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by: Aaox

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hey what's up I'm a ox and I've got a couple of questions for you number one what do you get when you take a short children's book and turn it into three feature-length movies that's right pacing issues question 2 what happens when you take a 26 minute short film and stretch it out into the 25 episode television series that's right pacing little witch academia what's little witch academia I hear you ask well you you've not seen it who's a pretty good little animator thing back in like 2013 or something through the animated mirai project and add it so Disney asked charm to it as it stumbled through a fairly straightforward retelling of Harry Potter and the important stick as a Hogwarts alum myself I was happy to see a more straightforward fantasy retelling of the magic school kids documentary it means sub-genre and that short film was very enjoyable and concise and all sorts of other positive buzz words but that's not what I'm here to talk about I'm here to talk about a particular somewhat divisive animation studio that's produced by and large a lot of good shows that fail to reach the potential they might have otherwise had they actually given their shows better pacing wait which studio animated little witch academia again say that makes sense coming off as too harsh is not my intent though I mean triggers divisive yes but at least they can animate with more than four frames of animation stop it triggers always had a lot of issues with pace then kill Larkhill suffered terribly for the filler and I don't think he no but that really even bears mentioning beyond that it felt like they were trying to stretch six episodes of anime out Oh for like a 12 episode series but you know I still like them I've not seen his neither but my love fav Ferno cop is well-documented and considering their captain by alums from Gainax which is a studio I have undying reverence for I can't really not on some level appreciate their help but even if their recent spasmodic flailing seems to suggest the trigger are desperately trying to be Gainax - if you're going to emulate any one anime studio you could do a lot worse than the studio that produced a die Buster Evangelion and gurren lagaan and why do I think they're trying to be guy next - I don't know it's just a feeling it's a tough world out there making enemies series and little witch academia is original short film is in my opinion triggers highest quality offering to date the sequel was very good as well the witches do the magic can the bad guys go away and the good great work guys well done so theoretically so theoretically there should be a lot going for little witch academia TV and hey guess what there's a lot going for little witch academia TV it's not a bad show at all in fact I generally very much enjoyed it but triggers stumbled once again where triggers stumbles best and the main area I've seen the negative impact of the lackluster pacing is the impact it has on the character of our lead marco cardi ICO is by all rights a very charming protagonist she's a clumsy idiot with her heart in the right place and the show constantly insists that of every witch at Luna Nova Marco is the only one who understands and believes the magic is something wonderful it's cliche it's a road it can be extremely charming couple that with a few good foils in the form of Deanna whose echoes diametric opposite at first glance at least meant konstanz his interactions with Arco provide the catalyst for the really good 18th episode and you've got yourself a fantastic character who struggles a sympathetic and whose goals are as heartwarming as they are inspiring sounds pretty good right sounds like a good character sounds like a great lead for a show like this huh sounds like a really good time well you're right she's lovely and sweet and earnest and a huge idiot and just just a huge idiot just the biggest idiot stop you're ruining everything ARCA is one of those characters who usually instigates the issues that she must resolve over the next episode or arc and when the show's pacing starts to stall out as it does with increasing frequency until suddenly trigger remembered they were making an anime not a mad lib suddenly being deluged with mistake after mistake on her part turns what was an endearing sympathetic character trait into a slow begrudging guessing game of what will occur ruin next which a book I once read said it's not a good thing to think about a protagonist constantly screwing up all the time is however something rather common in western sitcoms and my autobiography and that's another thing about triggers ethos they throw Western triggering Gainax have a history of emulating western styles coming from gurren lagaan Panty and Stocking Inferno cop ninjas like these are all shows that dabble in West and imagery more than their contemporaries bad in stocking specifically was incepted as being a Western cartoon made in Japan and they they nailed that ones like the Belles and Westerners Jesus Christ and that's obviously the case with little witch academia because it's just literally Harry Potter but with a bit more estrogen a bit less angsty teen romance and a whole lot of repetitive plot down the war hey then the characters feel fairly Western too I mean perhaps that's fitting for a show that takes place in magical England with the famous large chains and their houses of parliament in the background there but Arco specifically feels as I said before like a very Western protagonist that is to say she fuck's up constantly without becoming aware of her own faults she's like if Basil Fawlty was a young magical girl and that's a disconcerting mental peak she makes a lot of mistakes a lot of the time and that's because she's the earnest clumsy type as I said before she screws up frequently Andrew screws up hard and her mistakes and convenience everyone but she pulls through and resolves the issue she caused in a way that usually surprises everyone who makes