Solo Lucci Drops MORE RECEIPTS In DNA Case With Alexis Sky

by: Toxsique Diamond

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okay let's start off by talking about Alexis Skye who had been claiming that she was pregnant by Fetty WAP on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion I'm sorry did I say Atlanta I'm in Hollywood cause y'all know she was all over there beefing with moniece and with none other than Masika honey okay anyways Alexis guy posted yesterday a DNA test that came back and claimed that solo Lucci was 0% probable of being the father of her daughter Aleya who was born prematurely now funny what was in fact at that birth of this little baby and he was very supportive throughout the pregnancy it seemed but soon after there became a question of paternity or at least publicly it was now Fetty WAP that claimed that he didn't have any other kids other than the seven that he already had which included the new baby that he was having by Allah says aiona the son now Fetty WAP as definitely got some explaining to do because solo Lucci and Alexis Skye has taken a DNA test now just in case you guys don't know I previously uploaded this but the DNA test shows once again like I said 0% probability for solo Lucy so solo Lucci has also published the DNA test and he published comments or text messages in his comments in them in order to let us know that he was the person that for fronted the DNA test and not Alexis Skye listen to what this says I never didn't know who my baby daddy was selalu she said you told me you didn't know Lex she said no the fuck I didn't say that I know what I said I know she's wops I said if it was not then that's another story he said man on my son but look I don't want to argue we got to do better than this then she said what is the login you really plan this sick game so he said to her the DNA login which means that he was the one who spearheaded this investigation in the first place submitting his information and then forcing her to submit baby alayhis information she said not working how do you not have access he said this will be over soon and everyone will feel better after we know for sure she didn't respond and he asked her are you sleep she said Fort Lee Englewood area New Jersey he said what's your zip code now see that means that he must have asked her for her address so that he can send her directly to the DNA diagnostic people and they could probably input some information that would allow her access now when he asks her what her address what our zip code was she said find it trying to make it hard for him to even be able to allow her access to the DNA case she said DNA they have five thousand locations I'm on hold with the DNA place and the reason why he's on hold is because he's waiting on baby Olay is DNA he said just trying to make it convenient for you you can click I can click you in if you call regular and then he gives her the address to the DNA place and he said meet me there at 3:40 it's hella traffic okay so this proves that he was the one trying to figure out that was his baby he was so low lucci has been saying this is his baby for a long time he has never been shy about wanting to be the father of this child and I'm actually heartbroken for the man because I know that he really thought that that was his baby girl which is why he did this in the first place now let's talk about all the people that I got a problem with me calling this baby a rock head yesterday child I called Wendy Williams husband a rock head I called my own son and daughter a rock head I called my father a back of the bus head and I called my baby daddy a rock head so if you got a problem you took it personal that I said Rock head then you just got a problem honey and we just can't be friends now show problem anyways don't y'all hate when other people put they problems off on you like look just because you're asking me for a quarter and I don't want to give it to you it's not my problem I love that belongs to you okay anyway leave y'all's comments down below ciao what do y'all think about solo lucci putting this conversation out there even though the DNA test was already dropped on public record child leave you down below make sure you guys like and

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