the tourist information centre where we had tickets for a walking tour we booked these tickets online before we left in the morning first stop on the tour was the carpus clock which cost 1 million pounds the chronophage or Thai meter sits on top of the clock and on the hour there is a sound of a chain dropping into a coffin this is supposed to remind us of our mortality from the carpus clock we next went to Queens College founded in 1448 by margaret of anjou and who was the wife of Henry the sixth after Queens College it was on to King's College and a brief tour of the chapel the king's college chapel is probably the most famous landmark in Cambridge founded in 1441 by Henry the sixth chapel wasn't finished until 1544 by Henry the eighth the chapel is amazing it features the world's largest fan vault sealed many of the college's stained glass windows were removed during World War two and in the way so they wouldn't be damaged by the German bombs and then they were replaced after the war continuing the tour we went to the entrance of Trinity College Trinity is the largest Cambridge College and above the gate is a statue of entered the 8th and in his right hand is a charlie thanks to a student prank Sir Isaac Newton was a fellow at Truman account after the tour we walk down Sydney Street which turns into Bridge Street and then turns into Magdalene Street now we booked a punning tour on the river ken from the river you get a great view of the many colleges and a close-up look at the bridges that cross the river the mathematical bridge is really interesting there is a popular myth that the bridge was designed by Sir Isaac Newton without bolts and that students took the bridge apart to see how it was constructed but couldn't put it back together again without using bolts this myth is perpetuated by the puns and tour guides Clara bridge is the oldest bridge on the river and dates back to 1640 my favorite bitch on the tour was the bridge of sighs located at st. John's College you can go punting without a guide but I'm glad we didn't after seeing the problems these voters were happy

after punting we had afternoon tea and Harriet's and then took a leisurely walk back towards the train station through partners peace which is an open green space in the centre of the city we enjoyed our day trip to Cambridge and are looking forward to another visit in the future if you liked this video please click the thumbs up on this video page and if you'd like to see more of our videos please visit our YouTube channel to digital gypsies


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We visited Cambridge in September of 2013. Beautiful city with lots of history.
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