them go oh she might not be a very good wedge but her hearts in the right place and it's a very Western trope which is fantastic for say random example a 26 minute long short film but it's substantially less fantastic for again completely pulling this out of thin air say a television series of 25 20 minute long episodes probably wouldn't work white as well in that instance if I were to metaphorically speaking crushed little witch academia into its essence and then make an animatic depicting the result it'll probably looked like this this magic is too hard I'm gonna do another riskier thing no Aiko don't do that thing I did it and it went wrong I have restored the status quo Oh echo he got to a point where he got to a point where I was genuinely relieved when an episode transpired and which Arco wasn't the main course of the issue that was confronted a lot like episode 18 yeah the idea and that's a real shame because it was very enjoyable to watch when it was exploring the world or expanding on side characters or doing just anything but narco ruining things so that's really my biggest complaint with our little witch academia is pacing negatively affects the show although there are certainly a few more issues to fixate on if you're no the petty type the general plot suffers in a lot of the same ways Killa Killa Nino Bartos dead as far as backloading plot and front-loading filler leaving a sort of nebulous useless interim space where absolutely nothing important happens some people call this the flyover state and of course feeling drawn out isn't rare for any 25 episode shows that's sort of the curse of the core based system is that 12 episodes rarely feel like enough in 25 episodes nearly always feels like too much but a day that speaks to the quality of the show or how frustrating the pacing was that I feel like this is probably one of the more rocky series I've ever watched pacing was actually I say that but that's smart phony sake I show was just one of the worst things I've ever seen it has good pacing like this joke has good comedic timing and again this has been quite negative but that's because this is the main damming point about this otherwise pretty good anime in my opinion there's the thing I hesitate to call a running gag for this video is shown there's at least one feller episode that I like a lot so even when it's not pursuing its main storyline it's not condemned to mediocrity when they're not trying to push the furry agenda trigger has the chops to deliver some pretty gratifying enjoyable character interaction even if sometimes it can feel like they were over stretching and there's some fantastic extrapolations made from the initial source material even if on a whole the animation isn't quite up to the standard of the original material but that's to be expected for the 26 episode long series the side cast too were substantially more fleshed out in this than they were in the original 26 minute long short film because the well because it was a 26 minute long short film it's nice to see them really throw into the sort of maternal mentor relationship between Arco and Ursula who we barely saw in the original film they also added a proper villian lock wrap the crown quoi French a witch who was modernized her equipment Anna tactics to be more effective in a world where witches viewed as outdated and behind the times and instead of a broom or a vacuum cleaner she rides a broom but I thought that was rather clever they can be great when they want to be still for all the new characters and the more interpersonal drama trigger didn't apparently put a lot of thought into how the existing cast my playing to the plot following episode 18 lot and Susie the Ron and Hermione tobacco's Harry only instead of being a lovable idiot and know-it-all smartass one's a lovable smartass and yet there's a mushroom fetishist biological weapons dealer completely fall off the radar along with the other two-thirds of the supporting cast and that also felt rather jarring at least until the big finale where the cast is literally crammed together forcefully and what has turned out to be a fairly prophetic depiction of the Guam Missile Crisis triggers always had a problem with pacing ultimately and they can be very frustrating watching them work because you can feel the raw talent and enthusiasm just pulsing beneath the surface of everything they do although they've yet to effectively channel it little witch academia could have been so much better than it was had it just felt more consistently paced and that is a damn shame because it's pretty damn good already one can only hope for their upcoming try factor of shows ends up not being hamstrung by the same failings I suppose no that would be the first time trigger and sucked me into watching an m8 just because they said it was going but gone again Thor wanted gurren lagaan again I just really watch episode 18


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What happens when you take a short film and stretch it out over half a year? God, I don't know. Let's ask Uncle Trigger. ¶ Trigger's got so much talent and energy that sometimes you sort of feel like they're letting themselves down more than they are their audience, and whilst LWA isn't bad, it probably would've been better as a 12 episode deal. That's pretty much the whole video wrapped up in a sentence, huh? It was originally my intent to try and do something a little different with this video and focus on one specific negative aspect that dragged down the rest of an otherwise high quality production, but I think I ened up doing a more general video than that. Sort of like a half review, really. I guess this video fell prey to the same thing it's bemoaning, so that's pretty funny in a ouroboric kind of way. This one was predominantly edited by a very good friend of mine, JustSamantics, and I encourage you to check out her channel if you have the opportunity. LINKS ----------------------------------------­­­------------------------- ►Facebook:




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